The player you start with are pretty bad, but they’re a good thing they got pretty bad salaries too. You might be tempted to go on the market and blow you money on 2 or 3 super star, but that completely useless since you don’t have decent player to complement them and a the arena to hold the thousand of fan to see them play.

before :

empty arena

After :


Ok so what should you look for in you player ? You should check the quality of the attribute not the attribute itself. The quality of the attribute is the innate ability of the player to progress that attribute, the bigger the value the more responsive the player will be to training.


The takeaway point here is :

Quality of the attribute = good progress of the value of the attribute when you train.

Value of the attribute = good performance in game

Note that each position have there main attribute and their secondary one that depends on the position, they are all in the guide so go check the guide.

Now that you looked at you player, you should keep them for now. Once you start recruiting decent player in the academy you can get rid of bad one (by terminating their contract, not renewing it or placing it on the market).

If you want to recruit on the market that the subject of a whole other post but keep this in mind for now :

1- you are not making any money, start focusing on upgrading your arena first (more about this in a next post)

2- be careful the market is oversaturated with player that are not well balanced but have a big salary because of their over inflated overall

3- you need to wait 11 days (have 11 points to be a novice manager) to be able to bids on players.

4- do not exceed 40 players there a penalty for having too many player and you need the extra money now.