Yesterday we saw How to recycle, today we dig a bit on 2 other addition in the gear enhancement, Enhancing and upgrading.



It seems the same system has it used to be the max level of gears remains +10.
And you have to use mithril :

Mithril: Increases the enhancement level of gears.
Minor Mithril: Increases the enhancement level of gears upto level +5.

There a Rumor has it that the chances of enhancement have been reduced since mithril is now easier to come by because of recycling.

Check this link to the forum to have more info on how to enhance gear.



This is were you use your Yin Jades from the recycling.
Upgrading gears allows players to use Yin Jades to transform their items to a new version but beware that new gear will requires a higher level… Like this sun tzu manual that I upgraded to lv 62:


What nice with upgrading you won’t lose any gears when you do it.
After each successful attempt the current stats on a gear are increased along with a higher minimum level. Along with these, the amount of yin jade required for the next upgrade increases. The minimum level for items now passes level 30 and a wide range of new items have been introduced including round birettas and gold rings. Note that upgrading may have no effect or reduce your bonus enhancement level, reducing didn’t happened often but something I upgrade and the item stay the same but the level go up…

Hope you liked this guide, I’ll bring another guide on gear enhancement tomorrow about tempering and refining.

Note: any resemblance to Death Guide is purely coincidental(lucky the auto-correct knew that one) in some part, inspirational in some other and almost identical in rare occasion.
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