cao cao governor comic

Since you have only a limited number of normal heroes you want to make sure that you make the most of the ones you have. Not all your cities need governors and if you don’t have epic heroes it will be better to keep most of your heroes together so you can duel with them easier and treat them with a nice banquet. Having your governors at level 100 will give your cities the best production bonus. If you have Epics or heroes with skillbooks that boost food production, you want to make sure that they are in the important cities with your governors. They do not have to be governor for you to get the bonus but only the highest bonus from a hero applies in a city.

So which cities should have governors?

A empty city is very easy to govern...

Your Main city obviously should always have a governor. If you have any County or State capitals they should also have a governor. Your capital outpost and any 15c should be good candidate because they will produce more food.

Other way to increase the output of your governor ?

Go in your civil and assign them to positions that increase their politics. Equip them with equipment that raise their level. Raise their level, add skillbook with the farm skill.

What equipment should your governor have ?

The basic minimum your governors should have is a Cloud helm and Welfare of the People equipped and are assigned positions that increase their politics. If you don’t have welfare of People in hand you can always use a Cloud enforced lance which usually increase politic too.

What skill and skill books make good governor ?

At level 50 some epic heroes get a farm skill that give up to 25% food output. Sun Quan, Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Zhou Yu all have a 25 % Farm bonus while Zhang Cheng (from the hermit house) have only a 9% bonus. You can give skill book that have the Farm skill, this will increase your output too. Note that the farm skill from the heroes level 50 bonus and the skillbook stack together but if 2 heroes have the heroes level 50 skill only the best bonus from both heroes will be taken, same thing go from skill book.

This is a follow up of the latest Nobility post, this one is mostly base on the in game guide.

Title Beyond Generalissimo

These are special titles. Only one title is available on each server. These titles are the ultimate honor in the world of Three Kingdoms.



Once a player has taken control of the Imperial Capital and 4 State Capitals, has more than 2,234,400 Contribution Value points, and the State Capital has opened for more than 30 days, then the player will be allowed to build an Imperial Palace in the Imperial Capital.  When the Palace reaches level 5, you will under attack by NPC troops every time when you upgrade it.  There will be a final wave of troops attacking when your Palace reaches level 20.  If you survive in these attacks, you will get the title of Emperor.

  • Bonus:
    • Recruiting speed in all cities increase by 20%
    • Every time you donate tokens to the court, you can earn extra 20 point of Contribution Value points
    • Attack and Defense value of troops is increased by 15%.

Prime Minister

 Cao Cao - prime minister

If you have 1,396,500 Contribution Value points or more, when you occupy the Imperial Capital, you will gain the title of Prime Minister. If lose control of the Imperial Capital, or one of your 2 State Capitals, you will lose the title as well.

Lord of Wei

cao cao governor comic

Player who occupies Pu-yang, the State Capital of Yan, and increase their Contribution Value to at least 1,396,500 to become the Lord of Wei.
Bonus: Attack and Defense value of troops increase by 15%.

Lord of Shu

liu bei meet zhu ge liang
Player who occupies Cheng-du, the State Capital of Yi, and increase their Contribution Value to at least 1,396,500 to become Lord of Shu.
Bonus: Attack and Defense value of troops increase by 15%.

Lord of Wu

sun ce

Player who occupies Jian-ye, the State Capital of Yang, and increase their Contribution Value to at least 1,396,500.
Bonus: Attack and Defense value of troops increase by 15%.

Lord of Qin

soldier post

The Lord of Qin is a noble rank which players can fight for once the server starts. The player with the highest Contribution Value over 2,234,400, will gain the title of Lord of Qin. This title will be re-calculated at 24:00 every Saturday, and will not change for a week.
Bonus: Attack and Defense value of troops increase by 15%.

Position for Heroes
You can appoint a office position for each hero of yours. The position can increase his status. There are 4 types of positions, each can increase one of their status. You must have certain nobility to appoint the corresponding position. Another request is your hero should reach a certain level.

Nobility Rank


Increasing your rank will allow you to assign your heroes to positions that increase their stats. More importantly it will allow your granaries to store more food, which is important if you plan to improve your resource fields to level 20. The easiest way to increase your nobility rank is to do duels in the faction camps. The more duels you do the better chances you have of getting a Court Quest item. You can only donate items up to a certain rank and then after that the Court Quest never asks for them again. To make the most of your items here is what you should be donating at each rank. Citizen– Wine, Salt, Silk Baron– Salt, Silk, Indigo Viscount– Silk, Indigo, Fur Marquis– Indigo, Fur, Horse Count– Fur, Horse, Spice Duke– Horse, Spice, Jade Infante– Spice, Jade, Pearl Lord-Jade, Pearl, Gold Save your Tribute Tokens for the later levels (Duke +) and only donate them during events that increase their value. How to get items to increase rank ? If you want to increase your nobility without gold the best way is to do faction quest and duel in the faction map. 1- Getting order arrows via Faction quest Order Arrows: Order Arrows are acquired through the Faction Quests. Only a few Faction Quests reward Order Arrows when you complete them. Once you have obtained Order Arrows through completing the Faction Quests, go to the Faction Map, then choose your Faction, then go to the Faction Reward page, and choose your reward. Not only are there Quest Items but there are armor, weapons, skill books, etc, so you may not wish to spend these versatile items on Quest Items. To spend Order Arrows follow these steps: order arrow 2- Dueling:When a player sends a hero to duel,if he wins the duel he may gain an item through the fight. Every once in awhile the item gained is a Quest Item. The Quest Items gained are usually Silk and Indigo, but very, very occasionally Fur and other higher Contribution Value Quest Items are gained through Dueling. Click the Faction Map button, then choose your Dueling Region, then pick your general to duel. I usually pick the highest level general to Duel, though if you lose most of your duels choose lower level generals to Duel. duel for nobility Source : Check this post on how to get to Generalissimo without gold : Do nobility rank increase rate of finding epic heroes ?¸ No, It will only affect the stats of normal heroes you found in the epic search. Nobility won’t affect the stats of epic heroes. Nobility rank have no effect on the probability of finding a epic hero. source : What the advantage of each rank

