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The arena it’s where everything come down to, if your team win and have decent players you arena will be full. And the more place in the arena the more tickets you can sold Ka-Ching $!


Include some snack bar and souvenir shops to increase the profit.


Be sure you can fill your arena because the arena come with a cost of maintenance that increase has you build more places and get a better Zambonitm.


Don’t forget to upgrade your facilities has well, a good training center will help player progress faster in their training, while the sport academy will help you get better recruits every week.

The takeaway point here is to always be upgrading your arena and facilities but always keep so cash at hand for your player and staff salaries. You don’t want to go in the red because if you do you have 21 days to fix the team finance or you lose the team.

You start with no staff at all but don’t worry, it’s probably better that way. Staff cost a lot of money and their salaries go up pretty quickly too. So I wouldn’t recommend going to the market either since the market is flooded with applicant and a staff member with a 100 attribute cost a whopping sometime 90-100k.

Having a good staff is always useful...


Instead check out the weekly applicant that come to the arena for a job, they are usually not as good than the one on the market (sometime their stats are mostly garbage) but they don’t cost the premium of staff on the market. You can train him in order to become better.


The staff member effectiveness is increased via your installation so incompetent lecturer with good installation may be the same has a good (but pricey) lecturer in bad installation. Since installation cost less and can always be downgrade for money, focus on the installation before the staff.

After 6-7 season our employees will skill will have greatly increased and so is their salary.

The salary seems to increase with the year in your organization and the number of points in each attribute. (I’m not sure but double check the forum) Note that has the attributes grow so grow the salary exponentially meaning that a staffer with a  high attribute and a low one (let say 100/0) will cost sometime 10 time the cost of a staffer with balanced attribute (like 50/50)

you can see in this image a coach with 30 point less cost 3 times less too.

The takeaway point here is focus on recruiting cheap staff and train both attribute equally. Has your team grows and the money come in you will be able to pays those big salaries later.

The player you start with are pretty bad, but they’re a good thing they got pretty bad salaries too. You might be tempted to go on the market and blow you money on 2 or 3 super star, but that completely useless since you don’t have decent player to complement them and a the arena to hold the thousand of fan to see them play.

before :

empty arena

After :


Ok so what should you look for in you player ? You should check the quality of the attribute not the attribute itself. The quality of the attribute is the innate ability of the player to progress that attribute, the bigger the value the more responsive the player will be to training.


The takeaway point here is :

Quality of the attribute = good progress of the value of the attribute when you train.

Value of the attribute = good performance in game

Note that each position have there main attribute and their secondary one that depends on the position, they are all in the guide so go check the guide.

Now that you looked at you player, you should keep them for now. Once you start recruiting decent player in the academy you can get rid of bad one (by terminating their contract, not renewing it or placing it on the market).

If you want to recruit on the market that the subject of a whole other post but keep this in mind for now :

1- you are not making any money, start focusing on upgrading your arena first (more about this in a next post)

2- be careful the market is oversaturated with player that are not well balanced but have a big salary because of their over inflated overall

3- you need to wait 11 days (have 11 points to be a novice manager) to be able to bids on players.

4- do not exceed 40 players there a penalty for having too many player and you need the extra money now.

OK, Ok guys! I’m going to write a quick guide on ppm because I made the mistake of not reading the guide when I started and now my team finance is a mess. If you’re like me the first thing you did when you started playing it goes look at your players and go around the interface a bit. So before going anywhere read the official ppm guide here, it contains all the basic you need to know about the game.

I don’t know why but I had a hard time finding where the guide was, I was easier to find it via google go figure.

Note take time to read the faq and rules just to be sure you won’t make the mistake of naming your team an inappropriate name or trolling the forum.


I promise guys, that’s the last time I’ll use that image

You start with no staff, a few player (enough for 3-4 line) and a very small arena.

Don’t worry Rome wasn’t build in a day and so is your team of super stars.

