When I started playing a three kingdom online on server one I realized that many of my league members were struggling with there city.

Since most of the attack that happens in this game are plundering attack.

Other more potent attack with demolisher or lobbyist happen much later in the game so we won’t talk about them for now.

Since plundering attack are made only to steal your resources and destroy your troop here a few steps you should follow

1- Build a hidden warehouse to level 10 and once it’s at level 10

Build another one (or three other one), this should prevent them from stealing your cash.

Side note once you have a building level maxed out (like granary, warehouse, hidden warehouse) you can build that building more than once so you could have one hidden warehouse level 10 and two other both level 5.

2- Use your special item in time of need

If you’re under attack and you still have the bronze shovel or the emperor order, use it. They both increase to effect of your hidden warehouse by four. (like I said inĀ  a previous post don’t use it to complete the quest, using these item at the right time can save your butt)

3- Hide your cash in your other building

You can put extra resource in your market and theater too and they can’t steal it. If your afraid they will steal your resource, just put them in the market or in your theater. The market is better since you can get the cash back after the attack has landed.

4- Build a decent city wall.

I’m always surprised when I’m entrusted with someone account that they don’t even have a level 10 city wall.

Why build a city wall ? Because
1- It’s raise the defenses rating of your troop
2- You can build defensive traps
3- You can build a higher level tower with it
4- It’s doesn’t cost that much to build and it’s doesn’t require iron at all (note It’s seem it cost iron now, but on server one it’s didn’t cost any iron leveling your wall.)
5- When other people support you they won’t get pissed that there troop were killed because you didn’t have a good wall.

Side note :In your main your city wall should always be maxed to level 20.

5-Build Archer and put them in your tower

If you happen to have archers or crossbowman put them in the tower, in the tower the attack of the archer = def vs infantry so a auto cross bow man got 120 of def vs infantry, that part of why I was able to wash 1800 guardman with only around 300 acher in the tower.

6- Run away

If you expect to lose all your troop you can always schedule attack on a empty town near you one minute before there attack land. So you won’t lose any troop.

7- Upgrade your unit defense

Upgrading your unit defense can make a big difference in the outcome of a battle. each level increase your defense by 1.5%

8- Upgrade your unit attack

Since your archer attack = def vs infantry in the tower, it’s might be a good idea to upgrade there attack.

9- Heroes

Your hero statistic can help your army in battle, Leadership and Strength have a effect on the heroes usefulness in battle.

Leadership is probably the most important, one point Leadership will increase the attack and defense of your army by 0.2%. and the Strength affect of your heroes combat skill in battle. The initial attack and defense of the hero is 100 + is Strength so a hero with 35 of Strength will have 135 of attack and defense.

10- Always build troops

Plain simple, if you have troop you should hurt your enemies enough that they might leave you alone

11- Your defence formation

If you know what kind of attack your attacker is going to use, use the one that counters it. Here how to know which to use against which:

Formation of the fish is strong against formation of the bird but weak against formation of the moon.

Formation of the moon is strong against formation of the Fish but weak against formation of the bird.

Formation of the bird is strong against formation of the moon but weak against formation of the Fish.



12- Ask for help

Ask your league mate and allies to send you some support.

Beware not receiving too much support you can handle, if you don’t have any food and you food output is in the red, the support troop will die of starvation once they arrive in your city.

13- Send a email

While this tips doen’t really increase your defense, it can save you a lot of trouble. You can always send a nice email to your attacker, you never know he might leave you alone. Sometime they are attacking just because they think your inactive.