Rank Required Contribution Value Attack Bonus Defense Bonus Granary Size Increase
Baron 1200 1% 5% 0%
Viscount 10500 3% 10% 0%
Marquis 31500 5% 20% 10%
Count 101500 8% 30% 20%
Duke 241500 12% 40% 30%
Infante 451500 16% 50% 40%
Lord 696500 22% 50% 50%
Generalissimo 1396500 50% 50% 100%

TKO: server merge U45 & U46

server Merge U45 & U46

Here are the lucky server that got merged :

S80+S81+S82+S83 : U45
U31+U35 :  U46

Server merger Rules

armycomming thumb Clash of Kingdoms – Ultimate Infantry soldier spotlight. (Part 2)

The server rules are the same of the previous server merge, here the basic, check the forum thread for more info.

1) Extended the period for no starved troops (ie, soldiers won’t be fled if food drop below 0) and cancel maximum resources. The protection period (act like the beginner protection without the food starvation) last 2 day and normally the period for starved troop last 2 weeks.

2) Adjustment for relocation of cities : the migration talisman allow you to move your city, since only your main will be on the map you only need to move your main.

3) Method to expand:
1. Click on the empty space that player wish to move, click on “cities allocation” as shown on right action bar.
2. Click “cities allocation” button to pop out next interface
3. Click the cities that wish to allocate to complete the allocation of cities.

4)Rules for allocation of cities
1. Players can expand their sub-cities any time.
2. Every one day of delay after adjusting period will cause flee troops in accordance with 1% flee and up to 90% flee.
3. After the cities being expand, player cant deploy their troops for the first 24 hours. However the cities will still subjected to reinforcement and attack by enemies. Same principal for state token and capital move token.


And remember Logging in the newly merged server within two days after opening, all your cities will get a full Max-out of all resources.


More Information :

TKO : U43 and U44 merger

The merge for U43 & U44 is ongoing right now, lets hope for a bloodbath 🙂

U43 is U30 and U33 merged together.

U44 is a classic ultimate server created from most of the latest standard server : S76, S77, S78,S79

This actually fit the results of the pool I’ve started awhile ago, if we look at the result:


Well actually seem we were right for the U30 and U33.

Click HERE for the forum thread of the merge.

Click HERE for the forum thread of the poll.

Ancient Summoner has launched a werewolf-themed server “S2 Werewolf”

AS - werewolf

A werewolf-themed server  “S2 Werewolf” was launched this week.
This new server is designed to fit in the time zones for the convenience of European players.

For new players, a newbie gift card is now available (Click HERE to claim). And if you “like” this game on facebook, you’ll receive a reward of 50 rubies and a 3 star card with other players when the likes of Ancient Summoner reach a certain number.

Official Website

Facebook Fan Page

Stronix is free starting september 9th

This on I’ve already wrote about it check it out HERE. Go get it monday it for a limited time only.

 What up !

I was wondering what you guy think I should write about, I’m probably going to write about TKO (merge & trick to manage multiple account) but I need a new game to write about.

I still have some material for PPM Manager and some other game but It seem it’s always more fun to write about a new game.
Maybe you would prefer that I go back playing Clash of kingdom or Lord of Ultima and write about the new stuff there. Tell me in the comment what you guy think !!



There a new Odin quest server, here is the press release from our friend at youjoy:

Destroy the Devils to Defend the Peace of World with Holy Excalibur

Odin Quest Server 21, Excalibur, will be released on July 24, 2013 5:00 PDT.
Welcome all braves to save this broken world.
In Welsh legend, Arthur’s sword is known as Caledfwlch. In Culhwch and Olwen, it is one of Arthur’s most valuable possessions and is used by Arthur’s warrior Llenlleawg the Irishman to kill the Irish king Diwrnach while stealing his magical cauldron (Irish mythology mentions a weapon Caladbolg, the sword of Fergus mac Roich. Caladbolg was also known for its incredible power and was carried by some of Ireland’s greatest heroes. The name, which can also mean "hard cleft" in Irish, appears in the plural, caladbuilc, as a generic term for "great swords" in the 10th century Irish translation of the classical tale The Destruction of Troy, Togail Troi. Though not named as Caledfwlch, Arthur’s sword is described vividly in The Dream of Rhonabwy one of the tales associated with the Mabinogion:

Then they heard Cadwr Earl of Cornwall being summoned, and saw him rise with Arthur’s sword in his hand, with a design of two chimeras on the golden hilt; when the sword was unsheathed what was seen from the mouths of the two chimeras was like two flames of fire, so dreadful that it was not easy for anyone to look. At that the host settled and the commotion subsided, and the earl returned to his tent.

