For those who read my article about the earth seal awhile ago, the a equivalent item available right now name the Seal of terrain.

Seal of Terrain: Use to change a 15-resource field city to 18-resource field city.

Check on Koram forum here for more detail :

It note there other event, one that might be interesting is the one if you do 6 daily quest you get 100 jade globes 🙂


Free Items for Doing Daily Quest
Event Duration: Jun. 24th, 00:00~Jun. 28th, 24:00 (PDT)
Server: All servers
If you finish 6 or above Daily Quests successfully in a day, you will random get one of the following items:
Draft Order X 1
Jade Globe X 100
Spice (100) X 1
Trader Order X 1
Mind Game (Tiger Scroll) X 1
1. The daily Quests should be 3Kingdoms Quiz, Book of Heroes, and Morning Excercise.
2. All the items are bound and can’t be presented.
3. The rewards will be sent to your account from 00:00 to 03:00 in the next day.

Info about this event is at the same location.


Note:  after reading carefully the post, I realised that it take a freaking 10k of gold to get the seal of terrain…  10k of gold is about 375$ usd … which can buy a ps3 and a bunch of game for the same amount of money.