In the next coming part of the guide, we will talk about the three cornerstones of your team:  your players, your staff and your arena

Most say that they’re not more important that one or another, the player need the staff and the arena to train, take care of injury and play, the staff need the arena infrastructure to do its work and the arena need the staff to be taken care of, finally these player wills bring the crowds, glory and cash that goes with it to pays all this nice mix.

Part 2: Players

Part 3: Staff

Part 4: Arena

You guys know I like good hockey manager game, I’ve already talked about Cyberpuck and Senior Hockey League.

I’ve been playing for a while another hockey manager called power play manager. It’s probably one the best hockey manager that don’t use real player (NHL) out there.


Powerplay Manager puts you in charge of your very own hockey team, not only as General Manager, but as Coach, assistant coach and president all wrapped into a single user-account. Your goal; to battle it out in leagues against other people just like you to gain promotion to high leagues, more rewards and better team growth.

What I really liked about this game is that you have to manage and build your teams infrastructure, including arena, staff and economic stability and train your team and work to win your local league, where you play against other users just like you. Most game (like cyberpuck and shl) tend to focus on the train your team and win game part but Powerplay hockey manager really shine in the way you can customize (if you have the money) your arena the way you want, recruit staff, build better infrastructure to increase the training of your team and staff. You can even customize your team shirt, puck if you pay for the pro pack.

I’m not very good at the game, the fact that it’s yet another game I have to login everyday unfortunately drive me off it. I try to login and play from time to time not to lose the team (after 30 day they cancel your team). I’ll try to come up with some guide, meanwhile you can access the one they made in game it’s give you the basic.

Hockey - Online Games - Enjoy the taste of victory!

I tried something last game in cyberpuck, I’ve lowered my ticket price and the result are surprising:


By reducing my mid level ticket by 50% (from 200$ to 100$) and divided my higher level ticket by 3 (165$ to 50$) I’ve increased my revenue by more that 200% .

You should try it and check my other entry on this game here.

This is part 2 of 2 about what to do with your team in the online hockey game cyberpuck. You can read part 1 or check the review of the game.

Last part we talked about how to get a team and what to do first when you get your team.


Today I’m showing you the 7 thing you can do with your team.

1- Found and recruit good players

Like we said previously you should sign all your player and try to sign as many active players you can.  Player can joins and replace NPC on their own too so frequently check if somebody joined your roster. You can make them offer so their player stay longer and add penalty to prevent them from leaving.

Option to check :

Recieved Offers: check the players that want to sign with you

Marketplace: find player that are for sell

Player Search : search and make offer to free player

2- Set-up your line and shootout

Updating your line frequently is very important so you always have the best player in your lineup. Update your line especially when you have new player that join. Do the same thing for the shootout order too.

Option to check :  

Team Tactics

Shootout Order

3- Manage your arena:

Your ticket price to make more money and upgrade your arena so you can receive more money and offer big juicy contract.

This is your main (and almost only) source of revenue. The other way to get money is to sell player to other team.


Option to check :



4-Give / Renew your player contracts


If you want your player to be happy and to stay longer offer longer and juicier contract with a penalty if you release them and a sign-in bonus. If you have your own player on your team, you can give them big contract and have a lot of money to spend on training and equipment after.

Option to check:

Contracts & Bonuses

5- Personalize your team.

Personalize your team so you can show your color to other manager, it show that you actively manage your team, increasing the chance of good player joining your team and give a personality to your team.

Go ahead, add a logo, create a banner, give them a great name. Don’t be afraid to be creative.


Option to check:

Logo & Banner

Rename Club

6- Talk to the player owners

Talk to the owner if they have other player they want to join the team, put the best player on the best line, discuss strategy with them. Check if they are active.

Option to check:

Activity Checker

Team Forum

Team Private Forum

and in game messaging.

7 Do some exhibition match

You can go on pickup game and take on other team if they allow the option to do so.

