Who doesn’t love pirates, they roam the sea in search of adventures and treasures, they fight ship and steal merchants every thing you need for a good game. We are going to look a what cool pirates games are out there in the mobile market

Age of Booty Tactics (iOs)

If you played Age of Booty on steam you will be very happy to know there a new version on iOs. Age of Booty: Tactics is free to play and only playable in two separate options of turn-based multiplayer: you can either go the traditional asynchronous way and submit a turn and want for your opponent to make their move, or you can play with a local friend on a shared device using a pass-and-play interface. Victory will earns you a pile of booty which you can use to upgrade your fleet and buy upgrades.

Play it it’s free: Age of Booty: Tactics – Certain Affinity

Official site: http://www.ageofbooty.com/

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Bouncy Pirates (iOs)

 Mobile Pirates: Age of Booty: Tactics For Some Bouncy Pirates

Bouncy Pirates is an adorable arcade game where you need to juggle pirates from there ship to a island to help them steal treasure from a chest.

They’re launched from your ship by shooting them with the cannon You then tap the barrels floating in the sea at the right time to jump them around up to to the island where the treasure lies. Once they reach the treasure chest you need to bounce them back to your ship until the treasure is empty.

pretty easy game at the beginning with one pirate but its get harder the more pirates jump off you ship. Give it a try it’s free icon smile Mobile Pirates: Age of Booty: Tactics For Some Bouncy Pirates

Play it it’s free : Bouncy Pirates – Nathan Malville

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Bird of Prey

Destroy a ship at full health during a single cloak in the Stealth Cruiser.

68px Bird of Prey Achievement FTL: Getting the Stealth Cruiser Achievement 

To earn this achievement, the ship must remain cloaked from the start of the volley until the battle is over and the after-battle text pops up.

This achievement is easier to get done in the first two sectors on the easy difficulty with a level 2 cloak (that is due to the 5-hull points drones only appearing on this difficulty). Charge the weapon, cloak and fire lasers and align the beam to cross the pilot room (and the ones beside it). When I managed to do it I had the Weapon  pre-igniter, Pegasus missile, flask and dual laser. Cloak when starting the fight, launch the Pegasus on the shield and then aim the pilot with dual laser and flask (or a large room with the flask). Level three cloak should enable the dual laser to charge again before the cloaking end. You can probably do the same thing I did with the glaive beam remember if it did not work it’s maybe that the cloak finished before the after-battle text pops up.

Note: Anti-Ship drones can be used to help unlock this achievement too. 

Phase Shift

In the Stealth Cruiser, avoid 9 points of damage during a single cloak.

68px Phase Shift Achievement FTL: Getting the Stealth Cruiser Achievement

You can manage to get this achievement can be while fighting the Rebel Flagship’s third form.  Simply cloak during the Power Surge attack, which should deal out more than nine damage.

It is also possible to unlock in an asteroid field, if you can stay cloaked long enough.

Tactical Approach

In the Stealth Cruiser, get to sector 8 without jumping to a beacon with an environmental danger.

68px Tactical Approach Achievement FTL: Getting the Stealth Cruiser Achievement

This achievement is the third but is actually the easiest to earn as long you keep the Long-Range Scanners augmentation and are a bit lucky. Note that Neither Rebel-Controlled beacons nor Nebulae nor Anti-Ship Batteries count as environmental hazards, but Plasma Storms, Asteroid Fields, Red-Giant Stars and Pulsars do.

Sometimes due to beacon placement you will be force to go to an environmental hazard if there is no alternate route.

Why not to lobby your farms ?

14147761347 5cc09968f6 o Three Kingdoms Online: Why not to lobby your farms

You shouldn’t lobby your farms. Not that you should lobby somebody elses farm, your league probably have rules against that. What I mean is that if a city produces enough to make it worthwhile for you to plunder (everything fully built with 2 oases), then lobbying it to make it your city will not give you any increase in your resource production. All you will be doing is trading in a farm for another sub-city that you have to manage. A better alternative that will increase your production is to find a city that is too small and undeveloped to farm but is an ideal location – a 9c/15c with 2 50% Grain in the 7×7. This way you get a new city without losing a productive farm.

