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If you follow us because of our review and tips on hockey manager like powerplay manager or Senior hockey league. You’ll be pleased to see that Humble bundle has a new sport bundle that include Eastside hockey manager.

The game is about managing an ice hockey team. Complete with computer controlled AI teams and the possibility to set up online leagues to play against friends.  It can simulate the full National Hockey League season and had a database of around 3,000 players and staff and featured virtually unlimited number of seasons to play. The game has picked up a large following on the internet. So It’s a no brainer if you like hockey manager games.

When I was doing my review on the best hockey manager for mobile I stumbled upon Eastside hockey manager for PC (and mac ?). It one of the best manager on Deskstop right now and it’s currently only 1$ with 2 other game in the new humble bundle sport bundle. The game is normally at 19.99 on steam so at 1$ with 2 other game it’s a freaking bargain. If it’s not your thing cool but if you’re into this grab it now while supply last (or before the deal expire).

I’ve got the tier 2 of the bundle for 5,83$ (at the time of this writing) to get super blood sport hockey too with Motor sport manager and Dirt Rally. Super Blood Hockey (7.99$ on steam) bring is a violent homage to classic 8-bit and 16-bit ice hockey games, according to their website. It’s look like the famous Ice Hockey game on NES but with blood.

If you only want Eastside manager just go ahead and pay 1$ instead.

Have fun getting ready for the 2018-2019 season with these games.

If you like it, let us know if you want us to do a review or guide for this game.

RIP Three Kingdoms Online

Today is the day that Three kingdoms online is no more.

Three kingdom online was a little brother to me.I loved to play with you until he grows up a become a teen and started to get greedy.


Most people run away from him when this happen but I didn’t, I’ve just told him it’s not going to happen but we can still play together.

There a lot of good games that came after TKO, some even came after and closed before TKO (I’m looking at you Lord of Ultima)

If you have any games in the MMORTS genre that you want to suggest or anything related Romance of the Three kingdoms feel free to do so. I read every mail (jack at and I might decide to write a piece on your game.

Check my initial reaction post to TKO closure or my 4 parts series on how I’ve build a bot to reduce my play time.



The great journey come to an end guy, since 2009 armies swept the land, millions of soldier died, thousand of cities razed from the face of the earth. Now it will finish as a whimper instead of a bang.

empty city

It was to be expected, a year passed by since the last merge and nothing has happen. I think they were even no new server since 2014.

I was slowly drifting away from the game, I even heard the news when I’ve logged on the 28, 12 days after the announcement.

You can check the announcement in the forum here :

Cao Cao - prime minister

Why it’s surprise me, is that this game seem to be to most popular in the forum, thousand of thread and message compare to the few hundred of the other game.

I’ve heard story of people spending thousand on the game to be an emperor or to have a high rank. But they failed to make the game worth it pass the initial stage. The merge were messy, the events were down right abysmal and theft. They added too much useless mini game and other stuff.


I’m a bit bum by it because I started this site because of Three Kingdom online and now my main game I talk here is gone.

The other thing it’s that I was working on a bot for the next merger, it’s seem it will never see the light of the day.  I could make a quick tutorial on how to build it. If you’re interested drop me a mail at jack at or leave a comment.

By the way, there some hope TKO-RELAUNCHED in the forum is trying to bring back the game, maybe you should look at it.

Just drop him a mail so he can add you to the email list.

Here the thread if you want more info.

I’ve found a interesting find, Lootcrate, a monthly service that send you geeky goodies every month.

From the web site :

“Loot Crate is the monthly gear and swag club for those that live and embrace the geek and gaming lifestyle. Loot Crate is a product discovery box, connecting our subscribers, known as Looters, with the best new and emerging companies producing gear, snacks, toys, hardware, art, and other goodies for the geek and gaming market. Each month, Loot Crate handpicks 6-8 new items to include in the box, which are kept secret until the boxes are delivered!”

How does it work ?

It’s well explain on the site but let me explain it to you.

  1. You join loot crate
  2. They pack amazing goodies for you
  3. you receive the said amazing goodies
  4. unpack the goodies with excitement

There is even a chance to win mega crate. So enjoy you never know what will end up in your crate.

This month loot :

There a lot of hate for candy crush so you probably wonder why some of our friends are still playing it.

here the answer, candy crush is pure evil :

Happy new year everyone !

happy new year 2014!

This year have been great for the site we basically triple our readership, had our first day over 4$ and first year that the site made more than it cost, note that partly because I switched hosting.

Show me the money!

Every new year post make us look at the past year and seem what was good so here are the TOP 5 most viewed articles of 2013 on OGT.

  1. ’16-bit’ Plants vs. Zombies 2 finally Infinity blade 3 Breath of Street Fire
  2. Project Tank Online 3D Battle with 30 Tanks on Your Browser
  3. Hide and Seek Zelda II in 3d with some Dark Interval if you strip’Em all of the Duelists
  4. Lord of Ultima Guide – Building a city
  5. Weekly Browser game update: Ripple Dot Zero penguin get a Second chance with the lucky peach for the King ascent

Note out our 10 most viewed all time articles, 7 are from 2013.

