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Dark Interval

Dark Interval by Alexander Vourtsis is horror games come out of Ludum Dare.

There a strict time limit before a monster come out and kill you, you don’t seem it but at some point the music will start going faster and you will know your in deep sh*t.

Link : Play it & Read Full Review

The Duellists

Another Game from the Ludum Dare 27, in Jay Griffin’s The Duellists you a general that have assembled 5 seconds to duel against another general duelists. I really the 16-bit style of the characters and the fact the is really a quick game to play.

Link : Play it  & Read Full Review

Strip Em All

You like comics? Strip Em All is the game for you. It let you rearrange the panels of a comics strip to make the correct story. You can click on certain part of the comics and it will trigger another image and text bubble.

Hide and seek

Another scary game, this one come from Feili Chen of Brume Studio. I didn’t find a better way to describe the game that beat this description from a article on

You’re being hunted by a murderer with a giant mutated hand and a blood-stained grin. You’re also haunted by hallucinations that’ll turn real enough to take your life just as effectively as your stalker.

That game actually gave me chill while playing it, the link below is to play the trial version in your browser or if you want to play it on your computer.

Click HERE to play un your browser

Click HERE if you want to download it.

Zelda 2 3D

Some genius made Zelda II : The Adventure of Link in FPS mode.

The game in done up to the first boss, which is pretty amazing considering that it be coded only by one guy.

Zelda II might not be one of the fav. of the serie but it still a great game. It’s pretty cool to relive it in 3d, here the link to play it.

SNES emulator on iOS

Finally a Snes emulator on iOS, there tons of them on Android but none on iOs (if you don’t jailbreak your iPhone). Try to grab it before they decide to kick it out of the apps store.

Here the link from Toucharcade.

It’s been awhile since I haven’t posted a weekly update (the last one was on july 16th), since I started a new job I haven’t had time to work on the site that much. I’m trying to grow the site has well that why there more promo post recently and we are slowly gaining partners.

So I’ll do a bi-weekly or a monthly update so you can still see what cooking around the web but I will be able focus more on marketing side of the site.

last update :

Infinity blade 3

I’ve talked about Infinity blade 1 & 2 in the past and it’s seem that there is a rumour that a third instalment of the game is coming.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is finally out

Plants vs. Zombies 2  Available Worldwide since august 14. I’ve talked a lot about this one (here, here and here) just go grab it already if you’re a fan of the original and if you’re not or you never played the original just download it and try it it’s “free to play”.

Check out what the community has to say on touch arcade :

A ‘16-bit’ Nostalgia

A street fighter card battle game is coming out and a breath of fire on too. It seems it however just in japan for now but hopefully for everyone else we will get these game too. I actually a big fan of Breath of Fire and I would love to see it here.

Street fighter card battle game :

Breath of Fire :

Noteworthy :  ‘Blizzard WCS’ App

I’m a big fan a sc2 (even though I’m really bad)  and I’m happy to know that Blizzard released an app to watch live stream games or replay. I usually watch the stream on twitchTV but it seems that the ‘Blizzard WCS’ App have more feature. I cool app to have if you’re a Starcraft 2 fan.


There a new Odin quest server, here is the press release from our friend at youjoy:

Destroy the Devils to Defend the Peace of World with Holy Excalibur

Odin Quest Server 21, Excalibur, will be released on July 24, 2013 5:00 PDT.
Welcome all braves to save this broken world.
In Welsh legend, Arthur’s sword is known as Caledfwlch. In Culhwch and Olwen, it is one of Arthur’s most valuable possessions and is used by Arthur’s warrior Llenlleawg the Irishman to kill the Irish king Diwrnach while stealing his magical cauldron (Irish mythology mentions a weapon Caladbolg, the sword of Fergus mac Roich. Caladbolg was also known for its incredible power and was carried by some of Ireland’s greatest heroes. The name, which can also mean "hard cleft" in Irish, appears in the plural, caladbuilc, as a generic term for "great swords" in the 10th century Irish translation of the classical tale The Destruction of Troy, Togail Troi. Though not named as Caledfwlch, Arthur’s sword is described vividly in The Dream of Rhonabwy one of the tales associated with the Mabinogion:

Then they heard Cadwr Earl of Cornwall being summoned, and saw him rise with Arthur’s sword in his hand, with a design of two chimeras on the golden hilt; when the sword was unsheathed what was seen from the mouths of the two chimeras was like two flames of fire, so dreadful that it was not easy for anyone to look. At that the host settled and the commotion subsided, and the earl returned to his tent.

Now, this missing sword of legends is discovered in World of Odin Quest. Only the Real braves could lift it from the Stone!

Excalibur is waiting you to arrive with stronger monsters , stronger items and new and better way of playing! is an online browser game publisher who has successfully published DDTank and Call of Gods. Odin Quest is an MMOARPG that based on Nordic myth originated from Iceland and surrounding countries during 1st and 2nd century. Players will fight with their mates to build their own supremacy.

Platform website:

Odin Quest website:

Three kingdoms online

Event for 19-22 of july:

Mostly heroes for multiserver battle that is coming up and so reward when you login.