How to find the growth rate of your farm ?

To find out the hourly resource production of a city, send an attack large enough to plunder all of the resources (battle efficiency 98% or less). After you deploy this attack immediately send out a small one from the same city. Click Scheduled Deployment; add 1 hour to the current time, then select OK. The amount of plundered between attacks will be equal to the hourly production of the city. This can be used to see how much a sub-city produces and if it is worth lobbying (a 15c sub-city making 10k+ food is not going to improve much when lobbied). You can also use this to estimate the resource field levels of a Main city. I have seen too many players take an oasis off of a Main city farm, resulting in lower total food production. A 6c Main only needs level 13 farmlands to produce the same amount of food as a 15c sub-city. Taking a 50% oasis off of a 6c with level 15 farmlands equals -3,600 food/h for that city. Make sure you get a production increase with every action.

We are doing a series of posts on FTL and  we hope you like them. If you want us to do more of this let us know in the comment or by mail at jack at onlinesgamestips.com

The stealth cruiser is a pretty fun ship to play with. While it lack shield its start with cloaking to compensate and if you manage it well it can have devastating effect. You can always buy the shield at a shop for 125 scrap.

Layout A

400px Stealth upgr FTL: Kicking ass with the Stealth Cruiser


Defeat the right rebel in the Engi Fleet Discussion random event and head to the final quest marker and defeat the Mantis ship. The engi will deliver you the tech to build a new ship and unlock the stealth cruiser. For more info see the Engi Fleet Discussion random event.

Alternatively, if you defeat The Rebel Flagship with the Rock Cruiser that ship will be unlock.

I had a hard time figuring out this ship when I started. When you look closely this ship is all about timing. The lack of shield force you to be imaginative with your cloak and you weapon shots must be timed to maximum efficiency. When encountering a enemies. Either cloak right away to let your weapon charge or wait for him to shoot and at that exact moment cloak to dodge the shoot. With the dual beam take down the shield and let you mini beam either disable the weapon or drone. Upgrade you should try to get are the shield (sold in some stores for 125 scrap), a weapon to take down shield/weapon (bomb or missile) and upgrade cloak.

Layout B

400px Da sr 12 upgr FTL: Kicking ass with the Stealth Cruiser

Unlock:  Unlock that ship by earning two of the three stealth cruiser achievements.

This layout is super hard at the beginning, no shield, probably the best weapon in the game but it takes 25 second to charge and if your weapon system is hit it will completely discharges leaving you completely vulnerable (you basically have to run or you’re dead at that point). Drone are specially a problem, the beam drone is the worst it will tear your ship apart while you are try to charge your beam. Once the Glaive Beam is charge you will probably tear down most ship in the first 3-4 sector. It can do 9-15 damage (3 damage per room × 3-5 rooms) in a single shot (depending on the enemy ship layout) and has a good chance of lighting enemy rooms on fire. For the first few sector here what I did: first avoid asteroid field and probably ion storm too. When fighting other ship, hopefully they don’t have any anti-ship or beam drone, these can really be problematic. If they have boarder or drone (with anti-ship only) or hacking, it’s probably better to cloak right away. If they don’t have any of the 3 systems mention, wait for the first volley to be launch and cloak that should give enough time for the Glaive Beam to be completely charged and tear them apart.  Hacking can be very useful to drain the shield, if you can get the weapon pre-igniter do it , it will give you an insane advantage and probably help you stream through the game without much worry for the first sector.

Layout C

400px LayoutC FTL: Kicking ass with the Stealth Cruiser

Unlock: Get to sector 8 with layout B.

That layout is actually really weird, there no shield likes the other Stealth Cruiser but there no cloak too. So what the point of this layout ? It as amore power efficient version of the Shield Overcharger, it’s also the only non-engi ship to possess a 3 space drone bay, giving greater versatility for Drones to be used, either defensively or offensively and finally it has a slightly improved version of the Laser Charger (S).

With this specialized Shield Overcharger and 2 Defense Drones Mark II (for a total of 6 power – the max) you could almost render a normal shield system useless – granting near-invulnerability to hacking, (non event) boarding, and a large number of projectiles, provided your drones are up as soon as battle starts and enemy weapon systems are targeted first. I would still try to grab the shield sub system since it’s doesn’t discharge when they attack you with beam weapon.

