Monopoly GO! review: look at the Monopoly guy big eyes trying to steal all your money…

Monopoly Go! is a recently released mobile game available on iOS and Android, but before you dive in, think twice. This game seems to be primarily designed as a money-making scheme, relentlessly pushing in-app purchases and utilizing slot machine mechanics to enhance its addictive nature.

Monopoly GO! a review

While it carries the Monopoly name and features a familiar game board, that’s where the resemblance ends. In Monopoly Go!, the traditional gameplay mechanics are completely altered. Instead of paying for properties, you actually earn money when you land on them. Additionally, certain actions, such as shutting down your friends’ properties or engaging in bank heists, can be executed when you land on train stations.

The game introduces time-limited themes lasting around two days, offering rewards and requiring you to collect tokens when you reach specific spots on the board. Furthermore, there’s a 24-hour friendly competition where players compete against each other to accumulate the most tokens from train stations.

Beyond its surface, Monopoly Go! is riddled with dark patterns, embodying all the sins of free-to-play games and more.

1- Energy, or dice in the case of Monopoly Go, serves as a limiting factor in gameplay. You can only play with the number of dice you have, and while you might earn more through reward or other gimmicks, once you run out, you’re left with two options: pay for more or pester your friends to join.

2- Lost aversion is at play, as friends and strangers alike can wreck your game board and pilfer your hard-earned money. Repairing the board incurs costs, and if you’re not vigilant, they can snatch away all your funds (it happened to me with a staggering 24 million). When you run out of money, the game, you guess it, entices you to purchase Monopoly money with real cash.

3- Some daily rewards are hidden or hard to reach. Accessing them involves navigating through four pages of purchase temptations. The game even moved the reward from the first page to the last, leading people like myself to mindlessly click, inadvertently ending up on the google play page, where a purchase confirmation awaits.

4- Upon loading the game, you’re bombarded with approximately 4-5 pop-ups soliciting money. Themes of the day, limited-time offers, one-time deals, board reports, and at the end yet another reminder of the theme of the day—it’s an endless barrage.

5- The game employs time-based boards event, such as an event where landing on taxes earns you money or death instead of losing funds. However, to recover those gains, you must land on free parking. Which is annoying when you keep landing everywhere else but the free parking.

6- Stickers, a seemingly pointless feature, took me a while to comprehend. Finally, after assembling a set, I received a handful of dice. Yet, they remain bothersome since opening a single pack take an eternity because of the animation—a precursor to the next point.

7- Monopoly Go! inundates you with meaningless rewards, accompanied by drawn-out animations. Each action, whether it’s a shutdown or a bank heist, prompts an animation featuring the Monopoly guy donning a hard hat and riding a train. Even if the reward is a measly 10 dice, each item receives its own animation, carefully designed to elicit that dopamine rush and keep you hooked.

If you’ve managed to endure my rambling, let me confess that I wasted a staggering 17 hours on this game this week, according to my phone’s records. The dopamine rushes, the fear of not having enough shields to protect my board until the next game—all of it compels you to keep playing. That 400-dice reward when you believed you were finished? You tell yourself, ‘Guess I must play all these dice now.’. Fortunately, I didn’t spend a dime on this game.

My final verdict, considering the heavy emphasis on microtransactions and the departure from the classic Monopoly experience, it might be best to approach Monopoly Go! with caution.

Talk hockey

Blocky Hockey

Grab your puck and skate like mad in a fresh, fun hockey runner! The most fun you can have with a puck, combining realistic physics and humorous gameplay. Hit the ice and light the lamp with body checks and fighting. This is actually the description of the game on the play store. The game is actually fun, but scoring is actually really hard with you start having multiple defense and have a bad angle. A lot of content available via in-app purchase, skin and other stuff.

Ice Rage: Hockey

It’s a great one-on-one ice hockey game – you play the red team unless you play multi-player where you can get the blue team. You have a minute and 45 seconds to outscore the blues, by moving around with the virtual stick and shooting with the shot button.
Goalkeepers are AI controlled, so you just need to control your forward player on the ice.

I actually really like the multiplayer of that game, they pair you up against someone randomly, usually of your skill, and you bang it out like champs.

Hockey Physics

A hockey game with funny physic mechanic. However, they should add more gameplay option and the cpu is too predictable.
Graphic isn’t “forte” either, but it’s funny looking enough to give it a try.

