This is going to be the least important thing that I will be talking about so might as well get it out of the way since many players think that gold is an important factor. You don’t need gold to be a good player, but there are some small things that gold can do that will make things easier for you. 14320395895 9b5f466848 o Three Kingdoms Online: 3 Great way to use your gold

Ancient Alchemy Scroll

This is the one thing that I recommend everyone to buy. It gives all your cities a 3% increase in food production and all the gold spent on it will be refunded after 3 months. Plus you will also get 80 gift vouchers.

14133726898 df3bbd28f2 o Three Kingdoms Online: 3 Great way to use your gold14133881969 a5e51baa0f o Three Kingdoms Online: 3 Great way to use your gold14133860068 0b3714a3db o Three Kingdoms Online: 3 Great way to use your gold

Recalling your fled Hero’s Summit epics – If your epics have been killed, especially Cao Cao/Liu Bei/Sun Quan, I recommend spending the gold to call them back if you don’t have any callback order. It may seem like a lot but these heroes will help you with their +25% food production. Also the epics will allow you to duel more often in the faction camps so you can get items for Court Quests instead of spending gold to rank up. Double check if you can buy a callback order instead sometime they are cheaper than spending the gold directly.


14319738444 d0189989f1 o Three Kingdoms Online: 3 Great way to use your gold

Epic searches

This last thing is the most useful if you have never done it before. Getting epics from the career center will help you, but your main goal will be to get normal heroes that already got a “Bolus” to replace your existing heroes. What heroes with a “Bolus” mean,it mean it have a unlock skill book icon, will appear at the top of the list, and also cost double or quadruple resources to recruit. If they have a single skill book their first skill bar is open and if they have a double skill book they have 2 skill bars open. Once you equip them with Farm skill books these normal heroes can increase your production better than most epics, all without having to spend gold on Treasured/Purple Bolus. Any epics found while searching are nice, especially 2 and 3 star epics. I prefer to use the 10g search and find that if I have recruited my max number of normal heroes I have better luck finding Bolused normal heroes.

My love for a post apocalyptic zombie game could not be quench by my latest Zombie game review, Zombies ate my Pizza. So to save the day I bring three of the top brains eating monsters that caught my eyes.

02 620x Top Zombie Games: Age of Zombie city take the confederate express  1 Top Zombie Games: Age of Zombie city take the confederate express  Top Zombie Games: Age of Zombie city take the confederate express

Age Of Zombies

If you like Zombie ate my pizza, you will love Age of zombie because they are both pretty similar. You walk around shooting zombies, mummies and ninjas until you get to a boss were everything go crazy.

Grab your shotgun and hop on you T-Rex to stop the evil professor Brain in  action pack Army of darkness inspired game.

iTune Link here: Age of Zombies™ – Halfbrick Studios


Zombie City

2 Top Zombie Games: Age of Zombie city take the confederate express

Tired of shooting zombie, let yourself get bite and join the zombie city. You play as a Zombie and must take over the city by converting other human, sending the hordes of zombie take out the police or even the army.

Touching (bitting ?) people or the policemen they themselves turn into Zombies. It’s a fun action top down game, but it is in very early stages and doesn’t seem to go any further than going east after taking out the town hall full of soldier.

Zombie City is currently just a web demo, but is you like it shows your support and it might become more…


Play the game:

Confederate Express

The last but not the least Confederate Express is unlike the other. This game is a kickstarter project and should be release soon.

In the near future technology has finally granted humanity with the immortality through the use of a computer chip. Unfortunately something has gone wrong, and those who do somehow die stay alive as zombies due to a malfunction of the chip. You are part of the Confederate Express and your main objective is to deliver a package and you are presented with multiple options of deliverable goods, so choose carefully: if you bite more than your crew can chew – it may result in an inevitable death, forcing you to start over.

It’s too late to back the project, but you can pre-order the game if you want to support them.

Try the demo and pre-order at

Or check the project Kickstarter Page.

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Grab your loot with Lootcrate

I’ve found a interesting find, Lootcrate, a monthly service that send you geeky goodies every month.

From the web site :

“Loot Crate is the monthly gear and swag club for those that live and embrace the geek and gaming lifestyle. Loot Crate is a product discovery box, connecting our subscribers, known as Looters, with the best new and emerging companies producing gear, snacks, toys, hardware, art, and other goodies for the geek and gaming market. Each month, Loot Crate handpicks 6-8 new items to include in the box, which are kept secret until the boxes are delivered!”

How does it work ?

It’s well explain on the site but let me explain it to you.

  1. You join loot crate
  2. They pack amazing goodies for you
  3. you receive the said amazing goodies
  4. unpack the goodies with excitement

There is even a chance to win mega crate. So enjoy you never know what will end up in your crate.

This month loot :

AHS ss 03 Japanese browser game: Twin Tale of Sun and Sword

One day, a girl was on her way to school and found herself transported to another world and now she was asked to save that world.

The Twin Tale of Sun and Sword is  a Japanese browser game where everything is in English and focus primarily on preparing the heroine to fight and the actual fighting.

Here the translation for the HUD.

Vm8Uzyt Japanese browser game: Twin Tale of Sun and Sword

Hope you enjoy it, it’s a quick and enjoyable play.

Here the address to try it : Twin Tale of Sun and Sword

This article on Indies games have a good explaination and translation to help you play the game.

 14138118427 9ba8392df0 o Three Kingdoms Online: Governors

Since you have only a limited number of normal heroes you want to make sure that you make the most of the ones you have. Not all your cities need governors and if you don’t have epic heroes it will be better to keep most of your heroes together so you can duel with them easier and treat them with a nice banquet. Having your governors at level 100 will give your cities the best production bonus. If you have Epics or heroes with skillbooks that boost food production, you want to make sure that they are in the important cities with your governors. They do not have to be governor for you to get the bonus but only the highest bonus from a hero applies in a city.

So which cities should have governors?

14322907072 f5d576ab9d o Three Kingdoms Online: Governors

Your Main city obviously should always have a governor. If you have any County or State capitals they should also have a governor. Your capital outpost and any 15c should be good candidate because they will produce more food.

Other way to increase the output of your governor ?

Go in your civil and assign them to positions that increase their politics. Equip them with equipment that raise their level. Raise their level, add skillbook with the farm skill.

What equipment should your governor have ?

The basic minimum your governors should have is a Cloud helm and Welfare of the People equipped and are assigned positions that increase their politics. If you don’t have welfare of People in hand you can always use a Cloud enforced lance which usually increase politic too.

What skill and skill books make good governor ?

At level 50 some epic heroes get a farm skill that give up to 25% food output. Sun Quan, Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Zhou Yu all have a 25 % Farm bonus while Zhang Cheng (from the hermit house) have only a 9% bonus. You can give skill book that have the Farm skill, this will increase your output too. Note that the farm skill from the heroes level 50 bonus and the skillbook stack together but if 2 heroes have the heroes level 50 skill only the best bonus from both heroes will be taken, same thing go from skill book.

Engi cruiser  is the easiest ship to get, you just need to get to sector 5 and you’ll get it. Is achievement are easier than the Kestrel, so you will probably end up unlocking the type B with the Engi cruiser before the Kestrel. Finishing the game with it unlock the Federation Cruiser.

Layout A: The Torus

400px EngiASystems FTL: The Engi Cruiser layout strategies 

Unlock: Reaching the fifth sector with any Kestrel layout will unlocks the Engi Cruiser.

The Torus can be hard at first to play and you will rely mostly on your anti-ship drone to do damage to enemies ship at the beginning. The Ion Blast II is one of the great weapon of the game it’s fast recharge rate make it perfect to take down most shield with constant firing. Combine with laser & beam later your ship will be a force to recon with and will minimize your drone part usage.

