I’m raking up the hour played on Slay the spire and still having fun.

The fact that this is an old game and it’s being copied all over the place (so many clones on steam and on mobile), but only a few managed to be good has Slay the spire. 

I’m trying to get my head around what makes it so addictive, is it the deck building ? the rogue-like feature ? the careful tuned balance ? the fact that you know what the enemy will do? All of the above ?

Here what I think made Slay the spire so special (for me anyway)

Generated maps with a clear objective, that you can plan the path and tell you the boss at the end. 

Rarely do you already know what is coming at you in a RPG or a game unless you already played it. That is why I think showing the whole path and the boss at the end of the map gives you time to prepare for what is coming. Oh it’s the Hexaghost, better have some block for turn two, it’s the Slime boss, I need an area of effect to take out the slime when he splits.

You know everything the enemy will do and plan accordingly

Knowing what is going to happen gives you a sense of control. Initially the only way to know what the enemies were doing was through a relic, but the beta tester liked it so much that they decided it to be a core feature.

There is no hidden information in fight. Everything can be understood by hovering over it and your deck can be accessed at all times, what you’ve played, what you haven’t and what was removed from your deck.

If you want to ‘abuse’ the randomness since the game lets you restart the fight from the beginning with the same rng. You will draw the same card, the enemy will do the same attack and you can plan differently if you’ve made a mistake.

Characters have multiple way of scaling

Each character is an archetype of the basics of the game, ironclad attacks and strength, silent skill and agility, defect power and energy and watcher is about dancing. However, even then there are many ways to build a deck depending on your card and relic and that make each run fun and unique. You can win a run with Ironclad going with a way to scale strength with demon form (gain 2 or 3 strength per turn) or a combo of Rupture (gain 1(2) strength when you lose hp from a card) with Brutality (lose 1 hp draw a card at the start of your turn) or combust (lose 1 hp deal 5 (7) damage to all enemies at the end of your turn). Maybe you prefer to abuse the exhaust mechanic with Corruption and Dark Embrace (draw 1(2) cards) and Feel No Pain (gain 3(4) blocks when a card exhausts), or focus on blocking with Barricades, Entrench and body slam.

Closing though

The game is hard and harsh if you make the wrong decision. You can pick up a card thinking it will be good, but somehow it’s a screw you draw in a crucial fight and then you’re dead.

I originally wrote this in 2020 when I bought the game during covid and I’m still playing (now on my phone). The roguelike aspect, with the deck building, knowing what the enemies combine with the fact the game is well polished and feel very balance is what really got me into it.

Gamebox’s latest production  “Ancient Summoner” is launching with 2 versions; the browserbased version has already launched today at Gamebox.com, and the IOS version is expected to be released later next month.

Background of Ancient Summoner

The rise and fall of a culture can be determined by human’s endless desire. Ever since the war between elf and human ended, all species began to introspect and rehabilitate. But time is like a poison. It reinforces desire and buries the past trauma. The species are relatively restrained, though there’re sporadic skirmish, thanks to patriarch’s instruction. Even so, the infighting within the continent is all too apparent The new leader is facing the nuisance that monsters raged on in the land. When he noticed the condition of Ice pass, he realized it was just the beginning.

Fantasy Card Game

Ancient Summoner is a fantasy card competition game where gamers will collect cards and use them to summon mythical creatures in battles against NPC and other players. This game is completely free-to-play. With its two versions, and a round-based game play, Ancient Summoner’s players can truly play the game anywhere at any time, as its each single game can usually be finished in no more than 3 minutes.

Ancient Summoner 2

Ancient Summoner 3

Group Fun PVP & PVE

As an online competition game, the interactions and competitions between players in Ancient Summoner are intense. There are various championships and battle seasons in the game for players to have the fun of competing and get rewarded.Gamers can also team up with friends to fight powerful bosses, compete in strategic turn basedcombat in a PvP tournament, and defeat every wave of increasingly stronger enemies to climb higher on the 50-level Ascension Tower.

