Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy V will make its way to Android on September 26.

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy or JRPG that a great news, Final Fantasy V  was actually a really good game back in the 90’s but never made it to the snes. We had to wait for a re-release on the Playstation to enjoy it. The game wills have updated graphics and character portraits while retaining the 16-bit aesthetic of the original.

If you never played Final Fantasy V, but played some other of the series, you will fin that the most notable difference is the job system. You can freely select a job for each characters and the characters can learn skill from the job he has and you can change it when you want. There was a total of 22 jobs in the original 26 in the gameboy advance version. Let hope they will give us the lasted update.

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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, is a follow-up game to Final Fantasy IV that was first released on mobile phones in Japan back in 2008. In 2009 it was reworked and released for WiiWare, and even appeared on the PSP in 2011 as part of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection.

The After Years follows the original cast 17 year after Final Fantasy IV finished. There are with some additional characters that are introduced including Cecil and Rosa son. It received the same 3D remake that Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV  received on the Nintendo DS & iOS.

If this version is anything like the version release in japan, The game play will pretty similar and will include some nice combat feature like the new “Band” ability that are similar to the Double and Triple Tech in Chrono Trigger. Band abilities are extremely powerful, and there was over 70 different combinations in total in the Japanese version.

The game is expected to be released this winter.

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Being a huge Final fantasy fan I couldn’t pass on making a post about these two great game. I’ll will definitly buy the Final Fantasy IV one, the original was one of my favorite of the series.