Hockey Clicker

Ok where should I begin. Its look like a game that I could code myself and put it online. However, the game is not that bad, it’s rather simplistic yet oddly addictive.
You play with a third-person view and all you do is to shoot on a goal by tapping on the display. You can to upgrade your gear, your team, etc. You earn cash in training, and by playing matches, it’s also offers a multiplayer mode.
There are a lot of other game that worth probably more your time that this one, either from this list or our previous list.


Hockey Games

Ok, SEO wise this game has the dumbest name ever. If you search for hockey games all the other game from the previous list will show up before this one because they are more popular. It’s like naming my game Shoot and kill stuff, I bet call of duty will come up before even if the user search for shoot and kill stuff in the play store. Maybe it worked for them, but with a stupid name like that it’s off for a bad start.

The game is pretty simple, there’s a net and you play the player that shoots on it. Has you progress obstacles and player to block you are added.  I tried to find other review of that game, but since the name is so broad I could get anything to help you.

That all for today, I’ve removed a bunch of hockey sim game to make a post only on those, hopefully I won’t take another 2 months to write it.

Who doesn’t love pirates, they roam the sea in search of adventures and treasures, they fight ship and steal merchants every thing you need for a good game. We are going to look a what cool pirates games are out there in the mobile market

Age of Booty Tactics (iOs)

If you played Age of Booty on steam you will be very happy to know there a new version on iOs. Age of Booty: Tactics is free to play and only playable in two separate options of turn-based multiplayer: you can either go the traditional asynchronous way and submit a turn and want for your opponent to make their move, or you can play with a local friend on a shared device using a pass-and-play interface. Victory will earns you a pile of booty which you can use to upgrade your fleet and buy upgrades.

Play it it’s free: Age of Booty: Tactics – Certain Affinity

Official site:

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Bouncy Pirates (iOs)

Bouncy Pirates is an adorable arcade game where you need to juggle pirates from there ship to a island to help them steal treasure from a chest.

They’re launched from your ship by shooting them with the cannon You then tap the barrels floating in the sea at the right time to jump them around up to to the island where the treasure lies. Once they reach the treasure chest you need to bounce them back to your ship until the treasure is empty.

pretty easy game at the beginning with one pirate but its get harder the more pirates jump off you ship. Give it a try it’s free 🙂

Play it it’s free : Bouncy Pirates – Nathan Malville

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Final Fantasy VI

For those who don’t know one of my favorite game of all time Final Fantasy VI is out on android and iOs. It come out with “improved” graphic and hopefully with the extra goodies of the gameboy advance version (Dragon Den’s, new espers, etc) 

I’m big fan of this game, I’ve even recently finished the gameboy advance version. I find that the game might be a big expensive at 15.99$ for a mobile game, but If you think about it the original game was around 60$.

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Dragon Sky: Final Fantasy meet Clash of Titan

It seems that Square Enix is going to be inspired by Supercell’s Clash of Clans with its upcoming RTS Dragon Sky.
from the few images we got it seems that their mixing the artwork familiar Final Fantasy-loving crowd with the base-raiding gameplay of CoC, Dragon Sky has a lot going on.
It’s even have Final Fantasy XI composer Naoshi Mizuta attached to the project.

A large portion of Dragon Sky will focus on multiplayer battles and cooperative raid boss instances, but there is also a single-player campaign that doles out the story behind the events of the world.

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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is on sale for iOS and Android

If you’re a fan of the series and balked at the asking price, you can grab the game on iOS and Android right now for a cut-down price to celebrate the imminent release of Final Fantasy VI on iOS.

You can pick Final Fantasy IV: The After Years up right now for £7.49 / $10.99 from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Civil War II: 1862

Civil War II: 1862 is a new iPad wargame from the clever folks at Hunted Cow Studio. If you played the excellent Civil War: 1863, this prequel is a definitly must have for you so don’t waste your time and go buy it on itune: Civil War II: 1862

 Civil war II:1862

 Civil war II:1862

If you not convince, let us convince you:

Civil War II: 1862 comes with 14 battles that take place during the American Civil War, and 13 of those battles can be played from both sides of the fight: the North and South.

