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This is kind of a update from my previous post :What to do everyday to maximize your army and heroes but I sometime cut in the in the middle of something and just log in grab some tax, build troop, move around my carrier and help my kingdom in an attack that I forget this stuff.

So here are the top thing I forget to do sometime that are important to do…

1-Greet your fellow brother: Sorry my brother if I forget to greet you, it just that it lost in the city interface. Click on a city, then city again then tavern then the last tab and sometime they’re not enough brother in your brotherhood so you can even click… So please go greet your brother, each time you do it you gain loyalty and you need to get to 41 of loyalty to get the brother in arm skill.


2-Train in the cave for some xp (last 8hr so up to 3 time a day): I usually think about it the first time I login but forget to do it afterward. A friend of mine said, if your afraid of forgetting it, do it right away and if there only a few hours remaining, just cancel and restart for 8hrs so you maximize the amount of training your heroes get. And don’t give a little extra to you favorite heroes with some inspiration, specially when the boost is on.

3-Register battle royal: I log in the morning so this is never enable, when I come back it sometime already 5h00 PM PST. arrrg

A easy way to get gem and a extra tax, try to do it before 5h00 PM


Hum that not battle royal …just a image to fill point 3 and 4

4-Play resource war : It’s at 8h00 PM PST so don’t miss it. I tend to always miss it because 1- it so late and 2- at 8h30 it’s already to late. Its great way to get free resources. Check out the forum for more information.


5-Help your legion in legion league battle: This one can be easy to forget because sometime your legion leaders are human and forget to register your legion. If your legion is strong enough and you don’t have amnesic legion leader you have to remember to go sign in after 8h00 PM (which for some of us is late) and next day you have to go collect your silver ( If your legion win) before 5h00 PM…

If you manage to think about all of this you’ll get a good amount of extra silver the next day.

6- Donate to kingdom: I’m guilty of forgetting this one some time. But at the beginning of the server it essential that you help your kingdom and it will help you later. When there only one left when tend to forget…

7-Buy all gear at mystery shop: most of it is crap, so in the past I rarely visited it at all. Now it’s good to visit the mystery shop because you can recycle all the crappy gear since the update 1.4 so it’s good to go there and buy everything for a total of 15 gear and recycle everything you don’t like.


Recycle all your crappy gear from point 7 and from the historical campaign. All sometime forget this because doing it is freaking (no swearing see) is boring. Click click click get some gem click click get some more, click click nothing …

It worth it but since it tedious I don’t always do it. I hope they will do like in three kingdom online and do batch recycle. You get so many gem if you do it every day and you can upgrade/enhance/refine/temper a lot of your gear after that.


9-Login for free gift:

Now that they log us with the announcement I don’t forget it but I use to do.  Don’t forget to check if there any free gift, there almost free gift every day, sometime you have to do stuff to do it but it’s usually worth it.

10-Check to if there any new heroes (after awhile you might not to do that)

When you have all your heroes we tend to forget to check forget to check for new heroes, I actually got Deng Ai just by refreshing with 10 silver. Ok if you’re using gold you’re probably better to really forget checking heroes with silver, since you probably got a bunch of gold one already…

List of silver heroes

Click on the image to check Peng Guo awesome comics.

Other that are not there

Play bull-eye 5 time

Let be honest after doing bull-eye a bunch of time you get bored and never look back… I forget it but then I think of doing it I don’t do it anyway …

Play heroes roster 5 time

Same has Bull-eye but worst…

So what are the thing you tend to forget ?

Training costs 30 credits per day when activated. This is where you build your team through exercises. You must decide what kind of team you want and train accordingly….

If you want an offensive juggernaut, then you may want to spend a little more time on passing (PS) shooting (SH) and puck control (PC)…

If you want a great defensive team, then you may want to train more often in weights, defence and penalty killing…

One VERY important thing to remember is that if you train the same thing for too long your players will probably get bored and not train very well at all.