Gold and Gems


Let the game run and do stuff when you have enough money. It mostly a wait and see game so let it run in background and have some fun when you come back.

From the Indie game blog:

“You start with an empty landscape and few options, but soon your kingdom will flourish. Each new structure increases your opportunities for interaction and helps prepare you for your next excursion. Manage your resources, increase your production, upgrade your equipment, and then fight your way through the next location. It’s always fun to see what comes next, and there is a satisfying sense of progression. It’s meant to be played in short bursts, in between other tasks, and kept running in a background tab when you’re otherwise engaged. There are a lot of locations to visit, so Gold and Gems should keep you occupied for a while.”

to try :

Time travel knight

Time travel knight is a html 5 made for the molyjam by Glitchy Pixel, the game pretty neat considering it was made for a game jam and has simple control.

You are a knight who has just awoken in a ruined world, having survived an enormous explosion. Near you is a time machine with a note attached.


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Plants vs Zombies 2 : soft launches in Australia and New Zealand

You know it been delayed but our friends from down under are lucky to get a hand on this one. You can check the following video from touch arcade to see what the game play look like (seem pretty similar to the original game to me)

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I’ve received a lot of press release recently so here are a summary of all of them this week.

General War update: Memories’ New Alliance Feature

After the release of 2 new servers, Gamebox’s General War: Memories  have launched a new alliance competition feature  – Land Rush. This land rush is not about poverty, but cooperation & authority!

From there press release :

“The  Unassigned Lands are four neutral cities: Pairs, Rome, Berlin and London.  You, together with your alliance members, can take part in the land rush for four Neutral Cities every three days. Each alliance can send ten members at most to participate in each battle.

Manual fighting, strategic skills and battle items are permitted. All players joining the Land Rush can receive gifts according to their HQ level at the end of each battle. Alliance which captures the city at the end of the battle will receive a big gift pack containing lots of gifts which will be distributed by the commander.

During the occupation of the city, all the alliance members can receive some occupation earnings, including silver, Exp, MR and RP. The proportion of these earnings will change as the different types of city.Except for Land Rush, you may find more events and activities in this game. General War: Memories, the game itself promises to deliver a realistic, exciting and vivid gameplay experience. Now the game is becoming increasingly complete, why not give a try?”

Note: they got paris wrong 🙂

Free Counterfire

Free Counterfire  is a side scrolling shooter like Contra and many game of the 8/16 bit area. The developer even say it’s a Contra game online (quote from their press release):

“Missed the golden times playing Contra on your Nintendo? Now imagine that awesomeness goes online!”

the official trailer: 

Pantheon Legend

A new card game is coming from gamebox you can read it all in my other post: 

First Peek at the Original Paintings of Pantheon Legend


from On Game Creative, creators of Bubblis

Stontrix is a puzzle game where stone drop and you have to align them to clear them. More info on the game if I can get a hand on a game code.

copy of the complete press release here :


Bricksmash is the typical “brick” game clone, move your paddle and keep the ball from hitting the bottom of the play area. Smash all the bricks with the ball to win. But wait a minute bricksmash  add a twist that unlike the Beatles makes things a bit more complicated. When your ball contacts one of the 16 bricks, a little ball appears in that break and you need to clear the brick inside the brick (that so meta)… Once you clear the brick inside the brick the ball break free in the real world and you have 2 brick to play with.




Connect your nes power pad pad on your pc

Even if that not browser, indie or mobile related I had to include it because it so fucking awesome :

Mobile :

Another Zombies Game : Dead on Sight

I try to not review game that I have to pays and that dev studio don’t send code to unlock the game but this one caught my attention because :

1- I love zombie !

2- You are shooting fucking zombies man!

3- Good graphic

Check out the video :

For the complete review :



puzzle (0.99/free)

This game is it a spot for me because it’s a indie puzzle game. I won’t say more except watch the trailer :

If you want to read a complete review head over here :

Safe sex with friends

After hooking your friend on word with friend like that report from Zynga  time to get busy. And there the game just for you, “Safe Sex With Friends”.


The game humorous and sexy name it not the only thing that well thought out, the gameplay is actually very intuitive since it’s played like word with friends / scrabble but with a twist, instead of letter you play either body part or a protection (barrier), you have to make a chain instead of a word.


It features the most adorable drawings of jitterbugging dental dams and smiling members of the male and female anatomy you’ll see.



Plant vs Zombies 2 delayed

Remember a weekly post talking about Plant vs zombies I sent you a while ago ?

I was saying that the new Plants vs zombies game was coming out in july but we now have new its been delayed for later this summer.

Contrat: Evolution or Contrat on mobile

It seem all our good old retro game are coming back on mobile and konami is bringing back to good old contrat on iOs.

I haven’t bought it and they didn’t gave me a free trial but I really wonder what the control are like, that game was really tough with that the 30 extra life cheat.

It’s a bit late for a weekly review but I didn’t have access to all my files this weekend guys so sorry about that.