Another key addition to this ship are bomb-type weapons. Ion Bombs are great later in the game against enemies with more than 2 shields, including the Rebel Flagship. The Ion blast and bombs can keep the shields down while your drones and lasers work on the hull. A Small Bomb or other type of launcher can help too, you can selectively take out systems as needed. This ship is one of the ship where the Drone Recovery Arm augment work great, it will allows you to use your drones without the fear of missing drone part. If you can grab extra anti-ship drone ship, specially a mark II, you will witness how powerful multiple attack drones can be has they tear down ship with more than 2 shield. You can get even 3 anti-ship drone and watch them go through even the most powerful shield and let your weapon finish the job


Doors are probably a necessary upgrade on this ship because of the Engi weakness in hand-to-hand combat unless you have the opportunity to get Rock or Mantis crew, do so. Mind control can be a nice system to add to compensate Engi weakness in combat.

Hacking could be a nice addition but it unfortunately use drone part too unless you have Drone Recovery Arm augment.

The Teleporter is not advised on this ship, unless you are getting the system for blue storyline options.

Cloaking is always a great add, since it help dodge those nasty final attack of the Rebel flagship.

Side Note from the Wiki:

The Wiki have an interesting side note about how to level up the skill of your crew on this ship. In the first few sector you will probably encounter ship that can’t do anything to your ship so you can take advantage of that and level up your weapon, shield, piloting and engine since the ion blast is a non-lethal weapon.  Having these skill max will be huge later and will make it easier for you to spend your scrap on other systems.

Layout B: The Vortex

400px EngiBSystems FTL: The Engi Cruiser layout strategies 

Unlock : Earning two of the three Engi Cruiser achievements will unlock Layout B.

I have to be honest with you, I really have a hard time with this ship. It’s decent enough to cover you base the first 2 sector, but it has a lot of flaw. Heavy IonHeavy Laser I combo cover you base until you hit a ship with 2 shield, even before that the Heavy Ion is so slow to fill that the enemy might be able to hit your weapon before you even fire. Upgrade to a better ion weapon quickly or complement it with bomb/missile since it won’t do it for ship with heavy shield.

Starting with only one crew is one of them, it’s make you pretty vulnerable to boarding and event that might kill your only crew. Once you upgrade the doors the Anti-Personnel Drone can handle the hostile boarders on the ship while you empty the oxygen out of every room except the medbay and helm. The initial drone and augment will get useless pretty quickly since you probably want to fill this ship with anti-ship drone and defense drone instead of repair drone, and have a crew instead of just one lonely guy.

The only thing I can say that good about this ship is that the layout is somewhat good, easy to go around and system that go well together are next to each other like the teleporter and medbay which might make it a decent boarding ship if you get the right crew. There not much empty room though, so each hit will probably damage something important.

If you want a challenge that ship is for you, you can do a decent job if you get lucky but I get real hard fast if you don’t get lucky with your drops and shops.

Layout C: Tetragon

400px EngiCSystems FTL: The Engi Cruiser layout strategies 

Unlock: Reaching Sector 8 with the Engi Cruiser Layout B and Advanced Mode enabled unlocks layout C.

The ship layout is pretty neat but the main problem of this ship its is constant use of drone part by the hacking system and Beam Drone. If you can get your hand on the drone recovery arm you might save a lot on drone part there.

Later, this ship will mostly relies on it’s hacking and massive drone army to destroy the enemy ship. The Defense Scrambler will takes care of those nasty Anti-Combat drones and defense drone so you shouldn’t have problem deploying offensive drone and you could add missile weapon to be able to target specific systems that are causing you trouble. Drones destroy Zoltan shields pretty easily so that not an issue here. Mind Control, Teleportation can be nice addition to this ship too since your Lanius is a pretty good boarder specially if you can get another Lanius crew.

This is a follow up of the latest Nobility post, this one is mostly base on the in game guide.

Title Beyond Generalissimo

These are special titles. Only one title is available on each server. These titles are the ultimate honor in the world of Three Kingdoms.


