World with Tanks seem to have inspire a lot of tanks related game recently. (And a lot of clone)

Boom! Tanks

Visually speaking, Boom! Tanks is rather splendid. It’s powered by a smooth-running 3D engine that remains silky smooth even when kicking up dust around the highly detailed tank you’re commanding.

So far, the main game itself is very straightforward. You roll onto the battlefield automatically, so all you need to do is hold your finger on the screen to aim your cannon. You then hover it over the enemy tank. Once it’s locked on, you can fire your weapon.

The amount of damage you deal is based on how close to the centre you stop the swing-o-meter’s needle. If you’re in a tank with a Charge Shot, it’s dependent on how long you wait until you fire. It’s simple enough, and extremely satisfying when you see an opponent go up in flames.

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Tanks domination

Project Tanks is not the only game that copied World with tanks, Russian mobile company Game Insight inspired it self from it to build Tanks domination, a World with Tanks style of game on mobile. Here the video preview for you too see:

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