Ripple Dot Zero

Ripple dot zero is quite surprising, it’s pretty aesthetic with is 16-bit retro look, the controls are very good for a browser game and the plot is somewhat really original, you’re a sword-swinging penguin that bashes is way through 20 level to save your other penguin friend trap in some sort of canister.


Related Link:

Lucky peach travel game

Lucky peach is a game build only from text and ASCII art.


Collect treats like hamburgers, pizza, cupcakes, and familiar-looking candies to gain weight. Dodge healthy foods or else you’ll lose weight. Soon, you reach an island where you engage in a series of mini-games to collect ingredients for a good meal.

The sweet potato is quite hard to get at the beginning but it seems they are only 2 maze so once you get the same maze twice you know where to go.

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Second chance

Second chance is a Funny game from major bueno where you have to launch a rocket to stop an asteroid (like Armageddon/deep impact). Give it a try it only take a few minutes to play.


Related Link:

Daymare Cat

I don’t know what to talk about daymare cat, the hand drawn graphic or that music that you need to find in order to finish the game. Give it a try and if you found the 5 songs tell me how you did it I’ve only got 4…


Related Link:

King ascent

You play has a king that is being followed by huge monsters, you use the platform as weapon when they fall on the monster. Each monster is a bit different, the last one even attack you with spear.


If you are in the mood for a quick game of a vertical platformer king ascent is perfect for you. With only five level you have a bit of a challenge that lasts just long enough.

Oh and its come with voice acting, pretty neat 🙂

Related Link:



I included that game because it has a 1943 look and I just love those WWII plane games.


There some major difference from 1943 though, you can chose the difficulty at the beginning and you have the choice of 3 planes, no power up, your plane cans take some bullet and you have allies that assist you.

You might think that the allies really help but there some much bullet and enemy plane flying around that  you’re lucky to have some friendly plane to take some hit for you.

You need to download it to play and the first cause of plane crash in this game is plane hiting one another….

Related Link:

Other Game I found out about but didn`t have time to play or barely played.


You are in a desert and your health got down quickly, grab some grass whiles you’re trying to exit it will give you health but beware of the ghost.


Hyper Pixel Man

What can I say check the video it awesome, pretty hard game with the keyboard though, try playing with a gamepad instead.

Link :

video :


Browser Games indies news

Not much in the indies browser game world this week

I saw an interesting one at, king of bee. It’s a game insired by old school text adventures and “badly translated story material from Japanese NES and Genesis games” (quote from

You can finish it pretty quickly, I actually made peace with the king of bee, I haven’t tried killing him though, tell me what you did in the comment if you want.

Link and related news:


Mobile news

Infinity blade 2 at 0.99$

Remember a post I made a post about Infinity blade being at 0.99$ (well now it’s free lol) the sequel is now getting the same ridiculous price.

And this one is for fun (A parody, NSFW)



A really nice RPG caught my attention it’s called 9thdawn. It’s 2.99$ and it’s for a good cause, a small team of indie dev. It’s a massive world to play and the control might be a bit tricky but it’s definitely a nice game if you’re into RPG.


Official site:



Kingturn RPG Plus

Remember I’ve talked about Kingturn RPG? Well there a new game (both free and paid) with new story and new classes.

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RPG Quest – Minimæ

A RPG with a old 8 bit look “à la Dragon Quest/Warrior”, I haven’t tried this one though but you can have a look nonetheless.

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Puzzle Pirate

Puzzle pirate is coming out on mobile, I’ve played a bit with this game on the pc and it’s quite fun but a bit time consuming. If you like puzzle game you will love this one.

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Baldurs Gate get pulled out of the app store

Remember when I wrote about Baldur’s gate on the app store, it’s seem they pulled it out of the apps store because of some contractual problem. You can check the news here.

Mini Commando

Mini commando is a point-and-click action game intense enough to keep you on your toe. It’s set in the WW2 were your family is kidnapped by German, and you have to save them. The game is pretty short and you’ll probably finished really quickly but it worth your time, trust me.



Link :

Inca blast

Inca blast an action-puzzle game that you can play on your browser or on mobile. Your goal is to clear the gem on the board using the blast surrounding it. If you clear a gem with a blast that not the same color you will lose time.

Game are quick they rarely last more that a few minutes. You start with 60 second and the only way to gain time is to finish a level which gives you only 3 second.


Occupy Vampire Wallstreet

You’re Edward (joking…) the vampire that needs to gather blood to increase your vampire-ness. You have a blood bank that human will attack and destroy your bank, you need to protect it by killing them and collect their blood (how convenient). You can trade blood stock at the right time in between rounds.

The game is a bit buggy, you can just push the human and they get stuck on the wall. Give it a try if that kind of game is your style. The idea of a blood stock market is pretty neat, we might start seeing it in more flesh out games.


Link :



Lune is is an exploration game where the players manipulate the moon along two axes, which you’ll notice first affecting the gravitational pull and the sea level. This floods rooms and free stairways and allows your avatar to traverse further and push boxes when they are less heavy.
It’s a work-in-progress, you can try what whey have done so far on their website