The kickstarter success Hunnie pop, is an adult game in which the objective is for your character to date and eventually bed up to ten (not counting hidden characters, Momo, Celest and the godly hot Venus) female anime-style women. There is some nudity and NSFW part (even in the steam version). If you have issue with that style of game or NSFW stuff, you should probably avoid it.

Ok so lets get to it ! Hunnie pop is a what happen when a puzzle game meet a dating sim with a pinch of RPG & NSFW element.


The plot yeah, they’re not much but here it is.

Your character start in a hotel bar during the night, when suddenly you are interrupted by Kyu "The love fairy". In short she explains that you’re pretty useless at picking up chicks and offers to help. The game has two part to it, the dating part, where you go out and meet girl, ask question about themselves, give them gif,  buy them food & drink. The other part happens when you ask the girls to go on a date, you are taken to a new scenery where how well you perform on your date is determine how you play a Candy crush/bejeweled style puzzle game.


It’s a typical match 3 where you to make rows of 3 or more "tokens" each of these have a different value depending on what girl you "out on a date" with. You can get special item that you use during the date to help you. Each successful date will increase the difficulty of the next puzzle that you are given. As you complete more and more dates the "Females" will send you random pictures of their daily routine, pretty normal stuff at first but those picture wills get more steamy after each successful date. Enjoy cute pictures with imaginative pose of them to picture of in the shower doing "naughty" things.


Your enjoyment of this game will ultimately boil down to how much you like games like Bejeweled since that’s really the main thrust of the game (no pun intended). The dating sim aspects are somewhat weak and mostly there to string together the various game levels for each girl and give you power ups. The story is probably the weakest part of the game, you don’t go much into knowing the girl except than filling a category in their profile. They are hidden character and yes you can bang the fairy.

Note that this game is one of the  "first game" that was funded via Kickstarter (It was Kickstarted back in November 2013) .  I was happily surprise of this game, and liked it’s adorable part, great art, and fantastic soundtrack and voice acting was worth the $10 I paid for it. Give it a try.

A monkey, a parrot and an adventure full of surprises in the tunnels of Mars: the italian software house Youmble releases Martian Caves”, a new platform adventure game, free to play on iOS and Android.

In a distant future, two guinea pigs are sent on a mission to search for life forms, but soon the situation goes totally wrong and our heroes have to find their way home through 40 action-packed levels, mazes and unfriendly alien lifeforms!

To survive the trip and return home alive and well Eclecto the parrot and Rudy the monkey have at their disposal the amazing VERNE module ( Vehicle-for-Exploration: Return-Not-so-Essential ), a spaceship that will allow players to walk, fly, shoot and move freely in every corner of the 40 stages of the game, in search of the hidden stars needed to advance.

Check out there video:


Martian Caves, developed by Youmble will be available on May 23rd on Google Play and later on Apple App Store


Bricksmash is the typical “brick” game clone, move your paddle and keep the ball from hitting the bottom of the play area. Smash all the bricks with the ball to win. But wait a minute bricksmash  add a twist that unlike the Beatles makes things a bit more complicated. When your ball contacts one of the 16 bricks, a little ball appears in that break and you need to clear the brick inside the brick (that so meta)… Once you clear the brick inside the brick the ball break free in the real world and you have 2 brick to play with.





Connect your nes power pad pad on your pc

Even if that not browser, indie or mobile related I had to include it because it so fucking awesome : http://indiegames.com/2013/07/connecting_the_nes_power_pad_t.html

Mobile :

Another Zombies Game : Dead on Sight

I try to not review game that I have to pays and that dev studio don’t send code to unlock the game but this one caught my attention because :

1- I love zombie !

2- You are shooting fucking zombies man!

3- Good graphic

Check out the video :

For the complete review : http://toucharcade.com/2013/07/04/dead-on-sight-review/



puzzle (0.99/free)

This game is it a spot for me because it’s a indie puzzle game. I won’t say more except watch the trailer :

If you want to read a complete review head over here : http://toucharcade.com/2013/07/03/kyubo-review/