 Civil war II:1862

Here are some of the game’s key features:

● High Definition Civil War Era Graphics.
● 8 Mission ‘Tutorial’ campaign.
● 5 Mission ‘Fix Bayonets’ campaign.
● 8 Mission ‘Steel and Thunder’ campaign.
● All missions can be played as both sides (except the tutorial).
● 8 Unique Civil War Units:
– Infantry with Muskets.
– Infantry with Rifled Muskets.
– Artillery.
– Generals.
– Wagons.
– Naval Gunboats.
– Dismounted and Mounted Cavalry.
● Four classes of infantry – Raw, Average, Veteran and Elite.
● Different infantry formations: unformed, line for shooting and column for charging!
● Detailed Combat Analysis.
● Flank Attacks .
● Strategic Movement.
● Hours of Gameplay.
● Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards.
● Universal App (Works on iPhone & iPad).

So you are still not convince you should buy, check out those review you might change your mind.

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Civil War II: 1862 Brings an Enhanced Prequel to Civil War 1863, Offers 14 Missions Full of Strategy ( )

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Itune Store Link: Buy Civil War II: 1862

Tiny Death Star

I your a fan of NimbleBit Tiny Tower and other we talked about this week or / and a fan of star war you’ll be happy to hear that NimbleBit have teamed up with Disney for a brand new game called Tiny Death Star.

We don’t have much info right now but I can’t wait to see what the game will look like.

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Touch Arcade

The fantasy world of Pantheon Legend is finally unveiled. The Pantheon Legend closed beta test (all ingame data will be deleted when it’s over) kicks off today in 7 countries! If you have an Apple ID in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines or Indonesia, you can download Pantheon Legend in iTunes now!
Download this app:…nd/id672116347

4000 free Crystals (worth over $50) will be offered daily to every player for a smooth gaming experience. Gamebox is also looking for feedbacks. Please post your questions and suggestions on the Facebook Fanpage. Your advice is our unfailing vigor to make this game better.

The CBT ends at late August, and there’ll be a timely notice of data deletion. Once the OBT begins, the daily 4000 crystals will be replaced with more surprises and gifts! Have fun!
Facebook Fanpage:


Kotaku just mentioned that the best ever games and apps made for your iPhones and iPads are going free this week to celebrate Apple App Store’s 5th Birthday!
Though they have given a link to AppSnatcher’s page, for a lot of us its seems to be slow and not working. So I am going to be updating the links to all great free apps and games here, continuously 🙂 Enjoy!

click here for the full list :

UPDATE More game here :

I hate it when developer copy other developer game and say it new.

Like they were a dispute between Project tank and Word of tank over copyright, the main difference between the two is that Project tank is browser base and WoT is an install.

These are big boys fighting each other. Zynga is probably the worst offender here ( I mean more than 8 time here, here, here  and they copied tiny tower here) and the funniest thing is they don’t seem even to care, check out their statement.

But I’m here to talk about any of those game today I here to talk about a game developed on iOS that claim to have a “new take” to the side scrolling strategy genre when it’s exactly of a copy of an old flash game name Age of War.

Note that age of war is quite old so the war 2 have nothing to brag about.

See it for yourself here some screen shot of both game:

imagethe war2 480x480-75

imagethe war2 mordern - 480x480-75

You can even try the flash game if you want, I’ve added them in our new section “Free Games”:

Age of war 2


or you can try the first game :

Age of war 1

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Since I’m not updating a lot these day I’ll update you from what I’m receiving from different game makers.


Bubblis updated for social networks and with a 50% discount

This 29nd of November an update to Bubblis arrives that will allow for the comparison and sharing of results achieved on social networks.
Arrives with a 50% discount for a limited time only.
Incorporates an innovative system of tangible prizes.
Bubblis will soon come to the Amazon Appstore and will also be compatible with Kindle Fire.

The 29nd of November an important update arrives for the words and puzzles game Bubblis. With it also comes a 50% discount in the game price, for a limited time only. The primary new feature of this update is integration with the social networks Facebook and Twitter.

With this interaction, users will be able to publish points and successes achieved in the game and can check their position against the rankings globally, in their country, and the scores of their friends. In addition to the comparison, publication and sharing of results, this update also includes an awards system, using  discount vouchers or gift cheques, according to achievements in Bubblis. For example, a 5 Euro voucher for a Starbucks store that the user can redeem directly at the points of sale. Awards will depend upon service availability in each country. 

With this update, Bubblis will also come to the online store Amazon, expanding the game’s availability to Amazon´s Kindle Fire tablets. Kindle Fire tablets represent almost 55% of the North American market and it is hoped that their  European presence grows as a result of the opening of the Amazon Appstore in Europe.  In the Appstore it is also possible to acquire the game for other Android devices, with the security of buying in a Market with highly exhaustive quality controls.