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Return of the Earth Seal

I’ve wrote about the Earth seal a while ago, which give you the ability to turn a 15 farm fields city into a 18 farm fields city.

It cost your heart and soul though because you have to accumulate 10K of gold during the event.

Event 3: Magic Earth Seal Appears Again!!
If you accumulatively add 10000 gold in the deadline of the event, you will get Earth Seal X 1, Rotation Order, Level 3 * 1, Reforging Bolus * 1, Outpost Command * 2, Divine Recall X1, Enhanced Steel, Level 3 *1.


More info about this event and other event here:

Lone Survivor

My friend just have found a demo of the indie game Lone survivor while searching around the web.

The game is pretty neat with old school graphic and killer soundtrack. The demo convinced me to buy the game, I hope it can help you make up your mind too. Check out the video to have a vivid idea of what the game it’s about.

You can try the demo here:

Note that it’s on steam or you can download it on there main site :

Comic – Dodging For dummy

I’ve been very busy recently, but I got something funny for you. I’ve made a quick tutorial with the comic of Peng Guo about dodging, hope you like it.