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I can across a game that looked good but the controls are so abysmal that I say arrrg lets just forget about it.

The name of that game is Dragon conquest and our quest for dragon supremacy start here at max game.


There 2 mode the conquest mode you customize your dragon and you after go in each region to fight other dragon. I don’t know what happen when you win since I never won a fight in that mode, but each day (try) the dragon in the regions get tougher and you don’t, so once you get beaten you must stop playing, pretty stupid I say.

There the arcade mode were you get a dragon and you pick a dragon to fight, this one the dragons can be actually beaten, I managed to win but once you won there nothing you just go back to the title screen.

Dragon fight


You see the bar at the top left corner you have a cursor moving in all the bar and it has to land in the black zone give a successful hit. The bar is moving so fast that is actually hard to land it there.

If you value life don’t try this game is pretty bad…

So you finished the tutorial, you just got your second manors but you’re saying ok but what should I do now.While they are a lot of good guide on the Clash of Kingdom forum but I though I should cook one of my own.


First steps get empire one to level 10


1- Get you capital manor and your first manor running.


For the capital you need 1 or 2 barrack to build carrier and maybe some early units to fight.
Build the matching resource on all bonus lot, get a granary and warehouse and all other build silver. Your first manors build only silver except on the bonus lot (for now).
You shouldn’t have any empty lot build residence (silver) everywhere.
Your goal is to level up empire of one has fast has possible.

2- Get some heroes


While you city is building and you have no silver to research empire one go to the tavern in the city interface and recruit some heroes. Try to use all your tips until you get a star hero, try to recruit all the heroes you can once you can’t tips the owner anymore.

3- Go to the Academy


While you are in the city interface go to the academy and take the best and brightest quiz and play bull eyes to get extra gems. The gem you get from there you can use them to build you city faster (in point 1)

4- Do some battle

From point 2 you are probably wondering why you should max you number of heroes, it’s simply to have them ready for historical battle & battle royal.
Since you get 10 k of each basic t1 troops in historical battle, battle royal you should use your heroes to rally those troops and fight the historical battle, battle royal.


Historical battle fight every fight until you realize your losing, from there fight the last fight you won or a fight that might give extra items like zhang jiao (fortitude scroll) or dong zhuo (rattan aegis shield scroll).


For battle royal, just the participation will give you 10x abyss gem and +1 tax license, so participate everyday.


With these reward you should be able to have the resources to build your manor.

Each time you’re levelling your empire one, you should build a new manor. Note that you shouldn’t over invest in manor that you think will get destroyed.
Once you get your empire one maxed you can focus on manor building and heroes, which will be my next article.

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