Is Twitchshop a good thing ?


It seem that when a service or social network rise service that sell fake user appear too. Twitch is no exception and the site to grab some follower and viewer for a fee is Twitchshop.

Like service where you can buy Twitter follower or Facebook fan, this might seem like a good deal at first (it’s not), but if twitch find out you might have some penalty or even lose your account.

Here the message twitch user received recently promoting this service

rViCJeQ Is Twitchshop a good thing ?

I despise seeing people use this in attempt to get ahead of hard working streamers. Hopefully Twitch will track them and ban those fake account.

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I wrote awhile ago about how Google incorporated Pac-Man with their logo (their Doodle) for the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man.

I’ve seen some interesting Pac-man version and project since then so I’ve decided to write a little something about it.

Twitch Play Pacman

pacmantwitch Pac Man museum, Twitch play Pac Man and my top Pac Man Tribute

A Twitch-based experience similar to PokemonPlaysTwitch was created recently only with a Pac-man game re-geared as a massive 2-player game.

Both channels allow viewers to input movement commands. One channel command Pac-man, the other Binky, the Pac-man team eat pills while staying away from blink  and the other channel control Binky to chase Pac-man down and eat him up…

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By the way, I’m now on twitch follow me to see my abysmal talent playing Faster than light, Starcraft2 and other game. Specially indies, I’ll try to see if I can screen grab the game I write about here and show them on my stream.

My Channel :

Psychopath Pac-Man

Psychopath Pac-Man is made by the same developer who did Strip’em all. You have to arrange the panel to fit where will Pac-Man will go to meet and kiss ms Pac-Man.

psycopacman thumb Pac Man museum, Twitch play Pac Man and my top Pac Man Tribute

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Play Psychopath Pac-Man

Pac-Man museum

Pac man museum is a collection of many remake Pac-Man had. 9 game total plus a free Ms. Pac-Man download until March 2014.

Here the game included :


Pac-Man Battle Royale (2011)It’s available on PS3, Xbox 360 & PC and coming soon on Wii U and 3DSCheck out old classic gamer video review for more information on Pac-ManRelated news: Pac-Man museum: review Ghosts of the past

The Pac-Man 

You can have this full-scale tribute to almost everyone’s favorite classic Pac-Man? Spanning over 70 stages and 10 varied worlds, The Pac-Man will have you taking on the familiar task of devouring as many suspicious, orb-like things as possible while avoiding the wrath of the wandering ghost.

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The Pac-Man tribute project

pz3pP9t Pac Man museum, Twitch play Pac Man and my top Pac Man Tribute

A Pac-Man where you can learn how the ghost behave, yes they actually have a A.I. and it’s actually pretty sophisticated.  That’s not all, there is a practice mode where you can see the ghost bait, theirs path and you can rewind. If you are tired of playing always the same level there is a mode to play procedurally generated maps. Pretty hot stuff, so check it out

Check out The Pac-Man Tribute

FPS Pac-Man

Pac-Man FPS is actually really spooky, you walk through the maze and the ghost seem to just pop in front of you. Definitely a different game, give it a try.

Fpsman thumb Pac Man museum, Twitch play Pac Man and my top Pac Man Tribute


Play FPS Pac-Mac

Pac-Man HTML 5 remake

If you just want to play the good old Pac-Man in your browser check this HTML5 Pac-Man Remake.

Play the HTML 5 Pac-Man Remake (free)

More Pac Man

If want we have here is not enough to satisfy your Pac-Man addiction check out these link to find out other Pac-Man games.

image4 60 Flappy Bird clones a day keep the doctor away

Pocket Gamer delves into the ongoing craze started by Dong Nguyen’s creation Flappy Bird, and the effects it’s had on the mobile market. After rocketing up Apple’s charts and absorbing a storm of online abuse, Nguyen pulled the title down from both the App Store and Google Play nearly a month ago.

That not all on February 27 one third (1/3) of the apps released on the app store were Flappy Bird clone (95 total) according to the guardian.

Hopefully that will slow down, so I can release mine… no really I won’t release that crap…

No more “Candy” for King

Has you probably already know. King recently drop his right for the word “Candy”.

I’ve talked a lot about it here, It was almost a certainty that they would drop the case, there just to much game and product created with that word…

In a statement provided to Kotaku, a spokesperson for King said:

"King has withdrawn its trademark application for Candy in the U.S., which we applied for in February 2013 before we acquired the early rights to Candy Crusher. Each market that King operates in is different with regard to IP. We feel that having the rights to Candy Crusher is the best option for protecting Candy Crush in the U.S. market. This does not affect our E.U. trademark for Candy and we continue to take all appropriate steps to protect our IP."

You can check the original article on Kotaku

I’ve tried to get a theme, it about some heroes in medieval time or something…

Heroes of Sokoban

This one really caught my eyes, not because of the graphic because honestly they’re almost Atari like. But Heroes of Sokoban is a really interesting puzzle game. You control three thieves and each have theirs own unique skill, is strong has hell and can push stuff around. The other can only pull log and dragon, the last can teleport itself where there a obstacle (log, dragon, gobelin, etc)

Each make the puzzle different because you need to think differently depending on which thief you’re playing.

hos thumb Don’t be Doomedn Damned in the Kingdom of Heroes of Sokoban

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Play it: Heroes of Sokoban

Doomed’n Damned

If you ever played Ghosts’n Goblins and liked it you will definitely love this game, it a 2d plate former.

It’s not out yet, but latest review said out in the beginning of 2014.


