A Interview on gamasutra really caught my attention it’s about The Rise of Free-To-Play At EA

EA have a brand new game that inspired from game like tribal war and travian but set in the world of ultima (Lord of Ultima) and gamasutra interviwing Ben Cousins general manager of Electronic Arts’ new free-to-play team

I really like that it takes on game I’ve played like tribal war, travian (TKO is kind of a travian asian style), why people play and don’t play evony (one of the reason he says Is actually why I don’t play). The part I liked the most is when he talk about how the small shops are scared that EA is entering the free to play with a somewhat big development team (5-6 peoples 10 month).

I think I will give a shot to there game, I just hope It’s not another time sink like TKO, Tirbal war and countless others… Here the complete article called : Interview: The Rise of Free-To-Play At EA

The art of war is over and it seem that I’ve won the first prize!
They were some great post by other players, here some of my favorite :
What city/cities to place your mansion or annexe.
Great guide to have a city of 400000 k of troops.

How to defend your city:

General guide by Chris soon
It’s cover pretty much everything

Guide per kingdom and a good intake on each unit of all the kingdom

Great spreadsheet with the analysis of each kingdom

Hope it’s help and happy TKOing.

I’ve read a really interesting blog post on how to make money playing game online

Quick review

He is basically talking about three common way to make money online playing game and he not talking about the probably most known way which is playing online poker.

1- Earn Money via game prize

There are web site that will give you money for high prize in certain game. They usually earn money through advertising so giving away prize is not a problem for them.

2- Game Lauch and Game competition

Gaming company sometime have a competition to launch a new game version and give out prize for those who participate and the winner.

3- Share the love (or in other word blog / tweet /talk about it)

The final way to make money playing games online is to start a blog or website that reviews the games you play. I am kind of doing that right now but I haven’t put any real ads yet, but that probably because I’m a lazy bastard.

It’s unfortunate that he don’t give that much link. Anyway I hope it was usefull for you. He forget on though that you can get money via get paid to site (GPT site) like Cash Crate or Treasure Trooper. You can register to a offer sometime it’s free sometime you have to pay but they give you money for the offer so you migth have to pay 10$ but they give you 60$ of real money to play with. He don’t talk about poker either where poeple litaraly can live with the money they are making there, but that probably another story for another blog post maybe.

I’ll try to check on some of them for you if any of you are interested. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment or mail me.

Many players ask me how to build a city and how did I manage so many city. So here a quick tutorial about how to build a city.

The basic :

What a sub-city and what’s a main city ?

The Main city is the city where a mansion is built. You can only have one mansion so choose your main city wisely. The other cities are called sub-city and have an annexe instead of a mansion in it.

The main city have many advantages compare to your other city:

1- you can build your resources field to level 20 instead of level 10.

2- you can build a monitor office to increase the durability of your construction in a city with a mansion

3- you can have three oasis instead of two oasis

4- you can build three cities from your main city instead of 2.

Since it cost less money to build an annexe level 10 than build a mansion to level 15 and to level 20, the last point is not really important.

So how does it work by level ?


Level 10 mansion= 1 sub city
level 15 mansion= 2 sub cities
level 20 mansion= 3 sub cities

Career center in a city  with a Mansion

Level 10 career center = 1 oasis
level 15 career center = 2 oases
level 20 career center = 3 oases

While a sub city can only accumulate 2 sub cities

level 10 annexe= 1 sub city
level 20 annexe= 2 sub cities

Career center in a city  with a annexe

Level 10 career center= 1 oasis
level 20 career center= 2 oases

Where to build your city ?

Once you get your mansion or annexe you need to recruit three pioneers.
Then you choose an empty spot where you want to build your city. Each empty area has its own unique resource configuration on like… 4 5 3 6, 5 4 3 6, 5 3 4 6 which means…
That for a 4 5 3 6, It has 4 timberlands 5 stone mines 3 iron mines and 6 farms. (like on the previous image)
Guarded empty place (where there a guard standing on the map with a 9 and 15 number on them)

The guarded field have a slightly different configuration giving less resources but more food, the configuration might be 3 3 3 9 (which mean 3 of each resource field 9 farm field) or 1 1 1 15 (which mean 1 of each resource field 15 farm field). Those fields are perfect to build large army since they provide more food.

How to choose the best spot for your city ?

You can choose a resource configuration that suit a type of troop you want to build, like for defensive city for shu would be a city with pikeman, lancer and auto-crossbowman which require a lot of wood, so a 5 timberlands spot might suit you well. You can always cope your lack of certain resources production by grabbing some oasis.

The oasis can only be attacked in your 7×7 area of your city so you might want another city near it and have that oasis in it 7×7 to be able to help you strike that oasis.

I will make another post later on “how to grab” a oasis but for now you can always check that link on the TKO forum.

Note :

You can build your city anywhere has long it’s a empty spot, so it’s mean it can be outside your 7×7 area and yes it can be in another state.

You don’t have to build a mansion for your first city, instead you can wait to have a better spot or even if you feel adventurous on field with more food like a 9 or 15 farm field. Imagine having a main city with a 15 farm field level 20, you would have almost a force that could wipe most of other cities.

If you want more information you can always go check the information on city on the forum here

There a other way to grab a city, and that’s with a Lobbyist, but that will be in a other post.

For now you can always check the forum information on that here.