Cloaking it a great asset too, it can give you the time to put you drone up, let the Shield Overcharger  build up the super shield and let the Laser charger to charge.

As this build is so drone-heavy, acquire a Drone Recovery Arm – and your defences become free! It can easily be swapped out towards the end of the game (Sector 6+) when you should have stockpiled a large number of drones.

New Cities

14322907072 f5d576ab9d o Three Kingdoms Online: New cities and Lobbyist vs. Pioneers


Each player can only have 26 cities so you need to choose you new cities location carefully. Cities with 6 farmlands might be useful at the beginning but you probably already realized that the quickly become obsolete since a 15c produces 150% more food than a 6c and there are plenty of farms to plunder for resources. 9c (9 farmland) are a good tradeoff between a 6c and 15c, they can hold a a medium sized army and have decent resources output, once they are built the way you want they can be use to feed resources to your 15c. 15 farmland cities (15c) are the best choice for supporting a large army.  Make sure that you pick a spot where you can get 2 oases for it. It may be tempting to build cities close to your existing cities and/or outside the cluster in the middle of the map, but without oases they will not be very productive. When selecting the spot for your new city make sure that both it and the oases you want are not being farmed by other players. Since you most likely will be unable to take 2 oases right after building your city, make sure that you plunder often the cities with the oases to show that they are your farms.

City Tutorial

Lobbyist vs. Pioneers

14334261215 95d4d5afdb o Three Kingdoms Online: New cities and Lobbyist vs. Pioneers


To build a new city, there is 2 options. Lobbyists will allow you to get a city with buildings already built but they are expensive and slow to use. Pioneers are cheap and easy to use, but you must build the city from scratch. Both methods require demolishers (unless you go with an unoccupied spot). For the Lobbyist  you need to demolish the annex and be sure you are not trying to lobby the main.

One of the advantage to use pioneers for your new cities, is that since you rebuild the city from scratch your city will have the layout you are use too. If you prefer a certain buildings placement in your cities pioneers might be the way to go. With the lobbyist you will end up with your opponent layout which is probably a layout that you are not used so it might be annoying. Use the View Cities menu to manage your cities and it uses the construction date of the city to determine its place in the list, with the newest being at the bottom. when you lobby it, it might have been built long before your other cities and be placed anywhere in the list. Once the location is picked out, send your demos/rams to take out everything in the sub-city, destroying it and creating an empty space for your pioneers. If you do not have demos, ask your league leader for help.

Check out my previous article about lobbyist and pioneers :

Using Lobbyist for attack

Tip and Tactic when using Lobbyist

Lobbyist Train

Shields Holding

Destroy a ship before it gets through the Zoltan Shield.

Shields Holding Achievement FTL: Zoltan Cruiser Achievements

This is probably one of the easiest achievement to achieve, you can easily get it vs early ship and cut them through with the halberd beam of layout A or if you manage to have trouble with this achievement, get the Weapon Pre-Igniter, it will makes this achievement incredibly easy.

Givin’ her all she’s got, Captain!

With the Zoltan Cruiser, have 29 power in systems at the same time.

Giving her all she got Achievement FTL: Zoltan Cruiser Achievements

This achievement is probably the hardest of the three Zoltan achievement. To unlock it you need four Zoltan and you reactor maxed at 25. Note that it’s actually easier in the advance edition since the backup battery count toward this achievement, so you can use the power of you battery to get to 29.

Note that power in the subsystem doesn’t count.


Get to sector 5 without upgrading your reactor in the Zoltan Cruiser.

Manpower Achievement FTL: Zoltan Cruiser Achievements

This achievement is quick simple, you might have it rough in sector 4-5 but most your ship should be strong enough to make it through with the Zoltan crew giving you extra power. Note that the backup battery don’t count so you can use the power from the battery without risking not getting the achievement.

The technique to achieve this is to redirect all power from shield, med bay to the system you need. Cloaking with a Zoltan in the room then leaving the room wills enable you to benefit from the power in 2 system and still be cloak. See previous post on the Zoltan ship for more info about that technique. Cloaking is a great add for getting that achievement.

Another side note on the Advanced Edition also features events that can extend your generator capacity which will not prevent you from getting the achievement, like at a beacon where a ship requests fuel.

Just a bunch of management game I wanted to talk about and never had the time to do so. With most Facebook game (read Zynga and EA ) closing I was wondering what out there so here a few title that grabbed my attention, not all are good but I though I could have a few word about them.

Pocket Stables (ios/Android)

pocket3c How Evil Genius Online conquered the 1849 Pocket stables of New Rock City?

This game is probably one of the more interesting of the 4. You start off as a ranch owner and need to work breeding the fastest horses in the country and winning every championship race that exist.

The game is simple, has the owner of the ranch you train and breed horses so they can take place in race. Depending how you rank in the race you gain money.  You can assign each horse a training and a trainer. You can hire jockeys and trainers, expand your ranch to build more training facility or bigger stable.

It’s a pretty fun game and doesn’t depend on you doing stuff then having to come back 10 minutes later like the farmvilles of this world.

pocket3b How Evil Genius Online conquered the 1849 Pocket stables of New Rock City?

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1849 (PC/Steam)

1849 let you build a city in the wild west, it’s kind of Simcity in the gold rush.

From Indies Retro News :

You decide to head out west, to seek fame and wealth in the approaching Gold Rush. Will you strike gold and become an overnight mining magnate? Or will you build your fortune bit by bit by supplying 49ers with pickaxes and blue jeans? 1849 is a city management game where your task is to build towns, populate them with workers, and make sure that they are housed, fed, and entertained.

1849 seem a nice game but it’s simply a city builder likes Sim City, don’t expect much more. I can be quite enjoyable and the setting might makes you forget about Sim City but it’s none the less very similar. It fun to revisit a good old concept in a new setting but note that there isn’t that much to do after a while.

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New Rock City (Facebook)

New Rock City is Sim City Social meet The Flintstones. You need to repair road, build shop and collect tax to build the perfect bedrock city. The game mechanics are pretty much the same has Sim City Social, you have the energy to build stuff, you need to collect stuff after a certain time and you are blast with a zillion thing on the screen that flashes and move which can be pretty annoying. If you like Sim City Social, give it a try you’ll probably like it for the rest of you there better thing to do around here.

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Play it : https://www.facebook.com/PlayNRC

Evil Genius Online (Facebook)

Despicable me meet Sim Social. Build your evil lair, recruit minions and start doing evil mission. Basically you lair is like your house, where you can expand it and buy furniture. The object you buy either have a purpose (locker give more minion, Money laundering machine give cash) or are purely aesthetical. You can do mission in your command center and that pretty much has far I managed to go. The ideas of the game are great but the formula seems reheated from the similar passed title (Sim Social, The Ville) with a new theme. Again give it a try if you like these kind of game, the premise of the game is great but the format (Facebook management game) not so much.

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Play it: Evil Genius Online

We are doing a series of posts on FTL and  we hope you like them. If you want us to do more of this let us know in the comment or by mail at jack at onlinesgamestips.com

The Zoltan and their ships are really particular in that it’s less power hungry than other ship, due to the fact that the Zoltan provide a free energy power and that the Zoltan Shield allow to redirect the normal shield power to other system. The Zoltan energy can be use to remove energy from recharging system like cloaking, boarding system, hacking and mind control simply by walking in and out of the room. Because of this it make the main reactor less a priority than usual and you can focus more on buying a system upgrade versus extra power in the main reactor.  It can be good idea to upgrade a system evens if it cannot be powered continuously. This gives you more room to juggle power distribution and meet particular demands. Another tactic that you can do with the Zoltan is to use them has bomb when boarding with a clone bay (see Layout C of the Federation Cruiser for more details on that technique).

Another side note once you get a non Zoltan crew member, move him or her into the pilot’s chair so your former pilot’s Zoltan energy can power one of the systems. Zoltan energy don’t power up sub-system like doors, piloting, camera and backup battery.