You can also arrange friendly by go to manage team. Then to a page of another team, then click "arrange friendlies" at the top of the page. (I re-added the page -it was missing since the last update).

and can check you pending invitation or the invite you sent in Friendlies.

That all folk, I’m looking for other game to check out, hockey sim or anything else. Please leave a comment if you have a suggestion.

I finally got my hand on a team in cyberpuck, it cost 500 CDP to purchase the team and you need to pay an amount per season, the more season you are willing to pay the less point per season it cost. 

I wasn’t sure where I should buy a team so I bought a team in a country that not too crowded so my team had a good chance of winning.
When you buy a team you get a whole new menu under Manage team.

manage team
There a lot of useless option there lets cut the fact and talk about how to get that team and what you can do with your team.

How to get a team and what are the option

Getting cyber point

The hard part of buying a team is to get cyberpoint the buy your team, by logging every day you get around 20 point which mights take awhile to get to the minimum 1000 you need.

There other way to get point. You can either promote cyberpuck be referring other player or write some blog post about the game and they will credit you some cyberpoint.

If you have a good pocket you can pour some money in and buy cyberpoint, that probably the easiest way to get cyber point.

Buying a team for many season


Buying a team cost 500 point + up to 500 per season. Once you got those point you can chose how many seasons you want to manage the team and select a team that is free in one of the league of your choice.

If you are just starting you should probably got the less crowded leagues like Germany, Iceland, Japan where there is less competitive teams.



What can you do when you have a team

Finally you’ve got your team, grab some champagne and make a big party or just grab a beer, time to set up your team.

There  a lot to do with a team but it’s actually require less than time than managing your player.

Probably the first thing you need to do is to put your players (if you can) in your team.

For each player search for your team and make them join the team or you can make an offer from your team menu to all your player.

After that try to find decent free player and make them offer for the position that you need player, the default NPC player are awful so you want to replace them by actively managed players.

Next article about Cyberpuck, I’ll dig deeper on what you can do with your team.

Check out my previous entry about Cyberpuck

Has I was searching a  good hockey manager and I stumble upon Cyber puck.
Cyber puck is a hockey manager game, where you can take care of a team or manage the career of up to 5 players.

The goal of cyberpuck is simple, if you don’t pay money all you need to do is to take care of 5 player, you have to find them a team where to play, train team, instruct them tactic to do in the game, buy them equipment etc.


Creating a player.

You can create up to 5 player, with cyberpoint you can create more player or buy inactive player so you can have a bigger pool of player to manage.
It’s really up to you to create what position you player will play and what it’s speciality (wrist shot, slqp shot etc) however keep in mind that a team usually have 3-4 line so they need around 9 forward (3 of each) and 6 defenseman and only 2 goaler. So don’t over create goalers, one or even 0 is enough.
Once your player is created assign him to a team to earn money.
Don’t forget to go in the tactic to setup your player tactic in game.

Training and buying you player stuff

Contrary to SHL training is done on a player level and you need to hire a personal trainer to each player. Each trainer boost different ability, pick a trainer that boosts the primary or secondary attribute that your player need. 

You can buy equipment to boost your player attribute has well, there 3 kind of equipment you can equip stick, skate and helmet. What funny is that equipment can give you bonus unrelated to the equipment like a helmet can increase your wrists shoot ability…

Having a team

I haven’t been able to have a team yet since you need to pay 1000 cyberpoint to buy a team and only have 200 for now. champion ship
Once I get there I’ll make a post about it

Cyberpoint : what it give and how to get them

With cyber point you can do a bunch of stuff like the following.

Buy a team

The only way to have a team is to buy a team with point, so keep your point to get your team 🙂

Boost your player

Increase you player ability by using cyberpoint it accelerates the player development.

Create new player and increase player limit

If you want to hire more player and create them you need cyberpoint for that too.

Create equipment

If you want to boost specific ability use, you can create an equipment that boost those exact abilities for your player by using some cyberpoint.

Buy a inactive player

when people stop playing you can buy their player, someone actually did that to me, I wasn’t very happy to rebuild from scratch my players.

