If you haven’t read it go check out the last post about Gold.

Sometime some league mate ask me what to do with the extra gold left gold or if they don’t have enough for the metal alchemy scroll there always other option. Here my top 4 and a bonus if you want more food.



This is probably the single most efficient use of gold now. For about $15 (400g), you will get 120k f/h of storage space. Even just 44g will get you 30k f/h of storage space. It is easier and cheaper to increase your food output through the use of Garrison versus the Capital Outpost. If you are ever thinking of using some gold, this is the first place I recommend you spend some of it on.

2-Capital Outpost


This is another good way to increase your food output, since it gives you a second city that can have resource fields above level 10. Keep your eye out for events that reward you with Jade Globes for every gold that you spend since these are the best way to get Jade Globes. It doesn’t matter what you spend your gold on, you just need to spend it during the event. Using the gold to increase your Garrison capacity during one of these events is a good way to give you a double boost to your food output.

3-Emperor’s Order


(50g/3 days, 99g/7 days, 399g/30 days) – This is a useful item for several reasons beyond the bonus to resource production. The Auto Transport functions allows you to set repeatable transport orders for your caravans as well as giving them a 100% movement speed increase. This is useful for getting resources to your other cities from those that do the plundering. The Auto Build function is nice if you have a lot of building that you need to get done. You can queue up to 20 buildings and as long as you have the resources, they will be built. All of the other features of an Emperor’s Order are nice, but it is these 2 that I find the most useful now.   

4-Recalling your fled Hero’s Summit epics

run wounded

This is something you shouldn’t use your gold on now since we get so many free Callback orders from the events. The 100g can be put to better use elsewhere. I’ve talk about it in the last post, some heroes you can live without it might be a good idea to recall them but if you are overflowing with food because you lost everything wait until you have no choice.

Other honorable mention for extra food production

Token of Rain (7 days) (26g)

Increase the Food output by 25% for 7 days, not available for State and County Capital.

Probably the cheapest non permanent way to increase your food output. 26 gold for 7 days is probably the best you can get, the Emperor order is 50 for 3 days (double the price for half the time…) and the Treasure Bowl is about the same price (29 gold) but only last 3 days.

Treasure Bowl (3 Days) 29g

increase all output by 25%

Another way to increase your food, it’s increase other resources output has well. Way shorter than the Token of Rain so if you just want the food bonus go with the token of rain.

I don’t think the token of rain and the Treasure Bowl bonus stack, if you know if they do let me know. The same go for the Emperor order with those two.

Rotation Order, Level 1 (3 days) (199g)

Reduce food consumption of your army by 5%, last for 3 days.   

The Rotation Order is way over price but it has a nice thing to it, it stack with other bonus since it’s not a food bonus but a reduction of your food consumption. But keep it mind you are paying 8 times the Token of rain price for 5 times less result.