Today is another post for the Art of War contest, which a contest about strategy to help player dominate there opponent in three kingdoms online. Today it will be about “What city structures are useless after a certain time.”  and more
It will be the part 2 of 2.

In part one we talked about which buildings are useless after a certain time and what building is useful depending on the type of player you are.

Today we will talk about the structure we didn’t talk in part one and which buildings are useful depending on what kind of city your building. (offensive, defensive, scouting)

So which buildings can be useless depending on the type of city

All city (from part 1)
hidden warehouse (later)
Annexe (later)
Drill ground (when all needed unit are researched)
League flag (most of the time)
Theatre (you only need one of your cities)

So which other buildings did we forget

When building a new city you should always keep in mind that you have to build an annexe, you need a command center level 5 and after that build an annexe after that try to update it from time to time so I can get to level 10 before you have enough commercial value to build another city.
Why ?
Because building a Level 10 annexe/mansion is way cheaper than building a level 20 annexe in other city or a level 15 or 20 mansion in your main.

Since your usually get to build only one city at the time with your current commercial value each time you build a new city by the time you got the annexe to level 10 the commercial value should be near what you need to build another city. Well maybe not, but at least you’ll be ready when the commercial value is enough to build a new city and you’ll save some buck down the road.

Don’t build it past level 10 unless you have something in mind, like having a lobbyist in your sub for a grand strike but that another topic.

Someone have noted that when you build a city with annexe or mansion you can destroy the annexe and the mansion and the city you’ve built won’t be lost, so if you need the space and you’ve built a city with your annexe you can always destroy it and this will give you extra space. Note that if you destroy your mansion and build it in another city, all resource field that have are level 11 and higher will drop to level 10.

Career Center
Depending where your city is placed you might just need the career center at level 1 if all your oasis around your city are taken by your other city or other player.

Valor camp
It’s a  late game building useful for both defensive and offensive cities. Since it’s late game and expensive pass a certain level, build it only when you need it. Note that city specialized in strike with ram and /or demo.

Market & Library
These to go together, you might not need them and put your surplus in the theatre to build more cities but they are cheap (the market is really cheap) they are needed for other building (theatre, monitor office) and it always useful to move your resource to new cities.

Monitor office
Useful if you expect to be attack by ram and demolisher. But can only be build in a city with a mansion so probably only your main will have this building.
If you want to have it in every city, check out the guide to build one in every city from yesterday here.

It’s really depend on what you want to do with your city, while you main probably need most of the building if you’re not planning to have
demolishers or rams in your city you can always cut the Ironwork.

If your city is pure defense and you don’t plan to support player that are far from you with this city, you you might not need the Stable (for wei though you probably need it for shu to get the lancer and for wu to get the heavy cavalry and female cavalry) Note that is you don’t build a stable you can’t research the scout unit. But you can always build the stable and destroy it once the unit is researched, you won’t lose the research and you gain the extra space.

You might not need the valor camps either, it very long to get and upgrading it is very expensive.

And support city, in this case you’ll probably need to have a lot of mobile defensive unit so you really need to build the stable and research cavalry unit with high defense.

In but scenario you probably don’t need ram or demolisher so don’t build the ironwork for these city.

You might want have a city that only build glaiveman or guardsman will it’s usually better to mix infantry with cavalry to balance you offense a cluster of offensive infantry can be really useful against a city that have built a lot of pikeman or to pair your infantry with demo and ram to clean.

So if you’re planning to have a single purpose to your city you can drop the stable and build only infantry.

Scouting city
Why on earth would you want that ? It can always be useful to have a lot of scout to help your league and to prevent from being scouted…
Imagine somebody try to scout your city full of scout all their scout die and they won’t have a clue what in your city.

A demolisher / ram city
I don’t recommend a pure ram city, you’re wasting your money, you need them to attack with some supporting troop to do real damage so you should not have a city that just build them.
For demolisher, you could have a city with only them in it since they attack after the enemy troops were cleared.
But It’s probably better to send them mixed with infantry like we describe previously.
Note that a demo city will need a lot of stone and a ram city a lot of wood.

So that’s all for the usefulness of the infrastructure, I’m not sure what my next post is gonna be probably a mix of 2 topic in the contest.