How to get Cyberpoint ?

You can get cyberpoint by logging everyday, referring the game to your friend, making blog post about the game and by buying them.

Overall cyberpuck has some really good idea but the site it self is kind of clumsy Flow of the game Is not really intuitive and I was somewhat lost when started playing.
Like, for some reason sometime the game sent you back to your player list when all you want it to continue what you’re doing (like buying equipment)
Or when you buy equipment, you need to buy then click back (which do not work on chrome) then go to inventory then equip it. Instead of equipping the item directly…

Even if the navigation is hard, you will probably like cyberpuck anyway if you a hockey fan. However I’m not sure you will like it if you don’t know squat about hockey.

Here my referall link to the game :

I don’t get money but I get cyberpoint… 🙂

Give it a try and leave a comment on how you liked/hated this game.

Last entry we got how the training work, how to manage your team and how to set you up for the game.

How to Build your team

1- Getting player :

The only way to get new players is through the Waiver Market.
The waiver market is where you can bid credits for players. If you bid a amount that you have and that you are the highest bidders, the player will be added to your team roster and have the amount of credits that were bid will be deducted from your account.

Not that you have to have a player that have been place on the waiver market so the new player will take is place. If you don’t have any player that are place on the market, you wont get any player even if you win the bid.

Remember only way to be a winning bidders is to have the highest bid and to have the credits your their account. There is no cost to place a bid.

What happens to the player that I put on waivers?

He go in the minor and you pays half is salary… no wait that the nhl. In order to bid on a player, you have to make room for him on your roster by putting a player on waivers. When a new player join he replace the player on the waivers and that player is then gone … forever.


In player management click on the player you want to put on the market. In the player information screen you can place him on the waiver market by clicking on the exit sign that say Put on waiver market.


if you change your mind, You can take the player off waivers, by clicking the TAKE OFF WAIVER MARKET button.
A player that is replaced by a winning bid is retired from the game. The manager receives 0 Credits for the player! You are buying a new player from the Waiver Market.

How many players should I put on waivers?
Place as many as you like. It probably better to start slow, putting one or 2 player on the market. The player are replaced when you win a bid, since there no limit to bid you might end up wining a lot of them. So what I did in the past is to put on the market a group of the same player (2-3 defence or winger) and bid only on the type of player I want to replace.

The players that you bid on may be with your team for 6 seasons or longer, so make sure that they are a good fit for your team.

When does the bidding process take place?
All bids are processed in the morning a 3h00 am GMT. Players immediately join their new teams and replace the player(s) on waivers. Any players on waivers who were not replaced remain with their teams.

How much should I bid?
I tend to bid really low and somehow tend to still get decent player. If you want a star player you need to be more aggressive but I noticed that if your team is in a lower division you seem to get player even if you have low bid.


Check the number of bidder near the player you want, 23 probably mean the minimum wont get it but sometime you’ll be surprise there might 22 that all bid 500 credit and you can go and bid 750 and win.

Let take this example, today there to player that are interesting and you really like to get them on the team.
So if you want them both you need at least two of you players on the waivers. If both bid are successful you will get both if only one win the first player in you list will be replaced (the one with the lowest roster no). So, if the waived players Roster Numbers are 3 and 6, the number 3 slot will be the first one filled.
Remember, a winning bid is a new player. If you waive a goalie and a center, and have 5 bids out on goalies and 3 bids out on center, if you win 2 bids on the goalies, then you will get 2 goalies added to your roster. CAUTION: When trying to acquire players at different positions with more than 1 bid per position, you can get more players at a position than you really wanted.

