Pocket Gamer delves into the ongoing craze started by Dong Nguyen’s creation Flappy Bird, and the effects it’s had on the mobile market. After rocketing up Apple’s charts and absorbing a storm of online abuse, Nguyen pulled the title down from both the App Store and Google Play nearly a month ago.

That not all on February 27 one third (1/3) of the apps released on the app store were Flappy Bird clone (95 total) according to the guardian.

Hopefully that will slow down, so I can release mine… no really I won’t release that crap…

There have been a lot of flappy bird game, video, meme going on lately. I’ve decided to do a little round up of the last few weeks.

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The Flappy bird that went away

More “flappy”ing bird

Flappy bird 3D

How to make Flappy bird more hip, 3D of course after piranha 3d here come Flappy bird 3D

sexy Flappy bird 3D


Flappy bird FPS

In the same line of Flappy bird 3D why not make it from a first person point of view. The result is actually really interesting. Have a look if you want to try it out.

sexy Flappy bird FPS

Download First person Flappy bird

Maverick Bird

This is a hard one that you can play right away since it’s browser base. You can either flap (up) or dive (down) making the game even harder. You move toward the obstacles really fast so be prepare and drink some coffee.

Maverick bird

Play it !

Flappy Bird for Commodore 64

Flappy bird is pretty basic when you think about it, someone made a clone on the commodore 64. Check out the youtube video, link to the actual game is in the video description on youtube.

Chuck Norris vs Flappy Bird

Tired of hearing about Flappy bird, Chuck Norris too and he has a nice way to “Finish the game” and it involves a lot of bird a** kicking… Check it out.

More Flappy bird

Indies retro news Flappy bird Compilation

Indie Games Flappy Bird Brower Pick

Appsgoer top Iphone Flappy Bird Clone

Let us know in the comment your favorite one and if you know other notable Flappy bird clone let us know.

More “flappy”ing bird

You love Flappy bird and want to see how you well you do compare to hundred of other player live?

Flappy MMO is perfect for you, hundred and thousand of bird or fish dying every second and you see them dying live while you tap to glory. I can’t be a bit hard to concentrate with all those birds flying around you, but don’t worry once you reach the third pipe you will probably be one of the few who know it way around a pipe.



Or maybe you’ll ratter participate in the flappy space program, send has many birds you can into orbit. If you click to slow they will never leave earth, to fast and the will be sent in other space.


Join flappy space program

The Flappy bird went away


After Flappy bird went away developer / apps makers rushed to elance to build the clone that going to rules them all.

It generated a game jam just like the previous candy jam.

They are even tutorial to show you how to do it. Here is a nice one with sprite builder.

Here some recent notable clone

Flappy Bird Typing Tutor


imagebest score


Flappy Olympic


Flappy Mouse


If you prefer the reverse gameplay squishybird is for you, instead of navigating through pipe you have to squash all the bird that try to pass the pipe.

By the way check the great article from Mattie brice about flappy bird, capitalism and all the rage around the game.