My love for a post apocalyptic zombie game could not be quench by my latest Zombie game review, Zombies ate my Pizza. So to save the day I bring three of the top brains eating monsters that caught my eyes.

Zombies  Zombies Zombies

Age Of Zombies

If you like Zombie ate my pizza, you will love Age of zombie because they are both pretty similar. You walk around shooting zombies, mummies and ninjas until you get to a boss were everything go crazy.

Grab your shotgun and hop on you T-Rex to stop the evil professor Brain in  action pack Army of darkness inspired game.

iTune Link here: Age of Zombies™ – Halfbrick Studios


Zombie City


Tired of shooting zombie, let yourself get bite and join the zombie city. You play as a Zombie and must take over the city by converting other human, sending the hordes of zombie take out the police or even the army.

Touching (bitting ?) people or the policemen they themselves turn into Zombies. It’s a fun action top down game, but it is in very early stages and doesn’t seem to go any further than going east after taking out the town hall full of soldier.

Zombie City is currently just a web demo, but is you like it shows your support and it might become more…


Play the game:

Confederate Express

The last but not the least Confederate Express is unlike the other. This game is a kickstarter project and should be release soon.

In the near future technology has finally granted humanity with the immortality through the use of a computer chip. Unfortunately something has gone wrong, and those who do somehow die stay alive as zombies due to a malfunction of the chip. You are part of the Confederate Express and your main objective is to deliver a package and you are presented with multiple options of deliverable goods, so choose carefully: if you bite more than your crew can chew – it may result in an inevitable death, forcing you to start over.

It’s too late to back the project, but you can pre-order the game if you want to support them.

Try the demo and pre-order at

Or check the project Kickstarter Page.

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Zombies ate my pizza

Alien bugs have introduced a deadly virus to a world that’s absolutely obsessed with pizza. The virus turns people into dough-brained zombies who believe humans are pizzas. As it turns out, pizza-obsessed people turn into pizza-obsessed zombies, and the world’s got a huge problem. Humanity faces extinction, but small groups of stubborn soldiers are fighting back. You are one of these soldiers and it’s up to you to defeat the zombies and save mankind.

I think you get the point…

Zombies Ate My Pizza is a browser-based, action-shooter MMO sees players traveling to a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by zombies, where they’re challenged to complete quests with an overall theme of the importance of pizza.

Outside of combat, players can interact with other users, complete exclusive events, and even enter the game’s player-vs-player tournaments.


When you start you can choose your class, you get to choose between a commando and a bomber. A top of that the girl of each class are super sexy so I pick the steamy bomber girl.

zamp-sexy avatar2 zamp-sexy avatar

Once your class you jump on a chopper and you’re dropped off with Brie, another soldier with a lot of cleavage (what up with that?) to do a short tutorial on how to shoot zombies.

After some killing, you are taken in a safe zone where you’re given a bunch of pointless quest until you got one to kill off more zombies.

Ok that all nice and cool, but seriously guy, where the Pizza? You know where the pizza at your neighbors house because this game is just a copy of Zombie ate my neighbors, but mmo style. They didn’t even bother to change the name they just switched a word to pizza and make a synopsis that doesn’t make sense.

So far the level aren’t imaginative at all either, there is bunch of zombie movie toward you, you shot, they are dead and level done. Sometime there a boss, you run around him shoot, kill and you win.

however I have to say that moving around shooting stuff is always fun, the sexy avatar and other soldier is always welcome.

Play it for free:

More info on Zombies ate my Neighbors


Bricksmash is the typical “brick” game clone, move your paddle and keep the ball from hitting the bottom of the play area. Smash all the bricks with the ball to win. But wait a minute bricksmash  add a twist that unlike the Beatles makes things a bit more complicated. When your ball contacts one of the 16 bricks, a little ball appears in that break and you need to clear the brick inside the brick (that so meta)… Once you clear the brick inside the brick the ball break free in the real world and you have 2 brick to play with.




Connect your nes power pad pad on your pc

Even if that not browser, indie or mobile related I had to include it because it so fucking awesome :

Mobile :

Another Zombies Game : Dead on Sight

I try to not review game that I have to pays and that dev studio don’t send code to unlock the game but this one caught my attention because :

1- I love zombie !

2- You are shooting fucking zombies man!

3- Good graphic

Check out the video :

For the complete review :



puzzle (0.99/free)

This game is it a spot for me because it’s a indie puzzle game. I won’t say more except watch the trailer :

If you want to read a complete review head over here :

It’s been awhile I haven’t done any weekly update, here what caught my eye in the last month.

Browser game

Mashup of scrabble + simcity = verbocity

Here a game with a really cool concept it puts together the word game genre (like scrabble) and the city building genre (like simcity). You build buildings which cover an area and you get the letter under the area. To build another building you must have the letter to build the given building. If you want to build a “house” you must have all the letter in the word house.

And there is a little  extra twist you must balance between population, job and fun (recreational) building to get extra value for your town. verbocity

So far here are the word I’ve found :

House, hut, park, mine, factory, stadium, arena, statue, tower, skyscraper, condo, zoo, pub, bar, club, museum, court, barrack, field, townhall, dump.

Link to the game : Verbocity

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Scrounger: another Zombie game

Another zombie game that caught my eye with his retro style.

The game play is actually really fun even though the controls are squishy and that you sometime was ammo for no reason. You got from room to room collecting ammo and food. You can shoot the zombie but there is more zombie than ammo so it’s better  to run from them most of the time. You clear an area when you collect everything or kill all the zombie.


Link to the game : Scrounger

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Final Fantasy mobile news

Not browser related since I’ve already wrote about final fantasy tactics in the past there some new here.

There’s an update for final fantasy tactic, new graphic, new animation, support for the iCloud and it’s half off woohoo 🙂

Click here for more info from toucharcade

Another Free final fantasy tactic is out in japan on iOs, we don’t know if there will be a release elsewhere in the world but I hope it will.

It seems it has the race and class from Final Fantasy tactic Advance 2 on the DS, which I’ve loved, but the combat system seems much simpler missing the tactical advantage of moving around the terrain and going behind your enemy back.
You can check out the trailer :

Finally if you are a Fan of the final fantasy series there a talk next week (june 11th 2013) about the future of the franchise.

More info here on MCV

Has a Final Fantasy  fan you can check the development of game The Black Tower, a final fantasy nod that have a similar combat system to Final Fantasy 7

World of Tank: from free to play to free to win

Wargaming the maker of Word of tank, has made a announcement that it won’t give in game advantage making the game “more equal” for paying/non-paying user.

From the article :

“Free-to-play games have the challenge of being sometimes viewed as low quality, and we want World of Tanks to serve as proof that a quality and balanced free-to-play game is possible. However, breaking down deeply-rooted stereotypes is no easy task.”

Check out the full article on Gamasutra