Layout A:

400px Adjudicator upgr FTL: Shield up with the Zoltan Cruiser


Complete the Unarmed Zoltan Transport random event.
Or defeat The Rebel Flagship with the Federation Cruiser.

This ship has one of my favorite weapon, the Halberd Beam will cut through most ship you encounter in the first few sector and it will still be useful even late game. This Weapon usually stay the whole game. Beam weapon can be somewhat tricky but if you maximize the number of rooms it you can take out most of the early ship in one beam. Remember this beam deal 2 dmg so even against 1 shield enemy you can still use it but it will only do 1 dmg instead of 2. Once you start encountering enemies with two or more shield levels, you may want to use missiles to take out their shields or use an ion weapon. It is best to time your beam shots precisely when the enemy shield is hit, rather than putting your beam weapon on auto-fire.

This ship could really use the Weapons Pre-Igniter giving you the ability to take down most ship without your Zoltan Shield going down.

 Layout B:

400px ZoltanB FTL: Shield up with the Zoltan Cruiser


Earning two of the three Zoltan Cruiser achievements will unlock Layout B.

The Noether (Zoltan Cruiser Layout B) starts with only one bar of power in the shield system, requiring 100 scrap to upgrade once and get to Level 1 Shields.

14146591118 6b7b7591ef m FTL: Shield up with the Zoltan Cruiser

You have to rely on your Zoltan shield until you upgrade the shield for 100 scrap, speed is your friend here so you need to quickly disable the shield to be able to blast the enemies ship with the Pike Beam. Like the previous layout the Weapons Pre-Igniter can be a nice addition and later be useful when you get even better weapon. Cloaking is a nice addition too since it give your Zoltan shield extra time. Without shield asteroid field will be a problem, you might want to avoid those. Another other issue with the Zoltan in general is their lack of hp, which make them venerable to boarding (except if you have a clone bay).

Layout C:

398px Ftl ship FTL: Shield up with the Zoltan Cruiser


Getting to Sector 8 with the The Zoltan Cruiser Type B with Advanced Edition Content enabled will unlock Layout C.

Starts with two bars of reactor power, requiring 30 scrap to upgrading the first 3 points.

The reactor is super low but 4 Zoltan and a level 2 Backup Battery should cover your need pretty early on. The starting combo of this ship is to use the Ion Charger to disable shields and then activate your drone with the backup battery.

Side note: the lack of need for the reactor of this ship makes Ion storms, weapons and pulsar little threat and even help you against enemies.

If you haven’t read it go check out the last post about Gold.

Sometime some league mate ask me what to do with the extra gold left gold or if they don’t have enough for the metal alchemy scroll there always other option. Here my top 4 and a bonus if you want more food.


camparmy thumb Three Kingdoms Online: Gold part 2 – Top 4 thing where to spend your gold.

This is probably the single most efficient use of gold now. For about $15 (400g), you will get 120k f/h of storage space. Even just 44g will get you 30k f/h of storage space. It is easier and cheaper to increase your food output through the use of Garrison versus the Capital Outpost. If you are ever thinking of using some gold, this is the first place I recommend you spend some of it on.

2-Capital Outpost

coalittion thumb Three Kingdoms Online: Gold part 2 – Top 4 thing where to spend your gold.

This is another good way to increase your food output, since it gives you a second city that can have resource fields above level 10. Keep your eye out for events that reward you with Jade Globes for every gold that you spend since these are the best way to get Jade Globes. It doesn’t matter what you spend your gold on, you just need to spend it during the event. Using the gold to increase your Garrison capacity during one of these events is a good way to give you a double boost to your food output.

3-Emperor’s Order

14134473760 a833c1657a o Three Kingdoms Online: Gold part 2 – Top 4 thing where to spend your gold.

(50g/3 days, 99g/7 days, 399g/30 days) – This is a useful item for several reasons beyond the bonus to resource production. The Auto Transport functions allows you to set repeatable transport orders for your caravans as well as giving them a 100% movement speed increase. This is useful for getting resources to your other cities from those that do the plundering. The Auto Build function is nice if you have a lot of building that you need to get done. You can queue up to 20 buildings and as long as you have the resources, they will be built. All of the other features of an Emperor’s Order are nice, but it is these 2 that I find the most useful now.   