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Doomed Damned (

Official site :


kingdm2 Don’t be Doomedn Damned in the Kingdom of Heroes of Sokoban

While the name is not really SEO friendly this game definitely deserve some love. I would define it has a side-scrolling strategy-defense game where you use your coin to build your defense, enlist peasants, give them weapons and tools.

Beware during the night, creep (who seem to be troll more than creep) will attack your peasants, destroy what you built and they will flee with your money. If they touch you, you lose your crown and the game…

image thumb Don’t be Doomedn Damned in the Kingdom of Heroes of Sokoban

I’ve noticed that the peasants are quite fearless, even sometime stupid, they face the army of troll without retreating even though there a barricade right behind them.

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Kingdom (

Play kingdom

There have been a lot of flappy bird game, video, meme going on lately. I’ve decided to do a little round up of the last few weeks.

You can check our previous post on Flappy bird:

The Flappy bird that went away

More “flappy”ing bird

Flappy bird 3D

How to make Flappy bird more hip, 3D of course after piranha 3d here come Flappy bird 3D

22538 1 More Flappy bird, before it starts to get old


Flappy bird FPS

In the same line of Flappy bird 3D why not make it from a first person point of view. The result is actually really interesting. Have a look if you want to try it out.

40805 More Flappy bird, before it starts to get old

Download First person Flappy bird

Maverick Bird

This is a hard one that you can play right away since it’s browser base. You can either flap (up) or dive (down) making the game even harder. You move toward the obstacles really fast so be prepare and drink some coffee.

maverick More Flappy bird, before it starts to get old

Play it !

Flappy Bird for Commodore 64

Flappy bird is pretty basic when you think about it, someone made a clone on the commodore 64. Check out the youtube video, link to the actual game is in the video description on youtube.

Chuck Norris vs Flappy Bird

Tired of hearing about Flappy bird, Chuck Norris too and he has a nice way to “Finish the game” and it involves a lot of bird a** kicking… Check it out.

More Flappy bird

Indies retro news Flappy bird Compilation

Indie Games Flappy Bird Brower Pick

Appsgoer top Iphone Flappy Bird Clone

Let us know in the comment your favorite one and if you know other notable Flappy bird clone let us know.

There a lot of hate for candy crush so you probably wonder why some of our friends are still playing it.

here the answer, candy crush is pure evil :

I recently wrote about the candy jam and obnoxious use of a trademark on the word candy. I could help it when I found more goodies from the candy jam. I hope you like them!

Candy Scroll Justice Saga – Free first person RPG (indie retro news)

40326 Candy crush jam all over the place

Doom and candy crush saga finally meet together to give a fps with some eye candy in it. You are trapped in the evil King dungeon (see what they did there) and you must crush the king sweet candy to escape.

Candy Puppet Saga

39631 Candy crush jam all over the place

Mr Red, as the main protagonist in his quest to start his own business as a candyman, by invading the candy planet and killing everyone.

The two following are RPG, a genre we didn’t got much in the previous post.

Candy Hooker Saga

39989 Candy crush jam all over the place

This one is in this list because of its name mostly, you play as Candy the Hooker, being a borderline bipolar candy crush addict, trying to attract customers and thinking about your life as you go.

This game is actually a funny twist. Somewhat NSFW, well not really. See it for yourself.

The Candymancer Saga

39978 Candy crush jam all over the place

Candies make everyone happy! That’s why you, a candymancer apprentice, were sent to make every creature around the kingdom of Candyland happy. By feeding them candies! The Candymancer Saga is an RPG of epic proportions!

This one is actually a real RPG, where you fight monster with the power of candy, once the monster have eaten to much the leave you alone and you gain max hp.

Crush the Candy King Saga

crushthecandykingsaga thumb 480x299 11494 Candy crush jam all over the place

And the final pick a puzzle game, closer to the original game we are trying to copy. Crush the candy king saga in kind of a reverse candy crush, the king throws candy at you and you need to crush them to prevent the king from make line of the three same candy.

Play Crush the candy king saga 

More game from the candy jam on Indie retro news and

Candy Scroll Justice Saga

CandyJam Compilation!

CandyJam Compilation 2!

Spud’s quest & Valdis Story

Today two side-scroller on PC that are pretty cool, review say that they are Metroid like but I don’t see it.


Spud’s Quest

Spud’s Quest mixes up the puzzle and platform sequences quite well: some require speaking to people, others are Sokoban-like (pushing boxes and other items), and several require finding and dropping the necessary item somewhere specific to advance. Some areas require gaining new abilities to progress, as well, a trope Metroid fans should be all too familiar with. Enemies aren’t annoyingly tough, and you have unlimited, short-ranged ammo to dispose of them.

Buy it here.

Valdis Story: Abyssal City

As an action platformer with a heavy dose of exploration, Valdis Story does this aspect of its job well. There are plenty of enemies to dismantle and treasure chests to unlock throughout the levels, so progression tends to move at a decent and engaging pace. The normal enemies don’t pose too much of a threat. You’ll have to pay attention while fighting groups, but single foes are dispatched easily enough. These fights are best used to learn the ins and outs of combat, how to use the dash mechanic, and discover the uses of your magic spells.

Buy it here.

More “flappy”ing bird

You love Flappy bird and want to see how you well you do compare to hundred of other player live?

Flappy MMO is perfect for you, hundred and thousand of bird or fish dying every second and you see them dying live while you tap to glory. I can’t be a bit hard to concentrate with all those birds flying around you, but don’t worry once you reach the third pipe you will probably be one of the few who know it way around a pipe.


image4 More “flappy”ing bird

Or maybe you’ll ratter participate in the flappy space program, send has many birds you can into orbit. If you click to slow they will never leave earth, to fast and the will be sent in other space.

image5 More “flappy”ing bird

Join flappy space program