Note : This a post I wrote on the koram forum, I just wanted to share it with you.

After playing for awhile in the server 14 a merge with server came and that really wasn’t a good time for me since I was getting married about a week before the merge and was on my honeymoon during the merge.

Fearing losing it all I shared my account too some friend.

When the merge came I only logged to move my cities. My fate was then in the hand of my friends, thinking, since our server is older so we will squash them anyway.

When I came back online a week after the beginning of the war the top league (KokuryoElite) of server 20 and it’s sub league was waging war against us and we were in very bad shape.

My troops were decimated, one of my friend and sitter had to leave because he had to go on a business trip, and my other sitter switched to the other side. Behind in constant attack and after a few defeat our league was starting to lose ground and county.
I asked my aggressor to stop attacking me considering I missed the fight, they kindly accepted if I joined them. One told me this simple but funny message: "Ah you were a good farm, but considering the fact that I destroyed one of your city and lobbied another I think I’ve harm you enough.
I’m now member of the great KokyryoEliteII and I learned a lot about this experience.
In the defeat I’ve grew wiser and learned a lot about how the merge work and how to take advantage of it in the next merge.
Thank you for your time, let me know what you think.
My next post will be about the tactics and strategies I found during the merge.

Any of you have any funny story about your merge ?