4-Recalling your fled Hero’s Summit epics

14179820997 f74023a84e o Three Kingdoms Online: Gold part 2 – Top 4 thing where to spend your gold.

This is something you shouldn’t use your gold on now since we get so many free Callback orders from the events. The 100g can be put to better use elsewhere. I’ve talk about it in the last post, some heroes you can live without it might be a good idea to recall them but if you are overflowing with food because you lost everything wait until you have no choice.

Other honorable mention for extra food production

Token of Rain (7 days) (26g)

Increase the Food output by 25% for 7 days, not available for State and County Capital.

Probably the cheapest non permanent way to increase your food output. 26 gold for 7 days is probably the best you can get, the Emperor order is 50 for 3 days (double the price for half the time…) and the Treasure Bowl is about the same price (29 gold) but only last 3 days.

Treasure Bowl (3 Days) 29g

increase all output by 25%

Another way to increase your food, it’s increase other resources output has well. Way shorter than the Token of Rain so if you just want the food bonus go with the token of rain.

I don’t think the token of rain and the Treasure Bowl bonus stack, if you know if they do let me know. The same go for the Emperor order with those two.

Rotation Order, Level 1 (3 days) (199g)

Reduce food consumption of your army by 5%, last for 3 days.   

The Rotation Order is way over price but it has a nice thing to it, it stack with other bonus since it’s not a food bonus but a reduction of your food consumption. But keep it mind you are paying 8 times the Token of rain price for 5 times less result.

We are doing a series of posts on FTL and  we hope you like them. If you want us to do more of this let us know in the comment or by mail at jack at onlinesgamestips.com

Master of Patience – Use only the Artillery Beam to destroy an enemy ship while taking no hull damage.

Master of Patience Achievement FTL: Federation Cruiser Achievement

This achievement is the easiest to get of the three. Just upgrade your shield to level 2 and when you fight a ship not using missile just wait for the artillery beam to do is job. You can even go grab a coffee if you want while your ship finish the enemies ship with the artillery beam

Diplomatic Immunity – While using the Federation Cruiser, use your crew in four special blue events by sector 5.

Diplomatic Immunity Achievement FTL: Federation Cruiser Achievement

Honestly this achievement is so hard to get. I’ll be brief and link to you a table in the wiki that show you all the event per alien species which will allow you to try to plan for this event.

The description of this achievement is rather vague, it is important that only blue event choices that arise as a result of having particular alien crew members aboard count towards this achievement – thus other blue event choices (for having specific system upgrades, augments, or weapons) do not count. Note that even if the event says “by sector 5″ it’s actually, before entering sector 6, so the very last place you could conceivably get your final blue option in is the exit beacon for sector 5.

To increase your chance of receiving this achievement you get a Long-Ranged Scanners augment has soon has you can. Why ? Because the majority of blue event options for crew will be found within normal or distress beacons it will save you time to choose a beacon more likely to have a event. Another important point, it’s really important to diversify your crew, the layout A is probably the best for that part since its start with 4 different race. Zoltan are mostly found in Zoltan controlled world , Lanius can be a nice find to in the abandon sector and slug can be hired in their home nebula. You can get new members from slaver ship or by boarding and killing all the crew, you might find survivor that will join you in that case.

Has for the event per say here are the link to the list of all possible event per race: http://ftl.wikia.com/wiki/Diplomatic_Immunity

Artillery Mastery – Get to sector 5 with the Federation Cruiser without upgrading your weapons system.

Artillery Mastery Achievement FTL: Federation Cruiser Achievement

This achievement is actually not to hard to get. Upgrade a the artillery beam, shield, engine and try to supplement your ship with cloaking, hacking or Drone control with a defense drone. The last three is to dodge those nasty missiles. Just wait for your Artillery beam to take care of the rest. The layout  A can be a good ship to get that achievement since the Burst laser II can really help. You can’t upgrade your weapon but nothing prevent you from buying weapon either. Some bomb can be very useful to blast an annoying system (shield then switch to burst laser or blast the pilot or engine so they won’t be able to run away)