Ancient Summoner 4

Role-Playing Game Experience

As a card game, Ancient Summoner adopted the role-playing gamplays for more fun. As player get progress in the campaign and at arena, more exp will be gained and the players’ attributeswill increase accordingly. And these attributes will affect the crit attack rate, block rate and skill performance of the summoned creatures in battles. Like most RPG, these attributes can also be boosted with equips. Rare equips can be obtained with slight chance in certain instance battles,and also can be traded with other players.

A first peek at Ancient Summoner: (http://youtu.be/pcz2B26uoWM)

For more info about Ancient Summoner, please visit:

Official Website:  http://f.gamebox.com/pr_forward.htm?rcc_id=afdsafdsaefere321321-g=10
Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/ancientsummonerofficial

The fantasy world of Pantheon Legend is finally unveiled. The Pantheon Legend closed beta test (all ingame data will be deleted when it’s over) kicks off today in 7 countries! If you have an Apple ID in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines or Indonesia, you can download Pantheon Legend in iTunes now!
Download this app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pant…nd/id672116347

4000 free Crystals (worth over $50) will be offered daily to every player for a smooth gaming experience. Gamebox is also looking for feedbacks. Please post your questions and suggestions on the Facebook Fanpage. Your advice is our unfailing vigor to make this game better.

The CBT ends at late August, and there’ll be a timely notice of data deletion. Once the OBT begins, the daily 4000 crystals will be replaced with more surprises and gifts! Have fun!
Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/PantheonLegend

Have you even imagined a fierce fight against devils with heroes in the myth? When Thor, the God of Thunder challenges Knights of the Round Table of King Arthur to a duel in the arena, are you curious about the final result? Are you eager to bring  Zeus,  Saint Joan of Arc and Merlin under control? Here comes the opportunity! Gathering of Norse mythology, Greek mythology, mid-century mythology and  pantheons from any other mythology,  the brand new card game Pantheon Legend has the strongest line up in  history; it is just a mythical version of  “The Avengers”.

New Card Game 2

Pantheon Legend is a card RPG. Besides the collection and trading of cards, it also has upgrading, evolution and other RPG elements. As the hero of salvation, you have to challenge the instance, take part in activities and draw lots to obtain powerful cards, and then reinforce your prowess through enhancing your team by devouring other cards to challenge more difficult instance and other PVP gameplay, finally unit the divines and devils.Besides various gameplays, Pantheon Legend, for the very first time, supports both browsers and mobiles. You can choose to play it on your PC browsers or iOS devices as you like to have fun at any time anywhere.

Pantheon Legend is now under development. It is predicted that the game will put into play in August. Like us on our Facebook Fan page now, you can not only get the first-handed fresh news but also get the opportunities to receive rare cards and massive props as rewards in the closed beta test.

Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/PantheonLegend

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PantheonLegend

Note to my reader, this a another press release from gamebox for the game  Pantheon Legend. I didn’t wrote it so you might notice that they don’t do the same spelling mistakes I do. I didn’t receive any money from them or anything else except a mail. Enjoy !

The new card RPG Pantheon Legend has attracted numerous player’s attention. We’ve now got the first hand information from the developer to show you the mysterious original painting cards revealed for the very first time. Check this out!


Werewolves, Elves, Goblins and other exotic races in ancient times gathered together, bosses with brute force are waiting for you. If you want to be the king of all pantheons, you have to defeat insidious Loki, brawny Frost Giants and dazzling and terrifying Medusa.


Except for the roles, the developer also published three instance maps – Burning Hell, Frost Hole and Forestof Elves. What kind of strong enemies will you meet in these places?


What will happen among fantastic instances, sweet and charming elves and brutal bosses? What kind of role will the heroes play in your journey? All answers will be unveiled in the first closed beta test in August! Like us on our Facebook Fan page now, you can not only get the first-handed fresh news and also get the opportunities to receive rare cards and massive props as rewards in the closed beta test.

Facebook Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/PantheonLegend