TKO Server Release/Merge Dates


XuSheng had some time on his hand and decided to make a list of all the merge and the time before they merged. That can be useful to know how long will your server will merge.

Seem that the fastest was 5 month after opening (s37) and the longest time was 23 month (U10) and 18 month (s1). Almost 2 year before a merge I’m surprise people were still playing the U10 server.

Check out XuSheng thread for the complete list:

Multiserver Battle

MSB recently finished and there been some talk about how MSB is boring because two big league just join together, you can read the whole forum thread for more info. Note that since the Gladiator have disbanded their league that might be different next time.

Forum thread:

New server

There a new server up S87, check out the related thread: