TKO: server merge U45 & U46

server Merge U45 & U46

Here are the lucky server that got merged :

S80+S81+S82+S83 : U45
U31+U35 :  U46

Server merger Rules

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The server rules are the same of the previous server merge, here the basic, check the forum thread for more info.

1) Extended the period for no starved troops (ie, soldiers won’t be fled if food drop below 0) and cancel maximum resources. The protection period (act like the beginner protection without the food starvation) last 2 day and normally the period for starved troop last 2 weeks.

2) Adjustment for relocation of cities : the migration talisman allow you to move your city, since only your main will be on the map you only need to move your main.

3) Method to expand:
1. Click on the empty space that player wish to move, click on “cities allocation” as shown on right action bar.
2. Click “cities allocation” button to pop out next interface
3. Click the cities that wish to allocate to complete the allocation of cities.

4)Rules for allocation of cities
1. Players can expand their sub-cities any time.
2. Every one day of delay after adjusting period will cause flee troops in accordance with 1% flee and up to 90% flee.
3. After the cities being expand, player cant deploy their troops for the first 24 hours. However the cities will still subjected to reinforcement and attack by enemies. Same principal for state token and capital move token.


And remember Logging in the newly merged server within two days after opening, all your cities will get a full Max-out of all resources.


More Information :

We finally had our servers merge recently, one year of waiting Finally paid off or so I though….


For a bit of history I’m from server 14, we got wacked on our first merge and then we waited 1 year and 3 month before being merged again. I almost stop playing but the idea of a merge brought me back to life, I was prepared, I even reread my guide and Koram guide.

It might took us more than a year before being merged, but It took 3 fucking days for the server to be finish and now we are back to sim city for another year. We’re still in the adjustment period and the server is over….

This is my troop while watching my league mate getting attack

I couldn’t even attack to help because I moved my troop too late, so I could only send support and watch my brother lose there capital in agony.
Sure they’re the multi-server that make sense to keep playing but I don’t want to wait another year…

I think the servers merge seriously need to be rethink, the idea is good but they’re too much stuff that kind of get in the way and it’s kind of boring that we waited a year for that and it took like 3 days.
At least our initial Tiamat S14 vs KE s20 (not sure the server no) took around a week but that was pretty fast too.
I’ll try to think of something that could be done to have a decent merge and post it in the suggestion forum.

Let me know what you think, here or in the forum thread

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