Now, this missing sword of legends is discovered in World of Odin Quest. Only the Real braves could lift it from the Stone!

Excalibur is waiting you to arrive with stronger monsters , stronger items and new and better way of playing! is an online browser game publisher who has successfully published DDTank and Call of Gods. Odin Quest is an MMOARPG that based on Nordic myth originated from Iceland and surrounding countries during 1st and 2nd century. Players will fight with their mates to build their own supremacy.

Platform website:

Odin Quest website:

Three kingdoms online

Event for 19-22 of july:

Mostly heroes for multiserver battle that is coming up and so reward when you login.

Odin quest

Good news! Our 6th EDT server Revolution of Odin Quest will be released grandly by at 8:00 July 3, 2013 EDT.

(I would have more info but the attachment they sent me was broken…)

Three kingdoms online

Server Merge Announcement for U41 and U42 happening right now (Jul 2nd~5th)

Like we talked last week, the merge for U41 & U42 is happening right now those lucky server are hopefully in for a lot of action. 

And I want to take sometime to come back on the pool I’ve started after this merge announcement.

Result from pool (check the thread at koramgame forum) :


It seem that the community it will be the U30 with U33 since U30 was up at the same time U28/U29 and these two just got their merge (U42 with U26) so it make sense to merge U30 next.

Clash of Kingdoms

The news version is coming with the add-on of emperor heroes. These heroes are like normal heroes that can be recruited in the tavern but they have ability that instead of working in the battle field they affect the output of your manors, they have a ability name Undead God of War that enable that hero to continue fighting even if all is troops are dead but this work only is there is another of your hero on the field that still have troop.

Here the list of all the new hero (click on it for readable image … )

I think is a nice addition to the game, it obvious a way to make players spend gold to get those heroes but I think it will help gold player to maximize their manors and spend their gold

Server Merge Announcement for U41 and U42

The lucky servers to be the winner of the merge lottery are
S72, S73, S74, S75 merging into U41
U26 U28 U29  merging into U42

These lucky winner will go into a sleep on 19:00 30th JUNE and then a bloodshed on 19:00 1st JULY

If you check my previous post about merge date and next server to merge these server where due (15 month for some of them that crazy)

S72 Yellow Turbans – March 11th, 2012 (active server) (15 months !! )
s73 The Dissension – April 8th, 2012 (active server)
s74 The Avengers – May 13th, 2012 (active server)
s75 Huye Chanyu – June 10th, 2012 (active server) (a year)

U26: s51, s53 – March 23rd, 2012 (active server)    (took 15 month)
U28: s54, s57, s58 – May 24th, 2012 (activer server) (took 13 month)
U29: s55, s56, s59 – May 24th, 2012 (active server) (took 13 month)

here the official news :

So who next, check out what the community think the next merge will be:

on a side note I want to congratulate koram for naming the s74 after the name of a great movie. (The Avengers 😛 )

Odin quest news

The 20th server Idawald of Odin Quest will be released grandly by at 5:00 June 26, 2013 PDT. New systems and features have been released in this new world gradually. Warriors, are you ready for the exploration to create your own empires?

Go check out the new in the forum for more info.

If you cannot see the forum post is because the stupid forum require you to be logged in to see it… don’t blame me…

UPDATE : The date youjoy sent me was in may, it actually in june 2013(today)

TKO Server Release/Merge Dates


XuSheng had some time on his hand and decided to make a list of all the merge and the time before they merged. That can be useful to know how long will your server will merge.

Seem that the fastest was 5 month after opening (s37) and the longest time was 23 month (U10) and 18 month (s1). Almost 2 year before a merge I’m surprise people were still playing the U10 server.

Check out XuSheng thread for the complete list:

Multiserver Battle

MSB recently finished and there been some talk about how MSB is boring because two big league just join together, you can read the whole forum thread for more info. Note that since the Gladiator have disbanded their league that might be different next time.

Forum thread:

New server

There a new server up S87, check out the related thread:

Return of the Earth Seal

I’ve wrote about the Earth seal a while ago, which give you the ability to turn a 15 farm fields city into a 18 farm fields city.

It cost your heart and soul though because you have to accumulate 10K of gold during the event.

Event 3: Magic Earth Seal Appears Again!!
If you accumulatively add 10000 gold in the deadline of the event, you will get Earth Seal X 1, Rotation Order, Level 3 * 1, Reforging Bolus * 1, Outpost Command * 2, Divine Recall X1, Enhanced Steel, Level 3 *1.


More info about this event and other event here: