Surprisingly Recycling is not just something of the modern age it something they use to do in the past, in the three kingdom period particularly.
Or maybe it’s just that Koram is going green and is making us recycle our old gear to prevent pollution and and improve our other gear in the process.

Item recycling is the last tab within the gear improvements.  Each player is able to recycle up to 20 gears per day. That mean that if you don’t have gear to recycle you can always buy every gear in the mystery shop for that day then recycle. You won’t get much but is better than nothing.

In return you will receive a variety of jades which are essential to making improvements to the gears you wish to use in battle. Only recycle items which you no longer want or need since they will be destroyed. If you need all your current items, I would recommend buying cheap items from the Mystery Shop for the sole purpose of recycling. Here’s a list of the different items you can get for recycling. I find higher quality gears provide better chances at gaining high level enhancement items.

Yin Jade: Used to upgrade gears, ranges from level I to V for white to orange gears respectively.

Flaming Jade: Used to refine gears, ranges from level I to V for white to orange gears respectively.

Yin Jade Fragments: exchange multiple fragments for yin jade of the same level.

Flaming Jade Fragments: exchange multiple fragments for flaming jade of same level.

Solid Ice Fragments: exchange multiple fragments for solid ice.

Changing Fragment to actual item:
After you have recycled enough gears, its time to trade in your fragments for actual enhancing items. Go to the mystery shop and then item exchange tab. Below all your scrolls you will find the fragments which can be exchanged using minor scholars scrolls.

Have fun recycling, next I’ll explain enhancing and upgrading our gear.

Disclaimer any resemblance to Death Guide is purely coincidental(luckly the auto-correct knew that one) in some part, inspirational in some other and almost identical in rare occasion.
If you want to check the original gem go here and tell Death that he’s awesome.

Here some reference I founded while playing and browsing around the web.

Hope it’s help and if you have anything that could be added here fill free to share it in the comment.

Clash of Kingdom References

Google Doc spreadsheet on Clash of Kingdom References Heroes, Formations, Skills and units.


Bronze Heroes List

Silver Heroes List

Gold Heroes List


How to march to battle (deploying troop and setting your combat settings)

CoK Academy Quiz
Every player will get 5 chances to do a Quiz each day, There located in the City Academy of your manor. Make sure to do these everyday to get 5 free Basalt gem.
You can find answers in the forum is you click here.

The list is almost unnecessary since the last Clash of Kingdoms update you have a daily task list that keeps track of what you haven’t done today. It’s situated right beside the arena button.


Here the complete list:

1- Collect Tax (up to 12 times a day, 13 if you do the battle royal)
2- Collect Salary (only once every day don’t forget it 🙂 )

3- Check the item in the mystery shop (5 try)

Even if you are pretty much equipped, give it a try since sometime there common even special quality item that may appear.

4- Check the heroes in the tavern (10 try, sometime more)


Even if you have all your heroes, you might find another heroes that suit more your need (like a archer hero if you focus more on archer etc)

In the Arena :


5- Historical Campaign (10 and more a day)

It an easy way to have gems and if your lucky item and scroll. With the number of troop they give at the beginning, you should be able to get through the 2 first scenario easily. If your stuck on a fight that you can’t win, you can always go back and fight other battle to get some scroll (like Zhang Jiao or Dong Zhuo)


6- Last Man Standing (first 10 count max 20 a day)

You might lose some but the more fight you do you might get arena badge that you can exchange for scroll.

7- Battle Royal (register after 5:59 am)

You are almost guarantee to get at least free 10x abyss gems even if you lose and it’s even give you the right to use an extra tax collection.


8- Plantation Battle

This increase you food output for 4hr the % vary depending on the field you select.

9- Legion League Battle

The legion sign-up if between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.), the participant sign-up is after 8:00.

The legion league battle will give the legion participant an extra % bonus for their silver output.

10- Donate to Landmark

Since the amount of silver you can give is limited everyday it makes sense to donate to your kingdom landmark everyday to give your kingdom an edge over the other kingdoms.

In the Academy :


11- Best and the Brightest (5 time)

An easy way to get gems, it you get all the answers right you get a basalt gem each time for a total of 5.

