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I just came across this article about Zynga CEO that knew he was scamming user on mafia war and farmville but didn’t care at the time. The article was written in october 2009 and you can see the evolution of fix and ban that zynga have got for there game since the article from techcrunch.

The best part is probably the quote from the zynga ceo found in this article.

“I did every horrible thing in the book just to get revenues,” -Mark Pincus

There a lot of game that use to have these stupids offers, I never bothered to check them except when it was just an offer that say “check that website”, you click and then got the money.

Here the techcrunch article and all the update if you want to know more about this.

Scamville: The Social Gaming Ecosystem Of Hell

I came across a make over of the super mario bros game a while ago, it’s call super mario crossover from Exploding Rabbit.

You probably already founded it but if you don`t you should try it here. I must tell you that it’s really hard to play on a keyboard. I really need to found my gamepad somewhere.

My favorite character so far is simon with is double jump and is axe that destroy bricks. Mario look really boring compare to the other caracter … 😛

For those who had tried which character is your favorite ?

Emperor’s Road Survey

There a survey on Koramgame forum about if the Emperor’s Road should still be in the game and how to make it more accessible.

Personaly I haven’t be able to grab a state capital or else give a shot at the emperor road. The main problem I see from the two server I’ve played it’s that usally a strong league came up, then when the empreor road start they grab most of the state capital and then attack the other league to grab the other state capital. Once that’s done on of there member who willing to put a lot of cash into gold acheive the rank of generalissimo and grab luo yang, and then the whole league concentrate on helping him build the imperal palace and clearing the other league that remain alive.

Note that the feature is cool but maybe it should be more accesible.

Here the link to the survey :