How are bids resolved? (from the shl forum)
Bids are resolved by position: goalies, defensemen, wingers, centers respectively. All goalie bids are resolved, then defensemen, then wingers and finally centers. Within each position, your highest bid of the highest overall rated player is considered first. Tie bids go to the manager with the lowest manager rating number. Recommendation: don’t try to bid on 2 players at different positions unless you only place 1 bid on each of those players. You’re probably going to have to pay a premium to get them, too. It’s better to place several lower bids on players at one position to get the best deal. Don’t forget to check Waiver Market History the next day if you didn’t win a bid, to see what the player went for. You can also check to see what team acquired the player by clicking on his name; this will let you know who is active in the market.

How much should I bid for one of these Star players? (from the shl forum)
When a star player is available, usually there are many more bidders that are interested and the player will go for the maximum possible bid. Since this means there will be several tie bidders, the manager with the lowest manager ranking will be awarded the player. The auction process becomes a kind of lottery. The question is, is this player worth the 10,000 credit price? If a manager is patient, he can usually acquire a very good player for even the minimum bid of 500 credits. Training a team for one season costs approximately 1500 credits. That’s 75 credits per player per season. Over the course of 6 seasons, that’s 450 credits in training per player. So, for 950 credits you will have an almost star player for several seasons. Is it really worth 9,000 more credits to have that “star” player right now? To some managers, the answer is yes. But if you’re just starting to build a team, probably not.

How should I build my team?
Plan for the future. Start with a good goaler, then go for a defenseman, and a scoring forward or a center. Remember, like we said before, players attributes will decline in their 7th season with a team. For some reason even training won’t help these veteran players, no matter what their age is. Taking that in consideration it’s probably better to split acquisitions over the course of several seasons, so after 6 seasons, you don’t have to replace all 20 players in one shot. And during any given year, each position has some veterans and some rookies. Bid only on the best players available. Players that are second or third rate will not catch up to the others, even with training. Many managers only have 2 goalers on their roster, it’s probably better that way since they don’t tend to get injured. After that it’s more up to you, I still recommend defence over offence at first but if you have 4 strong Def and 2 good line you can do pretty well specially in most division.

Is there a better time during the season to bid on players?
At the start of each season, winning managers get credits from SLH, so there are many managers bidding on players. At the end of the season, the bidding seems to fall off. If you can wait, the best the deals are probably to be had at the end of a season.

How to know if a player is good does the overall is enough ?

When buying players do not go by their Overall rating. Like we say before, this isn’t worth shit.

You need to check the other Players Attributes to decide on the best buy, these are different between position.

Here what attribute is the best to look at :
Goalkeepers – Goaltending, Puck Control, Speed, Passing
Defender – Hitting, Strength, Stamina, Puck Control
Wingers – Speed, Passing, Shooting, Puck Control
Centers – Shooting, Speed, Passing, Puck Control
Stamina is an attribute that you should look at before every player bid. Try to always bid on players with a minimum of 70 stamina.

Other things to check when bidding
Don’t forget to check how many bids the Player has. If it is lots then you may have to put a good bid in but if it is only one or two then you may be able to get a bargain. Not that defensemen tend to have a lot of bid, it’s because computer controlled players will bid on these but put in minimum bids the defensemen.
If a bid is tied then the team with the lowest manager rating gets the Player. If you don’t get the player then go into waiver Market History and look at your unsuccessful bids. Here you can see how much he cost and then click on him to see where he went.

Note that new need credit to bid so here how to get credits.
Top ten way to get money in shl

Extra information :

Players Age
Should I just bid on younger players? I did notice major difference between young player than older player. Some say that younger players progress faster during training. But other say they can be a little irresponsible and tend to have more AWOL. Older players can be more reliable, but they may not respond to training like a young talented player would. Then again, some older players respond very well to training because they have never had a good manager before.

Promotion and Relegation/ Changing Divisions

If your team is really shit and your division is to strong, it can be a good idea to switch for a lower division and build a team from the lower end by wining playoff and division title. You have the option to switch during the first 5 game weeks to Join a Division. If you select that option, it costs 500 credits and the Manager leaves his old team and players and takes over a new team, in the Division chosen, with players that are already on the new team’s roster.

That all for the guide hope you’ve enjoyed it.