Surprisingly Recycling is not just something of the modern age it something they use to do in the past, in the three kingdom period particularly.
Or maybe it’s just that Koram is going green and is making us recycle our old gear to prevent pollution and and improve our other gear in the process.

Item recycling is the last tab within the gear improvements.  Each player is able to recycle up to 20 gears per day. That mean that if you don’t have gear to recycle you can always buy every gear in the mystery shop for that day then recycle. You won’t get much but is better than nothing.

In return you will receive a variety of jades which are essential to making improvements to the gears you wish to use in battle. Only recycle items which you no longer want or need since they will be destroyed. If you need all your current items, I would recommend buying cheap items from the Mystery Shop for the sole purpose of recycling. Here’s a list of the different items you can get for recycling. I find higher quality gears provide better chances at gaining high level enhancement items.

Yin Jade: Used to upgrade gears, ranges from level I to V for white to orange gears respectively.

Flaming Jade: Used to refine gears, ranges from level I to V for white to orange gears respectively.

Yin Jade Fragments: exchange multiple fragments for yin jade of the same level.

Flaming Jade Fragments: exchange multiple fragments for flaming jade of same level.

Solid Ice Fragments: exchange multiple fragments for solid ice.

Changing Fragment to actual item:
After you have recycled enough gears, its time to trade in your fragments for actual enhancing items. Go to the mystery shop and then item exchange tab. Below all your scrolls you will find the fragments which can be exchanged using minor scholars scrolls.

Have fun recycling, next I’ll explain enhancing and upgrading our gear.

Disclaimer any resemblance to Death Guide is purely coincidental(luckly the auto-correct knew that one) in some part, inspirational in some other and almost identical in rare occasion.
If you want to check the original gem go here and tell Death that he’s awesome.