Note to my reader, this a press release from Dragonsmeet  for the game Odin Quest. I didn’t wrote it so might notice that they don’t do the same spelling mistakes I do. I don’t receive any money from them or what so ever. Enjoy !

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A piece of parchment was found in deep sea. It revealed the epic war between gods before humans ever came into being. This cursed parchment records an unfinished Odin Quest. In order to find the mysterious treasure, Warriors, Mages, Assassins, Hunters and Priests have formed alliances competing with each other. And the fight between them has changed the look of this planet

Odin Quest is a browser-based online ARPG game published by Youjoy. The story is based on Nordic Myth. The outstanding visual effect has ensured players a real experience in the forgotten magic world where thrilling dungeons, exciting player fights and cute pet competition await. Are
you ready for the challenge?

There are various Dungeons in Odin Quest. Players will act different roles in different dungeons to achieve various goals. It’s never tiring for players to gain all kinds of materials, equips  golds.
and EXP that they need in Odin Quest while having various fun and excitements in dungeons with friends.

On Odin Quest, competition is not only between players. Its unique pet system allows players to catch their favorite pets and bring them to the battlefield. The pet will also evolve, get stronger and bring more assist in the battles. Eventually each player will have more pets and form a pet

team. These pet teams, after signing up, will join the weekly Pet Competition and fight against others. Different team setups will lead to different results. It’s a competition of wisdom and strategy. Can your pet win the championship and get the ultimate rewards?

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The magic land can never be peaceful again. 5 classes of heroes must fight together against the evil power. Get your sword and magic ready, choose between bright and darkness, and make your history on Odin Quest!

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Start time: July 19th 2012 07:00 (PDT)
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