14134473760 a833c1657a o Three Kingdoms Online: Special Nobility Beyond Generalissimo

Once a player has taken control of the Imperial Capital and 4 State Capitals, has more than 2,234,400 Contribution Value points, and the State Capital has opened for more than 30 days, then the player will be allowed to build an Imperial Palace in the Imperial Capital.  When the Palace reaches level 5, you will under attack by NPC troops every time when you upgrade it.  There will be a final wave of troops attacking when your Palace reaches level 20.  If you survive in these attacks, you will get the title of Emperor.

  • Bonus:
    • Recruiting speed in all cities increase by 20%
    • Every time you donate tokens to the court, you can earn extra 20 point of Contribution Value points
    • Attack and Defense value of troops is increased by 15%.

Prime Minister

 14146748467 b033d650da o Three Kingdoms Online: Special Nobility Beyond Generalissimo

If you have 1,396,500 Contribution Value points or more, when you occupy the Imperial Capital, you will gain the title of Prime Minister. If lose control of the Imperial Capital, or one of your 2 State Capitals, you will lose the title as well.

Lord of Wei

14310115236 ca1bdc68e8 o Three Kingdoms Online: Special Nobility Beyond Generalissimo

Player who occupies Pu-yang, the State Capital of Yan, and increase their Contribution Value to at least 1,396,500 to become the Lord of Wei.
Bonus: Attack and Defense value of troops increase by 15%.

Lord of Shu

14331532732 715516e5f5 o Three Kingdoms Online: Special Nobility Beyond Generalissimo
Player who occupies Cheng-du, the State Capital of Yi, and increase their Contribution Value to at least 1,396,500 to become Lord of Shu.
Bonus: Attack and Defense value of troops increase by 15%.

Lord of Wu

14146731700 cf21df9202 o Three Kingdoms Online: Special Nobility Beyond Generalissimo

Player who occupies Jian-ye, the State Capital of Yang, and increase their Contribution Value to at least 1,396,500.
Bonus: Attack and Defense value of troops increase by 15%.

Lord of Qin

14331532812 bfbeb130c8 o Three Kingdoms Online: Special Nobility Beyond Generalissimo

The Lord of Qin is a noble rank which players can fight for once the server starts. The player with the highest Contribution Value over 2,234,400, will gain the title of Lord of Qin. This title will be re-calculated at 24:00 every Saturday, and will not change for a week.
Bonus: Attack and Defense value of troops increase by 15%.

Position for Heroes
You can appoint a office position for each hero of yours. The position can increase his status. There are 4 types of positions, each can increase one of their status. You must have certain nobility to appoint the corresponding position. Another request is your hero should reach a certain level.

400px EngiASystems FTL: The Engi Cruiser Achievement

Robotic Warfare – With the Engi Cruiser, have 3 drones functioning at the same time.

Robotic Warfare Achievement FTL: The Engi Cruiser Achievement

Probably the easiest achievement of the game to obtain. Obtain three drones and activate all three of them to unlock this achievement. Repair drone and anti-drone drone work best since they only need one power.

I hardly lifted a finger – With the Engi Cruiser, destroy an enemy ship using only drones.

I hardly lifted a finger Achievement FTL: The Engi Cruiser Achievement

This achievement can be done pretty quickly with the Torus in sector one if you encounter AI ship with no shield. Just let the “Anti-Ship Drone I” loose and he will get the job done for you.

If you’re not lucky enough to get a AI ship in the first few sectors, you can complete this achievement against a 1 shield ship in a asteroid field.

According to the wiki, you can use a boarding ship on a AI ship with doors connecting to every room. Since the ship will lose 1 hull each time a system is destroy, wait destroyed systems become activated again so you boarding drone take care of them. This might take awhile but will give you this achievement too.

The guns… They’ve stopped – Have 4 enemy systems or subsystems ionized at the same time while using the Engi Cruiser.

