Note to my reader, this a press release from gamebox for the game Project Tank. I didn’t wrote it so might notice that they don’t do the same spelling mistakes I do. I didn’t receive any money from them or anything else except a mail. Enjoy !

Project Tank ( is a browser-based massively multiplayer online (MMO) 3D action game! Let’s experience fascinating lifelike battle scenes from WWII. You can also reach the game through Fan Page (


After several years of developing by online game leader Changyou, this unprecedented 3D webgame is finally coming near to its release date at PDT 5:00AM on March 26,2013 .This game combines the thrilling simulation of heavy-armor tank battles with meticulously recreated historical maps. And even with this amazing level of visual effects, the game requires no downloading and runs directly on your browser.

The Past

Project Tank equips gamers with more than 400 tanks of 6 types that are affiliated with over 10 countries, including the USA, the Soviet Union, the UK, Germany, France, etc. Players can choose from over 200 WWII battlefield maps, which allow players to experience historical battles such as the Invasion of Normandy, and the Battle of Stalingrad.

With realistic scenes depicting true-to-life battles, a plot developed from genuine action-packed war stories, and historically accurate tank designs, this webgame offers gamers the riveting opportunity to relive the real and intense battles of WWII. This innovative gaming project distinguishes itself by stimulating strategic player coordination in warlike scenarios.

Project Tank brings players to the frontline to truly experience war with its amazing 3D engineering and graphics manipulation. There are over 10 fighting modes to bring players with varied gaming experiences. Gamers will also form alliances and teams to interact and cooperate with others. In team, the specialization is vital. Different duties of attacking, making strategies and defending will be divided for the win.