12- Bull Eye (5 time)

You have 1 minute to hit has many balloons you can with 20 arrow, the more balloon you hit the more gem you get. Most of the time, they are lower tier gems like the abyss gem.

Not in the list

Bandit Blowout

City Improvement

Kingdom Bonus & City Boost (governor and player in office only)

Disclaimer: I’m not gonna do another review that describes everything about the game if you want one go here or there. It’s a simple impression about the game, what I liked, what different from other similar game (in this case Clash of Kingdom).


First impression

Before going in the detail, it want to give my first feelings while trying the game.
While the game might look like a Clash of Kingdoms clones they tried harder to make some dynamic different, Koram did a better job that they did with mythopolis and some features in the game are different from Clash of Kingdoms.


The basic

You get to chose between 4 tribes, this might change in the future, there seem to be some other city that might be used like London (the angles or Saxon perhaps) , Constantinople (former roman empire),  Barcelona (for the arab maybe even though it’s historically later that they took Spain) or maybe even Athene (Greeks)
You can read about the barbarian invasion on wikipedia, it’s actually very interesting to see how they come up with all those tribes.




Instead of going through all the feature I’ve decided simply to point out what make the game fun and what new compare to a really similar game CoK.
While at a first glace, it may seem that Idomitus is a Clash of kingdom clone, when you play it you realised that while the fondamental of clash of kingdom, they changed a some feature that changes a bit the game and the outcome of it.


First there no premier elected
Instead of having to run for a premier, the premier (rank X) have to be in the tops player and have a lot of development point.
While there seem to be no apparent for of leadership, leadership is somewhat acquired to meritocracy since you can only increase rank when you achieve a certain level of development. Like in the time of barbarian the strongest will lead the tribes.

I wonder how this will play out, I’ve been a premiers and some player already tend to ignore PO and do crazy stuff, I think well organized guilds will tend to influence more the direction of the kingdom.


Guilds may seem like legion but they can actually have power over city changing rank and taking care of city boost.

The other thing that strokes me is in the beta (or alpha not sure) they were no way to form alliance, I wonder if they will lead it like this. Will I think alliance and peace treaties are a good way to prevent unfortunate attack in the game, removing it in a barbarian invasion setting actually make sense. I these time of darkness the tribes often plot and betray each other in other to get more land and riches.


In the new black market you can buy scrolls and exchange items.

There some change in city management too.
Now instead of city governor, a guild must invest in a city in other to gain control of it and get the privilege to issues city boost and post message.
There are many other notable change, like the way your heroes gain xp, the arena fight (for last man standing and Historical campaign now have an entrance) and the black market has some cool new feature like you can trade you older weapon.


In the Historical campaign and Last man standing you now have to choose which entrance your hero take determining who they will fight.

I actually liked the game and the fact they gave us free gold to play with for the beta testing. You can tried it here and here some link if you want to check some review:

Server 2 is almost over! I can’t wait to see the capital battle of jiao.

Enjoy the look of the map :


Last week I wrote about starting a new server, I wrote about the really basic stuff, what to build in your capital, do your quiz, do your Historical campaign and battle royal and get you empire one maxed out.

Manor guide

Early on Focus on silver :

While levelling empire one you should focus on building mostly silver manor (maybe 1 troop manor and other silver until you get a hand on 6666 and 7777)

Like some may say silver is the most important resources specially early game. With silver you get better unit, better upgrade, you can use it too boost your kingdom, you heroes and give you gem you can use to produce troops.


Build at least 4-5 silvers manor (or more if you want to go uber on silver) build at least one or 2 unit manors and the remaining are resources manors, your resource manor should be 6666 or 7777 city, for unit manor you can either build on type of troop in a 6666 manor or 2 type of troop in a 4444 or 5555 manor.

You can check my previous Manor guide article.

Here a excellent guide on manor building from the forum :

Silver Manor guide
Optimal guide for having Silver

Once you got empire one like I talk in my previous article, the first research you should focus to get is the Hero summit.

Recruiting heroes


1-Max you number of hero so you can get better reward at historical battle & battle royal, lms, plantation battle.
2- get all the bronze and silver heroes and fire the other none silver/bronze heroes. If you are using gold it’s even better because you can host a feast you all heroes will be bronze, silver and maybe gold.
3- focus on the hero that suit your strategy, If you thinking archer try to focus on archer heroes and heroes that have ability and formation that help archer.
Note that any bronze heroes are way better that any and I say any heroes without star (like Zu the Mad is so bad that he will be the one to get you mad)


Hope you liked the guide.

Here some link to the list of bronze, silver and gold heroes to see which one you should thrive to have :

Bronze Heroes

Silver Heroes

Gold Heroes

Quick Manor guide

Manor guide I got from one of the server I’ve played:

Silver Manor

"Silver manor" on 4444 or 5555 field
1. make your "resource" only on the 100% bonus (2 each)
2. make 1 Granary 1 warehouse
3. And build only Residence on the other spot (you will have 10 Residence total)


"Silver manor" on 2222 or 3333 field

Like the 4444 field but since you only have 1 +100% bonus field for each resource you build 4 extra empty field for a total of 14 Residence.


I tend to convert those manor into pure silver manor 

Or Pure silver (any field specially on those +20% silver city)
"Pure Silver manor"
(Give you less resources but good that add more silver and don’t need carry resource in this town anymore)
4. After all building Lv.15 demolish resource one-by-one to make Residence lv.15 in stead
5. Last will be demolish granary&warehouse and make residence (Use hero with carry wagon to keep resource)

Once done you have only residences for a total of 20. silver-full

Troop Manors

"Troop Manors" on 4444 or 6666 field
There are two types of troop manors (5x recruiting building Troop Manor) and (9x recruiting building Troop Manor)
5x Troop Manor: 5 of one troop type only (I do those on 6666 manor)

5x troop manor examples:
# 5 Stables – 1 Training ground
# 5 Archery Ranges – 1 Training ground
# 5 Barrack – 1 Training ground

9x troop manor examples: (best on 4444 or 5555)
# 5 Stables – 4 Archery Ranges – 1 Training ground
# 5 Archery Ranges – 4 barracks or siege or whatever – 1 Training ground

I tend to have one 9x troop manor and 1 or 2 5x troop.

I found that 5x work better specially if you made the same mistake I did chose you ultimate soldier both from the same type… (both archer in my case)

If you have ultimate from 2 different type of unit a 9x might be better since you all build like crazy at the same place and use your 6666 manor for extra resources especially if they give a +20% for one resources.

Resources Manors:

on 7777 field

turn you 2 extra spot us the same type of resources you have a bonus or to a resources you need (like if your pumping war elephant you need wood)

note that you can use one of the to spot for a extra ware house like in this picture :


on 6666 field

if you don’t turn this in a 5xtroop manor you can use the extra space to benefit from you resources bonus or build the resources you need like I said for the 7777 fields manors.


More guide from Koram Forum:
Guide for new player (basic information on what thing do)
Beginner guide 1
Beginner guide 2
Silver Manor guide
Optimal guide for having Silver
General tips from Faith (on koram forum)

So you finished the tutorial, you just got your second manors but you’re saying ok but what should I do now.While they are a lot of good guide on the Clash of Kingdom forum but I though I should cook one of my own.


First steps get empire one to level 10


1- Get you capital manor and your first manor running.


For the capital you need 1 or 2 barrack to build carrier and maybe some early units to fight.
Build the matching resource on all bonus lot, get a granary and warehouse and all other build silver. Your first manors build only silver except on the bonus lot (for now).
You shouldn’t have any empty lot build residence (silver) everywhere.
Your goal is to level up empire of one has fast has possible.

2- Get some heroes


While you city is building and you have no silver to research empire one go to the tavern in the city interface and recruit some heroes. Try to use all your tips until you get a star hero, try to recruit all the heroes you can once you can’t tips the owner anymore.

3- Go to the Academy


While you are in the city interface go to the academy and take the best and brightest quiz and play bull eyes to get extra gems. The gem you get from there you can use them to build you city faster (in point 1)

4- Do some battle

From point 2 you are probably wondering why you should max you number of heroes, it’s simply to have them ready for historical battle & battle royal.
Since you get 10 k of each basic t1 troops in historical battle, battle royal you should use your heroes to rally those troops and fight the historical battle, battle royal.


