Today is a post for the Art of War contest, which a contest about strategy to help player dominate there opponent in three kingdoms online.

Today it will be about “What city structures are useless after a certain time.”
It will be the part 1 of 2.


First of all there building that you absolutely need like the granary and warehouse, the barrack is pretty essential since you need it to build unit in it but you’ll probably will let it at level 3 for a while since at the beginning it’s hard to recruit more unit than the barrack can recruit for the same amount of time. The command center is important too, it’s required for other building and to recruit messengers if you are planning on plundering a lot.  Note that if you don’t have a Command center you can’t send attack or support to other city.



There are three buildings that are rarely needed, the Bunker with is ridiculous amount of unit it can hide,  is almost only built for the quest that asks for it and to store pioneers while you’re recruiting the other pioneer. The League Flag might me useful if your league is really active  and your league mate want to move away from an enemy and be near you, but to move away from an enemy the state token give more bang for the buck so the league flag is rarely used. Finally the theater, can be an useful building  to store extra resources but since you can take the resource from every city you only need one so you can builds it in a sub and use the extra space in your main for something else.

The others

For the other struture it can depend on the player stance and the stage of the game.

If you’re a very aggressive player that plunders a lot then you will have a lot of troop so probably you won’t really care about a protecting them in a bunker, protecting your resources with a hidden warehouse or increasing the resistance of your building with the monitor office. You’ll probably rather spend all these resources on units and upgrades.

But if you don’t play often and you fear you’ll get attack or other players are plundering your city often, building 2-3 hidden warehouse in your city make sense like we already talked about in my previous article tips to increase your defense that your can see here.

Note that hidden warehouse might be very useful at the first month of the game or in a newly built city but using a city space to protect a 1000 of resources when your city produce around 2000 to 4000 of each resource a hour is pretty wasteful, so once you get to that point you can destroy the hidden warehouse and build something else.

There are other building that can always be destroyed later once they served their purpose, once you researched all the unit you needed in your drill ground you can always destroy it you won’t lose the unit you’ve researched.

The same idea can be applied with Armorsmith, Weaponsmith and Valor camp, but If you badly needs that space they’re probably a league flag, bunker, hidden warehouse or theater that can be destroyed instead.

So this is the end of part one the next part will talk about the other building and which building can be removed for specialized city (offensive city, defensive city, demolisher city)