Other notable event :

Show me the money!

I’ve dropped of Clash of Kingdoms, sometime I login but I basically don’t play anymore. Gold heroes, particularly Pang tong is way to strong and has a non-gold player you become a canon fodder to protect your allies Pang Tong and other gold heroes from the enemies. In S2 I used to be able to have an impact in some battle, event having one of my heroes being name in the battle report.

Happy new years everyone and here a Sexy happy new year for you has a gift 🙂

For those late in the news Star Wars Tiny Death Star was released, you can check out the trailer below.


The Emperor asked you, Vader, to build shop and restaurant in the death star to entertain your troop and make money to pay for the main purpose of the death star, bring terror and death through all the galaxy.


You play has Vader the mastermind building the new death star and you must find the delicate balance of building commerce to finance your little project and spending your money of imperial floor to investigate the rebel secret and build your ultimate weapon.


Star wars Tiny Death might seem like a clone of tiny tower set in the star wars universe. Sure there is similarities specially the gameplay that haven’t changed much between the two games but I’ve found some difference and I’ve decided to put a list of them.

Top 10 majors difference between Tiny death star and Tiny tower that wills make you want to play both

  1. Imperial floor, Mission from Vader with imperial floors (this remove the creative floor from tiny tower)
  2. Emperor mission instead of the mission on tiny tower
  3. Special character can visit you and you can collect them
  4. Special scene: When a special character visit you it may trigger a scene if he visit the right floor
  5. Elevator upgrades multiply your tips, which make it worthwhile to upgrade them compare to the one in the original tiny tower game.
  6. Some characters like to keep secret where they are going
  7. You have to search for rebel and special character in your star instead of searching for bitzen
  8. Its way harder to get extra free bux than in Tiny Tower
  9. You play has freaking Vader
  10. You have hundreds even thousands of Star Wars reference

Honorable mention

  • Some char won’t tell you where they are going only until you move them
  • New VIPs


A new gaming social network recently went public: Dpadd, lets users list, rate, and review every title they play.

With a intuitive interface and all your favorite game (console and pc not web), dpadd has all you can hope for in a gaming social network.

Here’s what you can do with it:

  • Record the games you play
  • Rate and review games
  • Create a ‘To Play’ list to help you remember and organize the games you want to play
  • Follow and see updates from friends and industry professionals
  • Many, many other exciting features to come!


If you want to check out the site, sign up here:

Related news : GameBeat

My 2 cents, it’s very interesting site, might be lacking achievement and a way to buy game you want to play, give it a try. And seach for Jack on the site.

The team at youjoy sent me this lovely press relase about a new naruto web game. The server is opening TODAY 19:00 and  it’s call S1- Ninjutsu Open.

More info from the press release :

naruto release 1

Since the hot anime “Naruto” has been popular among in the world, web game is also blowing a gust of Naruto style again!

Ultimate Naruto is kind of webpage game inheriting Japanese animate purely, it returns to the original skill animations, the affluent peculiar new playing methods attracting most players.
naruto release 1

This test has solved many problems, in the near future it is about to open. Be quick to experience the most authentic ninja world!

In Ultimate Naruto, Each player could receive a summoned beast by finish certain quest. Every 10 level the summoned beast gained, will unseal another tail. Every Summoned Beast has the potential to become Nine-Tail Fox.

You will take part in the journey of Naruto’s Path to Horage. All different type of skills loyal to the origin animate. All kinds of challenges awaiting you at Ultimate Naruto! The more you play, the more you will feel it’s a real Ninja World.

Call for your Ninja in Ultimate Naruto.

Now! For more info about this game, please visit Platform website:

Ultimate Naruto official website:



If you’ve been living under a rock you know that apple have released the new IPhone 5S & 5C. What actually important is that infinity blade 3 was released the same time the new IPhone was. I’ve talked a bit about the game  first and second instalment, and it is said that the third Infinity Blade make full use iPhone new hardware and enhance rendering.

So our friend at toucharcade have played the game both on IPhone 5 and 5S and you can see the subtle differences on each phone.

First impression

Full Review at Touch Arcade(compare Iphone 5 vs 5S)


That might look all great but maybe you want to know first what Infinity blade is all about or you want just a quick reminder of what happen in the first 2 game. You’re lucky, it can all be found on youtube and we got you covered, the guys at toucharcade (they love this game) even have explained everything in between the other games just for you.

Story before IB3(12 minutes)

Full article at TouchArcade

If you are in a hurry just the Lore might do (1minutes)

Hope that convince you to buy the game or at least try one of the 2 previous one. If you’re following this blog, you should have gotten them both for free by now, if not you have to pay full price or wait for it to be free again.

Old Infinity Blade post: