Zombies ate my pizza

Alien bugs have introduced a deadly virus to a world that’s absolutely obsessed with pizza. The virus turns people into dough-brained zombies who believe humans are pizzas. As it turns out, pizza-obsessed people turn into pizza-obsessed zombies, and the world’s got a huge problem. Humanity faces extinction, but small groups of stubborn soldiers are fighting back. You are one of these soldiers and it’s up to you to defeat the zombies and save mankind.

I think you get the point…

Zombies Ate My Pizza is a browser-based, action-shooter MMO sees players traveling to a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by zombies, where they’re challenged to complete quests with an overall theme of the importance of pizza.

Outside of combat, players can interact with other users, complete exclusive events, and even enter the game’s player-vs-player tournaments.


When you start you can choose your class, you get to choose between a commando and a bomber. A top of that the girl of each class are super sexy so I pick the steamy bomber girl.

zamp-sexy avatar2 zamp-sexy avatar

Once your class you jump on a chopper and you’re dropped off with Brie, another soldier with a lot of cleavage (what up with that?) to do a short tutorial on how to shoot zombies.

After some killing, you are taken in a safe zone where you’re given a bunch of pointless quest until you got one to kill off more zombies.

Ok that all nice and cool, but seriously guy, where the Pizza? You know where the pizza at your neighbors house because this game is just a copy of Zombie ate my neighbors, but mmo style. They didn’t even bother to change the name they just switched a word to pizza and make a synopsis that doesn’t make sense.

So far the level aren’t imaginative at all either, there is bunch of zombie movie toward you, you shot, they are dead and level done. Sometime there a boss, you run around him shoot, kill and you win.

however I have to say that moving around shooting stuff is always fun, the sexy avatar and other soldier is always welcome.

Play it for free: http://zombies.r2games.com/

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