The guns have stopped Achievement FTL: The Engi Cruiser Achievement

This achievement can be easily complete when visiting a pulsar since system ionized by the pulsar count toward that achievement. Systems that have cool down periods such as cloaking, hacking, mind control and teleporters also count towards this achievement. So ionizing the missing system while these are recharging will get you this achievement.

If you are going to to it the hard way, which is only going with weapon, the Ion Blast II cannons with a  Ion Bomb or/and a Ion Blast I will get the job done to. You have to quickly switch between system while the shield are down, and you will get that achievement.

Nobility Rank

14134473760 a833c1657a o Three Kingdoms Online   Nobility Rank

Increasing your rank will allow you to assign your heroes to positions that increase their stats. More importantly it will allow your granaries to store more food, which is important if you plan to improve your resource fields to level 20. The easiest way to increase your nobility rank is to do duels in the faction camps. The more duels you do the better chances you have of getting a Court Quest item. You can only donate items up to a certain rank and then after that the Court Quest never asks for them again. To make the most of your items here is what you should be donating at each rank. Citizen– Wine, Salt, Silk Baron– Salt, Silk, Indigo Viscount– Silk, Indigo, Fur Marquis– Indigo, Fur, Horse Count– Fur, Horse, Spice Duke– Horse, Spice, Jade Infante– Spice, Jade, Pearl Lord-Jade, Pearl, Gold Save your Tribute Tokens for the later levels (Duke +) and only donate them during events that increase their value. How to get items to increase rank ? If you want to increase your nobility without gold the best way is to do faction quest and duel in the faction map. 1- Getting order arrows via Faction quest Order Arrows: Order Arrows are acquired through the Faction Quests. Only a few Faction Quests reward Order Arrows when you complete them. Once you have obtained Order Arrows through completing the Faction Quests, go to the Faction Map, then choose your Faction, then go to the Faction Reward page, and choose your reward. Not only are there Quest Items but there are armor, weapons, skill books, etc, so you may not wish to spend these versatile items on Quest Items. To spend Order Arrows follow these steps: 14297875086 4c9b1db11c o Three Kingdoms Online   Nobility Rank 2- Dueling:When a player sends a hero to duel,if he wins the duel he may gain an item through the fight. Every once in awhile the item gained is a Quest Item. The Quest Items gained are usually Silk and Indigo, but very, very occasionally Fur and other higher Contribution Value Quest Items are gained through Dueling. Click the Faction Map button, then choose your Dueling Region, then pick your general to duel. I usually pick the highest level general to Duel, though if you lose most of your duels choose lower level generals to Duel. 14297875436 75eb3594cd o Three Kingdoms Online   Nobility Rank Source : Check this post on how to get to Generalissimo without gold : Do nobility rank increase rate of finding epic heroes ?¸ No, It will only affect the stats of normal heroes you found in the epic search. Nobility won’t affect the stats of epic heroes. Nobility rank have no effect on the probability of finding a epic hero. source : What the advantage of each rank

Rank Required Contribution Value Attack Bonus Defense Bonus Granary Size Increase
Baron 1200 1% 5% 0%
Viscount 10500 3% 10% 0%
Marquis 31500 5% 20% 10%
Count 101500 8% 30% 20%
Duke 241500 12% 40% 30%
Infante 451500 16% 50% 40%
Lord 696500 22% 50% 50%
Generalissimo 1396500 50% 50% 100%

400px KestralASystems FTL: The Kestrel Cruiser Achievement

Achievement :

The United Federation – Have six unique aliens on the Kestrel Cruiser simultaneously.

United Federation Achievement FTL: The Kestrel Cruiser Achievement

I though that this would be the easiest one to get but I never manage to get more than 5 different aliens. Your human count has one and you need to get 5 other from the eight different species in the game.