This also effects their morale and chances for going awol. Come up with a rotation that mixes up their training schedule while focusing on the key attributes that your team needs work on.

Evaluate your team by sorting each attribute column. From this you can see where your team needs improving.

When you train a player certain training affects certain attributes.


Here is a rough guide to what affects what:

Line Rushes – Speed
Shooting – Shooting + Goaltending
Weights – Strength
Passing – Passing
Aerobics – Stamina
Puck Control – Puck Control
Light Skating – Speed/Fitness
Power Play – Special Teams
Sit-Ups – Strength/Stamina
Nice Rest – Fitness
Penalty Killing – SpecialTeams/Goaltending
Defence – Hitting
Rehabilitation – Moral (Fitness slightly)

If you click on a players name, you will see his attribute GRAPH. Turning RED means he is in decline. This will happen to older guys or players who have been with the team for a few seasons with no current training. Turning GREEN means that he is improving from training. You should see changes from training after about 4 or 5 games.

Training Availability:
If you use training then you receive training for the following;
Every Division Game you play
Every Elite Cup or Champions Shield Game you play
Every Exhibition Game you play where you issue the challenge
Every Knock Out Tourney Game you play
There is a max of 2 trainings per day. You only receive one for any combo of exhibition, or tourney games that you have and 1 for any division/elite or shield game.

At last there one more part to this guide and after I’ll move to another hockey simulation game.

I found a great video that explain everything you should know about the last CoK update.

Thanks to bleiktube. Give some love and subscribe to is channel.

[Clash of Kingdoms][Elite][L5][Overall Guide to Version 1.40]

I recently wrote the beginner guide part 1 – tactic and advance tactic to follow up in this guide we going to talk about team management:

How to know the strength of your player

The Attributes
In the team management page, you can see your players attributes. Even if a players have a high overall you should focus on individual attributes before his overall rating.
Here the list of attributes:

GT… Goaltending
HT… Hitting
PS… Passing
SH… Shooting
PC… Puck Control
SP… Speed
SR… Strength
S.T.. Special Teams (PP, PK)
ST… Stamina


Hitting and Strength are more important than the overall rating for a defenseman and shooting, speed and passing are what you should be looking for your attacking line.



This is indicated by a little red cross. Every manager has to deal with injuries. It’s an important part of coaching to be able to set lines when some key guys are injured. Then again, it’s great when your opponent has lots of injuries, so it works both ways…

You can see details on the injury by going to RECENT INCIDENTS or clicking on the player and going to the player information page. Some injuries can last for several weeks. The most important thing to remember is that some guys can play injured as long as their fitness is above 60….


This is indicated by a little beer bottle or red exclamation mark symbol. These players will miss the game for personal reasons (working, watching TV, vacation..). Every manager has to deal with AWOL’s on a regular basis and there’s really not much you can do… Just set your lines and wait for your guys to return….


This is indicated by a no entry symbol. Players who take too many penalty minutes may receive a BAN for a number of games for excessive minutes. Bans are usually a direct result of how aggressive you play with certain referees. Players with bans cannot play until their ban is served. Once again, a great coach can work around this….sometimes.

Setting up your team

Setting Your Defense
When sorting your Defencemen onto your lines remember to check their season stats and try to abide by the following rules.
Attacking Line A – Use Players with good Shooting and Passing attributes
Defense Line B – Use Players with Best Hitting and Strength Attributes
C/A Line C – Always use One Good shooting Player. Players with good Speed are a must also

Sorting Player Positions
It is key to have the correct amount of cover in each position within your team.

The ideal layout is
GK – 2
D – 7
LW – 3
RW – 3
W- 1 (The more W the better as they can cover both positions)
C – 4
You can interchange the Wingers if you can get W as opposed to RW and LW but they are not always easy to get hold of. And sometimes their initial attributes can be weaker.

