I’m currently trying a new game called 1000ad. I a turn based game were instead of playing real-time like tribal war or TKO you accumulate turn and can play them when you have time.

However there a twist, the number of turn you can have is caped so once your at 320 your cannot accumulate turn again.

Here a screen shot of how it look like:



I’ve played some game like that in the past like King of chaos, but this game seem to be more strategic than King of chaos though.

I’m currently playing my first round of the game, the last 28 days then the server restart.

I’m still trying to figure stuff out but they seem to already have a good community around the game, A youtube channel with tutorial and a beginner guide.

Give it a try, click on there link or the image at the beginning of the article.

I’ll probably bring a full review later this week, but hope you like trying out the game.