The Slug and the Crystal alien are the hardest to get. Slug can be recruited in store only in the slug home nebula or with particular event like Slocknog. Getting the cristal are even harder, you can only get them by receive the stasis pod from the Empty Ship in Asteroids quest, and then have the pod activated in the Zoltan Research Facility quest. You can get the achievement without these two race though. Here how to get other race:

Engi : They can be found through event, by defeating slaver ship or paying for a slave from a slaver ship. The can be hired in shop, mostly in engi control sector/homeoworld, zoltan sector/homeworld and even in the mantis sector/homeworld.

Zoltan: Like the Engi they can be found through some event like by defeating slaver ship or paying for a slave from a slaver ship. The can be hired in shop, mostly in engi control sector/homeoworld, zoltan sector/homeworld but less frequently elsewhere.

Mantis: Like the Engi they can be found through some event like by defeating slaver ship or paying for a slave from a slaver ship. you can get one in some occasion if you side with the mantis crew in a event in a engi controlled/homeworld sector The can be hired in shop, mostly in engi control sector/homeoworld, mantis sector/homeworld but rarely elsewhere.

Rock: They can be found too through the slaver and various event. They can be found in store too but mostly rock sector/homeworld but rarely elsewhere.

Lanius: You can get one when you encounter the “do you want our translator device ” event. It’s an event in abandoned sector that usually have Lanius there. You will encounter a Lanius ship that wants to trade scrap for fuel or drone or missile. There will be an option to inquire about their translator. Once you select it they will offer you 40 scrap for the “device” the device will end up being a Lanius name translator.
honestly I haven’t had the chance to find one except with that event or on the new Lanius ship or on a type C layout that sometime include Lanius crew member. However the wiki state that they can be found in store.

Note that This achievement is easier to complete using the Layout B (Red-Tail), as the starting crew includes three of the six required races.

Full Arsenal – Have every system and subsystem installed on the Kestrel Cruiser at one time.

Full Arsenal Achievement FTL: The Kestrel Cruiser Achievement

This was the first achievement I manage to get on this ship and probably the easiest to accomplish of the three. You simply need to have all the system installed on the ship for the standard edition or 3 out of the 5 missing system in the advance edition. The missing system are : Teleporter, Drone Control,Cloaking, Hacking, and Mind Control, costing respectively 75, 85 (or 75, depending on which free drone it comes with), 150, 80, and 75 scrap. For the standard edition you need Teleporter, Drone Control,Cloaking.

The cheapest you can get this achievement in the advance edition is to get the Teleporter, Drone Control (if it 75) and Mind Control. Note your need the Battery subsystem too in the advance edition to get this achievement.

Tough Little Ship – As the Kestrel Cruiser, repair back to full health when it only has 1 HP remaining.

Tough Little Ship Achievement FTL: The Kestrel Cruiser Achievement

Probably one of the hardest achievement to pull off but here how you can do it.

Note (from the wiki): For the game to recognize this achievement as earned, the player must have the Kestrel Cruiser down to one hull point before jumping to a store beacon, and then the ship must be fully repaired all at once. If the ship is not repaired all at once or if the Hull Repair drone is used instead of a store, the achievement will not be earned.

I’ve added the note so you know that the Hull Repair drone won’t cut it and that you need to have 1 hp before going to a store.

They are several way to do this achievement but you probably know that having 1 hull is never a good situation to be and the risk of receiving more that 1 hull damage while fighting might throw off you calculation to get to  hull while fighting. And there always the problem that you need scrap to heal you ship full (usually 58 or 87 scrap).

There actually 2 somewhat safe way to do that achievement:

1- The first way is to find a asteroid field near a store, fight any hostile ship that are there. Once they are taken care of, power down your ship shield and watch it to go down to 1 hull while you repair any system or subsystem hit. Then warp to the store and repair it full.

2- You can use a weapon that can target your ship like the fire bomb. you need to have enough missile though (around 1 per point, note you can always lets the fire propagate). When you are near a store and you have enough scrap and missile, target your ship with the bomb until your at 1 hull point then extinguish the fire and jump to the store to repair your ship.