It’s a bit late for a weekly review but I didn’t have access to all my files this weekend guys so sorry about that.

Ripple Dot Zero

Ripple dot zero is quite surprising, it’s pretty aesthetic with is 16-bit retro look, the controls are very good for a browser game and the plot is somewhat really original, you’re a sword-swinging penguin that bashes is way through 20 level to save your other penguin friend trap in some sort of canister.


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Lucky peach travel game

Lucky peach is a game build only from text and ASCII art.


Collect treats like hamburgers, pizza, cupcakes, and familiar-looking candies to gain weight. Dodge healthy foods or else you’ll lose weight. Soon, you reach an island where you engage in a series of mini-games to collect ingredients for a good meal.

The sweet potato is quite hard to get at the beginning but it seems they are only 2 maze so once you get the same maze twice you know where to go.

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Second chance

Second chance is a Funny game from major bueno where you have to launch a rocket to stop an asteroid (like Armageddon/deep impact). Give it a try it only take a few minutes to play.


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Daymare Cat

I don’t know what to talk about daymare cat, the hand drawn graphic or that music that you need to find in order to finish the game. Give it a try and if you found the 5 songs tell me how you did it I’ve only got 4…


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King ascent

You play has a king that is being followed by huge monsters, you use the platform as weapon when they fall on the monster. Each monster is a bit different, the last one even attack you with spear.


If you are in the mood for a quick game of a vertical platformer king ascent is perfect for you. With only five level you have a bit of a challenge that lasts just long enough.

Oh and its come with voice acting, pretty neat 🙂

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I included that game because it has a 1943 look and I just love those WWII plane games.


There some major difference from 1943 though, you can chose the difficulty at the beginning and you have the choice of 3 planes, no power up, your plane cans take some bullet and you have allies that assist you.

You might think that the allies really help but there some much bullet and enemy plane flying around that  you’re lucky to have some friendly plane to take some hit for you.

You need to download it to play and the first cause of plane crash in this game is plane hiting one another….

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Other Game I found out about but didn`t have time to play or barely played.


You are in a desert and your health got down quickly, grab some grass whiles you’re trying to exit it will give you health but beware of the ghost.


Hyper Pixel Man

What can I say check the video it awesome, pretty hard game with the keyboard though, try playing with a gamepad instead.

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