Setting Your Special Teams Units
This is important as Power Play and Penalty Killing can win you games. When setting your Special Teams sort your Players Attribute by the S.T Column to see who your best Players in that department are.
Set the Units as follows:
Penalty Killing Unit –
3 x D-men
1 x Fast Winger
Power Play Unit –
1 x D-man
3 x Wingers
1 x Centre
Remember that these units involve extra Ice Time and tire players so try and spread your Lines and S.T Units about the team. You may find players with low fitness vanish for the next game.

Player Rotation
A Player will improve with training obviously but he will also improve with Ice Time. If you have a fairly good team and are playing an extremely weak team then rest some of your big players and give the others a game. They need to play to improve. Playing also improves their morale as does winning.
Try and stagger when you buy Players in certain Positions. You don’t want all you Centers hitting 7 seasons at the same time or any of the other positions. If you have 2 Goalies try and have them so that one is in his 1st season and the other in his 3rd or 4th. That way when its time to waiver the old one because he isn’t performing, you have a ready made replacement who you have played and trained up over the seasons.
Another way to go is to get all your players at the same time and train them up over 3 or 4 seasons. They will then all be at the top of the game going into the 5th, 6th and 7th seasons and will be pretty hard to beat if you originally picked up top players. The problem is you will then have to replace them all at the same time, or begin replacing some as early as their 4th season.
It is better to stagger them and be competitive all the time.

The 170 Rule (from the forum also)
If a Players Morale and Fitness do not add up to 170 then they do not perform to their highest ability. If possible, try to make sure you keep Morale and Fitness even and only play Players who are above 170.

If you are going to double or triple shift a Player then make sure he has high Stamina. The same goes for your whole team in general as if it is low then they will tail off toward the end of a game

7th Season Decline
A Player will stop improving in his attributes once he hits his 7th season with the team. His attributes will start to drop. You do not have to visit the waiver market straight away though because even though he is getting worse attribute wise he is still better than a new player who you have to train up. Use the 7th season players for as long as possible until you can get hold of a decent replacement in the waivers. But don’t think you have to drop him as soon as he hits 7 seasons. As a rule, many of the top Managers will nor replace a player until they can get a new one with higher attributes….regardless of seasons played.

Keeping Your Players Happy
When you set your lines try and use every player who is fit. You do this by making sure everyone is either on a Line or on a Special Team Unit. This will keep your players happy and cut down on them going AWOL. If they get Ice time then they generally turn up for the next game. It will not stop all AWOL’s but it should cut down on them. When doing this remember to keep their morale high and this will also help them as well.


A Player is fit enough to play if he is 60% or above (regardless if they are listed as having an injury), However I do not advise playing them if they are that low. If you use training you should aim to keep the fitness level as close to 100 as you possibly can. If a player has low fitness then don’t throw him on more than one line as he will not be able to perform. Also be aware of the stamina of players as this dictates if they can perform for long periods of ice time.


It is absolutely crucial to keep morale as high as possible. A motivated team will play their very best and an unhappy team will play well below their abilities very often. You can help keep morale high in a few ways:
1. Log-in everyday to manage your team.
2. Select morale-building in the training page. Rehabilitation is the best recommendation for division games. Nice rest for Exhibition games. Note that some player react differently to moral building activity and pub crawl tend to give a lot of AWOL the day after…
3. Play all your guys as often as possible. A guy who doesn’t play will lose morale very quickly.
Also, players love to win and a winning team will generally have good morale…

Hope it helped, the 2 other part are coming…

I noticed that there not much information about how to obtain Epic heroes so I build up a quick guide from what I found on the web (mostly on the TKO forum)

Heroes summits

The easiest way to get heroes is probably with the heroes summits.

First you get a level one Liu Bei/Sun Quan/Cao Cao once you get a level 9 resources fields, which is great since they have farm (increase you food output by 25%) this will help you create a super capital if you followed my guide on how to build a city of 15 slot of food or even 18 slot of food.