Historical battle fight every fight until you realize your losing, from there fight the last fight you won or a fight that might give extra items like zhang jiao (fortitude scroll) or dong zhuo (rattan aegis shield scroll).


For battle royal, just the participation will give you 10x abyss gem and +1 tax license, so participate everyday.


With these reward you should be able to have the resources to build your manor.

Each time you’re levelling your empire one, you should build a new manor. Note that you shouldn’t over invest in manor that you think will get destroyed.
Once you get your empire one maxed you can focus on manor building and heroes, which will be my next article.

Other guide that worth a look :

Guide for new player (basic information on what thing do)

CoK Forum : Beginner guide 1

CoK Forum : Beginner guide 2

Clash of Kingdom Review

I wrote awhile ago about Clash of Kingdom and promised you a nice review about the came.
Clash of Kingdom is another game about the historical  The Three Kingdoms  period (like Three Kingdom Online and Heroes of Three Kingdom) but the way the game is played is much more innovative that the previous one.
For most of you that come from a typical mmorts, clash of kingdom come with a fresh taste to it.


The main reason I love this game is the strong community sense to it, the perk to accelerate your manor development, the fact that if you lose a city to another kingdom you can rebuild it elsewhere.
When you start Clash of Kingdom your are given the choice of 6 kingdom, shao, ma, dong, meng, jiao and tao. If you’re joining a weaker kingdom of a server that recently started they might have some extra recruiting speed bonus and resources output bonus, but usually all kingdom start almost the same. You have to customize your main hero and after that your have a simple tutorial that shows you the basic of the game.


The tutorial show you the basic of the manor buiding and city development.
Manors are the equivalent of city/village in other mmorts with 3 majors difference :
It can only be built in city where you kingdom have conquered a city and you can only build if your rank is high enough, and the number of manor is dictated by your level of empire of one research.


Manor is your economic and military center, this is were you collect resources  and build unit.
You can create manor with every kind of building in it but it usually better to specialized you manor into one of the following : resources, silver or troops building.


The city is where you can improve your kingdom city, all the attribute of the city help all the player who have manor and troop in it, like improving the market help you get more silver from the residence in the city.
This is where you can recruit heroes, buy gear, and do various game to win some resources and xp.


For those who played Three Kingdom online know about the heroes but the heroes system in Clash of Kingdom is much more polished and historical heroes is available for everyone (gold and non-gold player)
Each heroes have a set of stats (power, leadership, intellect and power) that grow differently depending on the heroes and some heroes have a special abilities that increase the effect of some city command or increase the fighting power of some type of unit or that can be use on a battle field and cause more damage.

The kingdom is the center of the game, your main goal is to help your kingdom grabs the whole map. There are many ways to help your kingdom you can improve your kingdom cities, give to the landmark, give to your legion, participate to battle to grab new cities and to fight other kingdom, vote if (your in the top 70% of your kingdom) even run for premier if you’re in the top 50 of your kingdom.
The election system is pretty neat from what I saw in other mmorts game, the top 50 players can run for the premier and the top 70% player can vote for there premiers of there choice.

The premiers have the power to name other officer and the city governor. The officer can use special city and kingdom command to increase the effect of city development command and to increase attack when attacking cities.
The fight between kingdom can almost have an epic proportion, it’s can got up to million of soldiers fighting each other, heroes formation, skill, unit and settings can make a huge difference when fighting.  The battle takes place in a flash animated battle with all the troop deployed by individual players. Even if the battle is simulated, decision made by the player and kingdom prior the battles have a huge impact. Like if most of the other kingdom troop are set to attack the smallest and most of your kingdom target largest you will have a huge advantage on them even if they are in a larger army.


There much more in the game, there a bunch of sub game like bulleye and the quiz and other battles like historical battle and battle royal that you can do to receive more items without losing any troops.

If you liked other mmorts like Three kingdom online, Travian or Tribal war you should definitely give Clash of Kingdom a chance.