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In my previous post I’ve wrote about how to create a lobbyist train.
But some of my leaguemate seem to have problems with how to build them and how to use them.

First if your completely new to lobbyists you can check koramgame TKO forum thread about them here.
I’ll summarize it for you and add some of my trick in the process.

1- How to build them

That part is easy, you need Mansion or Annexe Level 10, Drill Ground Level 20 and Command Center Level 10 to research a lobbyist. Like the pioneer you con recruit a lobbyist when the Mansion at level 10, 15 and 20, for the annexe it’s on level 10 and 20 only. Once your have all the requirement, you have to research the lobbyist in the drill ground. From my experience, if you decided that your city will recruit lobbyist it better to dedicate your city to lobbyist, so you will have to research it only once to recruit two (or 3 if it’s a mansion) lobbyist.

Note that your first cities should probably be built with pioneer instead of lobbying someone else city. Why ? Because it’s take a boatload of resources to get you city to recruit them and it takes much more time that the simple three pioneer, on top of that it’s easier to create subs that are near your main and you can chose the arrangement of your resource fields if you want to specialized your city.

2- How they work

The lobbyist reduces the loyalty of the attacking city only if it’s not the main and there no annexe in it. They typically reduce the loyalty by 20% (25% for wei), you can increase their effectiveness with a hero that have a scroll of rumors.

Note that you can only lobby a sub city and the annex must be destroyed in order to reduce the loyalty of the city.

3- How attack a city with them

Lobbying a city is three step process, first you need to clear the city from its troops, after you need to destroy the annexe (see using demo with lobbyist) and then you can send your lobbyist. Like explained in my previous article on how to create a lobbyist train it’s better to have more than one to save you from many roundtrip to the city you want to lobby.
Be careful when you attack an active player, he might rebuild troop and hide them just to kill your lobbyist. They can use the curfew command or just rebuild an annexe to prevent the lost of loyalty too.

For more tip on attack tactic here more info from my previous article :
The anatomy of a attack and other offense tactic
Using demo with lobbyist

I’ve been trying Lord of Ultima recently and to be honest I’m impress to the level of details and polishes the game have compare to the other title I’ve played.

The game removed some annoyance the other game of the genre have, like your default building queue can actually hold 6 items instead of 2 and you can move around the other of the 5 item waiting in the queue. This feature remove a bit of the time sucking ability of these kind of game usually have.

You can build city guard with no impact your number of soldiers you can have, though they an only stay in your city they give defensive player and more casual player little more option to be competitive.

Each building and terrain complement each other, making you go “Sh*t ! why did I put my sawmill there” and give you a real sense that your building your city.

There are too much resource though, there the classic wood/stone/iron/food from travian (TKO and tirbal war too) and there gold and mana. I never got the understand how to use mana though so for now it’s always full and with gold I can currently only buy mage…

On the minus side there are so much stuff to do and to track that I just don’t know what to build sometime. Like right now I have to much iron and I bought to many ranger so I have to level up my barrack and training ground to be able to recruit guardian instead.

So far, that what I’ve noticed. I haven’t try to plunder or attack something yet. More comment and tips on the game to come.

Feel free to leave some comment about the game.

Super easy mode

I’ve changed the theme to something more stylish and recent.

And for today I found some really funny video at college humour.

Check it out here.

I started to play Lord of Ultima.

If you want to check how it work here a quick video from playscope that explain the basic pretty well.


My first impression is that the game have a nice finish that other similar game don’t have, and the concept of having to place you build in other to optimize there production is nice.