The heroes you get depend on your kingdom (most of them lv1):
For Shu: Liu Bei,
one of those 3 one star heroes: Liu Feng, Wang Ping, Huang Chengyan
one of those 2 two star heroes: Ma Dai, Jiang Wei
And when you have 14 cities:     Guan yu (lv 100)
For other kingdom it the same here the heroes I got with my other account:
Wei: Cao Cao, Xian hou Dun, Wei Xu, Dian Wei (lv 100)
Wu: Sun Quan, Zhou yu(lv100), Gan Ning, Meng Huo

hero's summit

Hermit house

hermit house
You can recruit Epic heroes at the hermit house, it might seem a bit more complicated than the Heroes summits but once you know it actually easier since it doesn’t require to do much.
First go in your quest tab then select Hermit house


Do all the quest you can to have flag for different faction
the easiest are probably using the forge and battle arena, the other quest you need to to have stell ship for another quest (you get this from disenchanting item in the forge) and the last quest is to hunt and win vs a escort guardian.

Once you got all the you need for a specific hero you can challenge him, if your hero win you get the heroes at level one, you can recruit up to 5 epic heroes that way.

More on Hermit house  & Heroes summits


If you are wondering which hero to chose I would suggest to take the hero that will have farm has a middle skill. There actually 2 heroes that have farm : Zhang  Cheng(farm 9%) and Liao Hua (7%) . I think Zhang  Cheng is a must since he have 73 of politic too, making him a excellent governor.

If you want the list of all the heroes in the hermit house you can look at that thread.

Career Center

The good old career center can give you epic heroes too but that require you to pay gold.
There 3 way to recruit

career center

Wandering heroes
It is said that some time the are heroes that appear in the wandering section of the career center, however this only happen in capital city.
Note is happened once that Koram made a special event and there are wandering heroes in your city that you can hire for gold, it usually a ton of gold (like 2k…) so it’s not the most cost effective way to recruit.

Basic search (1gold)
Probably the most cost effective way to search but each search have low chance of giving an epic compare to the advance search, you can have an epic if your lucky according to these link below but I personally never got anything via that search. Weirdly I never got any epic with this using gift voucher.

Advance search (10/50 gold)
Most who have tried it don’t recommend the 50 gold search, some tried it once and regret it.
Save gold by doing 10 gold searches rather than 50’s.

Note that for all the search increasing your court rank helps to have more epic heroes in your Career center.

Even to Count / Duke will help your chances more.
If you really pump money in and get to Infante or above then roll the 50g searches as these will produce more.

You can get more info on the forum here, here and here.

Note that advance search even have complaints.

Escort guardian


This is another great free way to have epic heroes, but the ode a super sucky
I fortunately got a lot of good heroes with this and what really cool is that they arrive level 100.
So far from that I got Zhang Bao, Guan Xing, Zhao Tong, Li feng, Wen Yang, Jiang Ji and Yan Yu.

I do about 8-10 escort guardian a day and it happen around every month or so that I get a Epic so you do the math 🙂

Epic soul

This is not really a great way to have heroes but if you need to attack and have  extra heroes for you coalition or to defend or to grab a oasis from another player, soul are a great way to do that.
It can be a way to defend your city and protect your real heroes while will you getting attack too.
They are unfortunately gone after a certain amount of time (usually 6hr, it’s written beside the soul name)

Other ways

Special event: Black flag camp

There use to be a special event call the Black flag camp where you can get a heroes if you manage to destroy all the troop in the camp and have a special item in your inventory (Intelligence letter).
The heroes guarding the camps are Pang tong, Taishi Ci and Yan Liang.
The camp require massive amount of troops to kill and there only a 50% chance of having the hero but in all case your league will receive a prize even if you don’t get the hero.
More info on this in the forum.

If you know any other way to recruit epic please let me know, I’ll try to keep the list up to date.