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It seem that Farmville always get good press to how it’s trick it’s user to buy stuff, throw there money away and make you lose your job.


It’s seem Braid developer Jonathon Blow have good things to say about Farmville. Very nice thing like Zynga’s Farmville is "kind of malicious" and that it’s not a game it’s just a trickware to incite you to pays or/and bring your friends to play.

"If you look at a game like Farmville, there’s actually no game there. It’s just reward structure layered on reward structure layered on reward structure with a hollow center" Blow said.

Blow even attacked Plants vs. Zombies 2, for it way to teach players to spend real-world money on virtual items in the tutorial. While the game can be completed without paying anything, making the players do the step, makes them more likely to do it later with is wallet with real “kaching” money.

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8 years old get a brand new 3ds full of porn, curtsey of Walmart

sexy 3ds

What is better than receiving a 3ds for Christmas? It’s receiving a 3ds filled with porn pics.
To the horror of is father, young Tom discovered naughty pictures after trying to see some of the picture he took with the 3Ds.
After checking the date, he realized these xxx pictures had a date prior to the date he bought the device at Walmart.
What kind of piss me off here, it’s not only the fact that Walmart was to stupid to erase the pics in the first place, it’s that Walmart sold him a "new 3ds" while it was actually repackaged.

You can take part of the poll at game politic about what actually worst in this story.

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Boom! Tanks everywhere !

World with Tanks seem to have inspire a lot of tanks related game recently. (And a lot of clone)

Boom! Tanks

Visually speaking, Boom! Tanks is rather splendid. It’s powered by a smooth-running 3D engine that remains silky smooth even when kicking up dust around the highly detailed tank you’re commanding.

So far, the main game itself is very straightforward. You roll onto the battlefield automatically, so all you need to do is hold your finger on the screen to aim your cannon. You then hover it over the enemy tank. Once it’s locked on, you can fire your weapon.

The amount of damage you deal is based on how close to the centre you stop the swing-o-meter’s needle. If you’re in a tank with a Charge Shot, it’s dependent on how long you wait until you fire. It’s simple enough, and extremely satisfying when you see an opponent go up in flames.

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Tanks domination

Project Tanks is not the only game that copied World with tanks, Russian mobile company Game Insight inspired it self from it to build Tanks domination, a World with Tanks style of game on mobile. Here the video preview for you too see:

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Happy new year everyone !

happy new year 2014!

This year have been great for the site we basically triple our readership, had our first day over 4$ and first year that the site made more than it cost, note that partly because I switched hosting.

Show me the money!

Every new year post make us look at the past year and seem what was good so here are the TOP 5 most viewed articles of 2013 on OGT.

  1. ’16-bit’ Plants vs. Zombies 2 finally Infinity blade 3 Breath of Street Fire
  2. Project Tank Online 3D Battle with 30 Tanks on Your Browser
  3. Hide and Seek Zelda II in 3d with some Dark Interval if you strip’Em all of the Duelists
  4. Lord of Ultima Guide – Building a city
  5. Weekly Browser game update: Ripple Dot Zero penguin get a Second chance with the lucky peach for the King ascent

Note out our 10 most viewed all time articles, 7 are from 2013.

Other notable event :

Show me the money!

I’ve dropped of Clash of Kingdoms, sometime I login but I basically don’t play anymore. Gold heroes, particularly Pang tong is way to strong and has a non-gold player you become a canon fodder to protect your allies Pang Tong and other gold heroes from the enemies. In S2 I used to be able to have an impact in some battle, event having one of my heroes being name in the battle report.

Happy new years everyone and here a Sexy happy new year for you has a gift 🙂