Training costs 30 credits per day when activated. This is where you build your team through exercises. You must decide what kind of team you want and train accordingly….

If you want an offensive juggernaut, then you may want to spend a little more time on passing (PS) shooting (SH) and puck control (PC)…

If you want a great defensive team, then you may want to train more often in weights, defence and penalty killing…

One VERY important thing to remember is that if you train the same thing for too long your players will probably get bored and not train very well at all.

This also effects their morale and chances for going awol. Come up with a rotation that mixes up their training schedule while focusing on the key attributes that your team needs work on.

Evaluate your team by sorting each attribute column. From this you can see where your team needs improving.

When you train a player certain training affects certain attributes.


Here is a rough guide to what affects what:

Line Rushes – Speed
Shooting – Shooting + Goaltending
Weights – Strength
Passing – Passing
Aerobics – Stamina
Puck Control – Puck Control
Light Skating – Speed/Fitness
Power Play – Special Teams
Sit-Ups – Strength/Stamina
Nice Rest – Fitness
Penalty Killing – SpecialTeams/Goaltending
Defence – Hitting
Rehabilitation – Moral (Fitness slightly)

If you click on a players name, you will see his attribute GRAPH. Turning RED means he is in decline. This will happen to older guys or players who have been with the team for a few seasons with no current training. Turning GREEN means that he is improving from training. You should see changes from training after about 4 or 5 games.

Training Availability:
If you use training then you receive training for the following;
Every Division Game you play
Every Elite Cup or Champions Shield Game you play
Every Exhibition Game you play where you issue the challenge
Every Knock Out Tourney Game you play
There is a max of 2 trainings per day. You only receive one for any combo of exhibition, or tourney games that you have and 1 for any division/elite or shield game.

At last there one more part to this guide and after I’ll move to another hockey simulation game.