Today it’s a post that Thungbard gave us on our Forum, it’s a great tips to be able to build tougher sub city and have extra oasis.

The Basic Premise of the Strategy is simply to NOT have a Capital, letting your Capital Float from town to town as needed. The obvious downside is that you can’t have above level 10 Resource Fields in any of your cities, Other than that, the Benefits are practically endless.
Here’s a Step By Step Guide, let me know if anything is flawed in the concept, or if you need further clarification on something.


Step 1 : Demolish all of your Mansions and Annex’s


Yeah as crazy as that sounds, that’s the first step. Clearly you don’t need to do it all at once, and if you’re close to accomplishing one of the other steps in this guide you probably want to do that first.
Note: you might not have to do that if your starting on a new server, some of the step can be done at the same time.


Step 2:Build a level 10 Annex at your new villages


A level 10 Annex can build 1 new city, just the same as a level 10 Mansion, except the Annex is cheaper to build. If you demolish an Annex or Mansion you still keep control of the Cities it’s built, so pretty much once you’ve used a city to build a new city the Annex is useless anyway, since it’s a lot easier to build a new Annex at the new city than to bring the Current Annex up to level 20 in order to create another city.


Step 3: Build a level 5 Library … Everywhere


Sounds easy enough, all you need to do to accomplish that is make sure you have a level 10 Drill Grounds everywhere.


Step 4: Build a level 1 Mansion


Doesn’t matter where, as long as there’s a level 5 Library. Congrats, you’ve now got the criteria for Step 5


Step 5: Build a level 1 Monitor Office


The Monitor Office once upgraded to the max doubles the durability of your buildings in that city, which will double the number of Demolishers that your enemy have to send at you in order to beat your city into the ground. The Monitor Office lvl 1 can only be built at a city that possesses a Mansion, but … if the City loses it’s Mansion or even become no longer your Capital, the Monitor Office remains and isn’t automatically destroyed like resource fields above level 10 are. Please Note that a level 1 Monitor Office is enough, since once it has that, the city CAN upgrade the Monitor office even if it’s no longer the Capital, it just can’t build the first level unless it’s the Capital.


Step 6: Build a level 15 Career Center


That is the requirement to capture a 2nd Oasis for any city that has a Mansion. If your Mansion isn’t in the city that has the Career Center, simply Demolish the Mansion where you built the Monitor’s Office, and rebuild it here. Then go and Capture the Oasis … Just like Monitor’s Offices, if this City is no longer your Capital, you still maintain control of all of the Oasis’s it has, this way you can get your SubCity to actually Own 2 Oasis’s without having to bring your Career Center up to lvl 20. A Level 20 Career Center is mighty expensive, so I haven’t had a chance to test whether or not your SubCity can actually own 3 Oasis with this method, but it certainly can own 2 without a lvl 20 Career Center … ’cause mine’s doing it right now.

Note : The level 15 Career Center is required for the 2nd Oasis for the main city, so even if the mansion is destroyed the city remain your main city until you build a mansion in another city.


Step 7: Rinse, Lather, Repeat


Repeat the above steps until all of your cities have Monitor’s offices and own Oasis’s long before they should be capable to. One of the Beauties of this is even if they start attacking you with Lobbyist’s you can move your Mansion to any City you want in under an hour to protect it, without having to invoke the ‘Curfew’ command.
Like I mentioned earlier the fundamental shortcoming is that you can’t have above level 10 resource fields because they’ll be downgraded to level 10 once you change the location of your Mansion, but having an extra Oasis at all of your cities probably evens out the resources you could be gaining from larger resource fields. Plus at any point in time once you’re satisfied with your number of Cities, you can leave one as the Capital and start upgrading your resource fields above level 10, and still reap the benefits of extra Oasis’s and Twice as tough Buildings at your other cities.
It’s just every extra village you do this in the more versatile and durable you’ll be. If we had a large portion of people doing this,

Your enemy will now need twice as many Demolishers as we’ll need to flatten their cities and you’ll be more protected against Lobbyists.