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The other day I was on steam looking what games were on sale. I was looking for a good strategy game to play, you know like Cossack, Starcraft or age of empire. So I’ve selected to strategy tag, on check out which game could be fun to play. I check out the first game of the list and wtf, it’s not a strategy it some kinds of shitty tower defense game. I check out the second game in the list, another tower defense game. I tell myself that probably the only one, the next one probably a RTS or TBS. I click on that third and to my dismay, it was still a fucking tower defense game.


Cossack, that a real strategy game.

It’s seem to me that the strategy game with complex AI and game mechanic that I use to love and cherish are at the same level of those boring, straight to play tower defense. For me tower defense is more a tactical game that a strategy game because you only have one strategy in that kind of game, align towers (plant, heroes, archer) and wait for enemy to die at their hand. The placement of these towers is just a tactical advantage not a strategy. These should be tag small game, tactical game tower defense, but not strategy game. These games are simple to do, much more casual and maybe sometime fun. However a tower defense is nothing compared to a well flesh out real time strategy or even good old turn base strategy game, I still mourn a time when the word strategy meant something not just a series of pixel randomly moving  to get shot by an inert tower.


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I did a quick check around the web to find nice new and upcoming mobile game. Here a quick list :

Sonic the Hedgehog (2.99$)

Sega made a new sonic game for iOs and android, it’s not free (2.99$) but it worth a look if you’re a fan of the franchise. Check out the full review at Inside social game here. (Full Review)


Defense Technica (free/0.99$)

Defense Technica despite having a really weird name is a full flesh out 3d tower defense like there is a million of them. The graphic are actually really nice for the ipad.  Where you put your turret is on predefine spot on the map and you use your tower or barricade to bloc some path from your enemies. You check  the video they made, it’s awesome and will give you a idea of the gameplay. (Full Review)

tower defense

Kingturn rpg (free)

Kingturn is a nice tactical RPG that look a little like final fantasy tactic (that I’ve talked recently) you move each turn your troops and you can cast spell. From the prologue campaign you have access to a few class, the main character is Nicolette a mage and her follower are warriors, archers, a paladin, a trickster, and summoner. From the enemy you meet you already know that there is more class available has you will progress (knight, wizard, thief, etc)

The prologue campaign is free and the full campaign can be unlocked for $4.99.

(Full Review)


Other notable game that I didn’t have time to play

Warhammer Quest (4.99$) – Full Review from Indie Game

Mansion Run (0.99$) – Full Review from Indie Game


Plant vs zombie 2 (free)

While there is no shortage of zombie game (link to previous post), plant vs zombie was a fresh take on the tower defense and zombie genre at the time it came out. The formula might seems a bit rehash but since I’ve liked the original game I will probably give a shot to this one too.

It seems that it will be free with in-game purchase and it’s come out on the july 18th.

If you liked the original you should definitely check it out when its out.

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Terraria (?.?? $)

I love terraria, it’s like a 2d minecraft game with boss. I’m very happy to know that there is a mobile version of the game coming. If you’re fan of this game or you just want to try it on mobile, you will only have to wait until this summer to get a grip on the mobile version.

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