Gold and Gems


Let the game run and do stuff when you have enough money. It mostly a wait and see game so let it run in background and have some fun when you come back.

From the Indie game blog:

“You start with an empty landscape and few options, but soon your kingdom will flourish. Each new structure increases your opportunities for interaction and helps prepare you for your next excursion. Manage your resources, increase your production, upgrade your equipment, and then fight your way through the next location. It’s always fun to see what comes next, and there is a satisfying sense of progression. It’s meant to be played in short bursts, in between other tasks, and kept running in a background tab when you’re otherwise engaged. There are a lot of locations to visit, so Gold and Gems should keep you occupied for a while.”

to try :

Time travel knight

Time travel knight is a html 5 made for the molyjam by Glitchy Pixel, the game pretty neat considering it was made for a game jam and has simple control.

You are a knight who has just awoken in a ruined world, having survived an enormous explosion. Near you is a time machine with a note attached.


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Plants vs Zombies 2 : soft launches in Australia and New Zealand

You know it been delayed but our friends from down under are lucky to get a hand on this one. You can check the following video from touch arcade to see what the game play look like (seem pretty similar to the original game to me)

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