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Blocky Hockey

Grab your puck and skate like mad in a fresh, fun hockey runner! The most fun you can have with a puck, combining realistic physics and humorous gameplay. Hit the ice and light the lamp with body checks and fighting. This is actually the description of the game on the play store. The game is actually fun, but scoring is actually really hard with you start having multiple defense and have a bad angle. A lot of content available via in-app purchase, skin and other stuff.

Ice Rage: Hockey

It’s a great one-on-one ice hockey game – you play the red team unless you play multi-player where you can get the blue team. You have a minute and 45 seconds to outscore the blues, by moving around with the virtual stick and shooting with the shot button.
Goalkeepers are AI controlled, so you just need to control your forward player on the ice.

I actually really like the multiplayer of that game, they pair you up against someone randomly, usually of your skill, and you bang it out like champs.

Hockey Physics

A hockey game with funny physic mechanic. However, they should add more gameplay option and the cpu is too predictable.
Graphic isn’t “forte” either, but it’s funny looking enough to give it a try.

Hockey Clicker

Ok where should I begin. Its look like a game that I could code myself and put it online. However, the game is not that bad, it’s rather simplistic yet oddly addictive.
You play with a third-person view and all you do is to shoot on a goal by tapping on the display. You can to upgrade your gear, your team, etc. You earn cash in training, and by playing matches, it’s also offers a multiplayer mode.
There are a lot of other game that worth probably more your time that this one, either from this list or our previous list.


Hockey Games

Ok, SEO wise this game has the dumbest name ever. If you search for hockey games all the other game from the previous list will show up before this one because they are more popular. It’s like naming my game Shoot and kill stuff, I bet call of duty will come up before even if the user search for shoot and kill stuff in the play store. Maybe it worked for them, but with a stupid name like that it’s off for a bad start.

The game is pretty simple, there’s a net and you play the player that shoots on it. Has you progress obstacles and player to block you are added.  I tried to find other review of that game, but since the name is so broad I could get anything to help you.

That all for today, I’ve removed a bunch of hockey sim game to make a post only on those, hopefully I won’t take another 2 months to write it.

Now that I basically stop playing power play manager I’ve started to check what hockey game are on Android, don’t worry Apple fan boys your turn will come and anyway most of those games are on both platform. They are ordered from the most downloaded to the least.

Stickman Ice Hockey

Stickman Ice hockey was one of the best hockey game on android for awhile (at least the one with the most download), but now the ads are ridiculous, you spend as much time watching ads as you do playing. They don’t have any NHL teams, but they have the team per NHL city and the teams from 16 countries. It the only game I’ve won right off the bat, 6-5 in OT with the best team (Sweden) available against the worst team (Austria), it’s pretty easy to score and get scored, the control are ok, face-off might be hard at first, but you get it pretty quickly.


Ice Hockey 3D

Another game with no NHL franchise, at least we get a team logo here. My first game I got squash 5-1 with 4 goals in the 3rd period, the AI on your team is practically nonexistent, they just stare at the puck and when you drop it and follow you when you have it. In NHL I use to let my defense handle when a player enters the zone and in this game they just stare at the guy instead. They are probably telling him “Go on body, give your best shot and I won’t even try to block” and the goaler is out taking a piss because if a player draws to close he let everything in.

Controls are okay, but your options are extremely limited. You have your skating control and a button for speed boost. On offense, you have a button to shoot and a button to pass. On defense, you have a button to substitute and a button for poke-checking. That’s literally it. It’s also incredibly easy to score. Overall, this game isn’t that good, but if you like the idea of getting your player better with micro-transaction and daily bonus this might be something you like.

Matt Duchene’s Hockey Classic

If you’re looking for something with the NHLin it, this game got something, it’s Matt Duchene and the cities name from the NHL team, no player name (except Duchene), no team names&logos.

I only tried the free part of the game, the control are not bad once you get use to it. However, I didn’t like that checking is an automatic penalty when they can trip you. And poking at a goalie possessed Puck counts as roughing. You have to pay a fee to unlock the whole game (5$ at the time of this writing). Note that I read that you have to pay every time you download.

It’s free but cost 5$ for the whole game

And for some reason its want to access your files and pictures…

BIG WIN Hockey

Here we are changing the game type a bit. BIG WIN Hockey is hockey simulation where you get player by drafting them from a deck of card which might include power up (skill boost) and “Big impact card” (in game power up). You can get NHL player buy buying special pack. The game has been around for awhile (2012 I think) but its seem it’s still going strong.

I normally like hockey simulation game (like Powerplay manager and senior hockey league) but this one is filled with ads and you get match up against team twice your rating from the start. I’ve played a bit in the past, but drop because of the ads and grinding required if you don’t want to pay. I started a new team to remember the game a bit and only first game was against a team with my rating, all other I was against had almost twice my rating and level 5 or more, I started with a rating of 38 and all other team where 68, 73, 73, 78 and the last 48….

Really not friendly when you start, they should be more generous to entice people to play.


Puppet Ice Hockey: Pond Head

This game was not what I expected. You play 1 vs 1 in a 2d side view with power up and power down which make the game hilarious when you power down the other player with a rocket and he start flying. Super easy to score the AI seem a little dumb at time, but can be challenging to.

With its funny theme, easy controls. Everyone who like hockey should give this game a try.


MVP Hockey

It’s more of a non stop shootout game than an actual hockey game. Each period, a player shot the puck at the goaler or you play the goaler. You can buy power up to increase your chance of scoring. You can only play country team, there no NHL team or player.

From what I’ve played, controlling the goaler is pretty annoying, sometime you obviously block and they scored anyway. When you shoot and don’t use the “power shot” you basically never score. Always the same thing, its get boring pretty quickly.


Hockey Showdown

You play either has a goaler glove to block the puck or the stick (and I think you control the puck too) when you’re on offences. That’s it. There the NHL teams cities, but not the real teams. There are different modes of playing and you can upgrade you stick and glove for better accuracy. This game is a complete glitch fest, says you scored when you missed and vice versa. It doesn’t shoot the puck when you swipe 85% of the time. Graphics are nice and better than some of the other games on this list, but I would recommend passing on this one.

Hockey Stars

The only thing related to hockey in this game is there’s a puck and there’s a goal and the background look like ice, swap the puck for a ball and you got football star. Yet the game is actually fun to play and it’s only multiplayer. Ads don’t bother you every 2 seconds and game are pretty quick.



When I started playing a three kingdom online on server one I realized that many of my league members were struggling with there city.

Since most of the attack that happens in this game are plundering attack.

Other more potent attack with demolisher or lobbyist happen much later in the game so we won’t talk about them for now.

Since plundering attack are made only to steal your resources and destroy your troop here a few steps you should follow

1- Build a hidden warehouse to level 10 and once it’s at level 10

Build another one (or three other one), this should prevent them from stealing your cash.

Side note once you have a building level maxed out (like granary, warehouse, hidden warehouse) you can build that building more than once so you could have one hidden warehouse level 10 and two other both level 5.

2- Use your special item in time of need

If you’re under attack and you still have the bronze shovel or the emperor order, use it. They both increase to effect of your hidden warehouse by four. (like I said in  a previous post don’t use it to complete the quest, using these item at the right time can save your butt)

3- Hide your cash in your other building

You can put extra resource in your market and theater too and they can’t steal it. If your afraid they will steal your resource, just put them in the market or in your theater. The market is better since you can get the cash back after the attack has landed.

4- Build a decent city wall.

I’m always surprised when I’m entrusted with someone account that they don’t even have a level 10 city wall.

Why build a city wall ? Because
1- It’s raise the defenses rating of your troop
2- You can build defensive traps
3- You can build a higher level tower with it
4- It’s doesn’t cost that much to build and it’s doesn’t require iron at all (note It’s seem it cost iron now, but on server one it’s didn’t cost any iron leveling your wall.)
5- When other people support you they won’t get pissed that there troop were killed because you didn’t have a good wall.

Side note :In your main your city wall should always be maxed to level 20.

5-Build Archer and put them in your tower

If you happen to have archers or crossbowman put them in the tower, in the tower the attack of the archer = def vs infantry so a auto cross bow man got 120 of def vs infantry, that part of why I was able to wash 1800 guardman with only around 300 acher in the tower.

6- Run away

If you expect to lose all your troop you can always schedule attack on a empty town near you one minute before there attack land. So you won’t lose any troop.

7- Upgrade your unit defense

Upgrading your unit defense can make a big difference in the outcome of a battle. each level increase your defense by 1.5%

8- Upgrade your unit attack

Since your archer attack = def vs infantry in the tower, it’s might be a good idea to upgrade there attack.

9- Heroes

Your hero statistic can help your army in battle, Leadership and Strength have a effect on the heroes usefulness in battle.

Leadership is probably the most important, one point Leadership will increase the attack and defense of your army by 0.2%. and the Strength affect of your heroes combat skill in battle. The initial attack and defense of the hero is 100 + is Strength so a hero with 35 of Strength will have 135 of attack and defense.

10- Always build troops

Plain simple, if you have troop you should hurt your enemies enough that they might leave you alone

11- Your defence formation

If you know what kind of attack your attacker is going to use, use the one that counters it. Here how to know which to use against which:

Formation of the fish is strong against formation of the bird but weak against formation of the moon.

Formation of the moon is strong against formation of the Fish but weak against formation of the bird.

Formation of the bird is strong against formation of the moon but weak against formation of the Fish.



12- Ask for help

Ask your league mate and allies to send you some support.

Beware not receiving too much support you can handle, if you don’t have any food and you food output is in the red, the support troop will die of starvation once they arrive in your city.

13- Send a email

While this tips doen’t really increase your defense, it can save you a lot of trouble. You can always send a nice email to your attacker, you never know he might leave you alone. Sometime they are attacking just because they think your inactive.

1. Know your kingdom

The first time I played I made the mistake of taking shu because I liked Liu Bei and I though I would get Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun.
While shu is good if you already played these kind of game, I would have liked to pick wei instead to be able to build a resource at the same time I’m building in my city. I’ve kind of felt that I was forced to have aggressive behaviors because I had shu.
So has a rule of thumb If it’s your first time you play this kind of game or you want to be a tortoise player probably wu is the best fit for you. If you really gonna be an aggressive player, shu is probably better for you since you will benefit from the extra resource you can get.
I think the “dual building” of Wei is awesome, being able to build in your city while a 72 hours resources field is building is pretty neat…

2. Don’t use your free item right away for the quests like the bronze shovel and emperor order, use it when you really need them

While the quest are usally useful the quest for the bronze shovel is usally given while you are still under beginner protection. And since the bronze shovel prevent you from being plundered and you cannot be plunder during the beginner protection using the bronze shovel at this time is worthless. While the emperor order will be useful under beginner protection but most of it’s feature are useful later, (the bronze shovel effect, the faster recruiting, the extra speed)

3. This game is time consuming, specially when you’re at -30000 of food, you really need to plunder every day

I’m use to tribal war where you have a finite number of soldiers but were you can pack a bunch of soldier in one city. You cannot do that in TKO because if you pack all your troop in one city and you don’t have enough food to feed them they will starve.

4. The game is to addictive even though it’s really time consuming

Having a mix of simcity and warcraft is always fun even when you realized your not really going anywhere.

5. There is a grease monkey script for this game

The script is very useful if you just starting or if you have a new sub city, it’s train the heroes, visit them, level them up. It’s also build resources field and building for you (only one at the time though so you cannot take advantage of wei second build slot) You can download it here.

6. You don’t have to build your mansion in your first city

You can wait to have a more decent setting like a 9 farm spot or a 15 farm spot.

7. Focus on a limited numbers of unit type so you don’t waste money upgrading them

Specialized your city on offense or on defense so you don’t waste money upgrading and researching all of them.

8. Get you demolisher fast do so you can really cripple your opponent or at least to give you something to strike back that will makes them regret striking you.

If your one of the first to have them you can be one of the first to strike with them. And there no better retaliation than destroying an opponent granary to level 0.

9. Do scrimmage, attack camp guard and do all the faction quest you can with you heroes to raise there level

I didn’t know that attacking camp guard and doing scrimmage raise your heroes experience. And I’ve learned something else, doing scrimmage while give you training point that can be use to accelerate you recruiting.

10. Guarded places have a different arrangement of fields focused on food, so you can build a bigger army.

Really useful to build large army, a 15 food spot with two or three +50% grain oasis can build a city of greatness.