This is going to be the least important thing that I will be talking about so might as well get it out of the way since many players think that gold is an important factor. You don’t need gold to be a good player, but there are some small things that gold can do that will make things easier for you. alchemy scroll

Ancient Alchemy Scroll

This is the one thing that I recommend everyone to buy. It gives all your cities a 3% increase in food production and all the gold spent on it will be refunded after 3 months. Plus you will also get 80 gift vouchers.


Recalling your fled Hero’s Summit epics – If your epics have been killed, especially Cao Cao/Liu Bei/Sun Quan, I recommend spending the gold to call them back if you don’t have any callback order. It may seem like a lot but these heroes will help you with their +25% food production. Also the epics will allow you to duel more often in the faction camps so you can get items for Court Quests instead of spending gold to rank up. Double check if you can buy a callback order instead sometime they are cheaper than spending the gold directly.



Epic searches

This last thing is the most useful if you have never done it before. Getting epics from the career center will help you, but your main goal will be to get normal heroes that already got a “Bolus” to replace your existing heroes. What heroes with a “Bolus” mean,it mean it have a unlock skill book icon, will appear at the top of the list, and also cost double or quadruple resources to recruit. If they have a single skill book their first skill bar is open and if they have a double skill book they have 2 skill bars open. Once you equip them with Farm skill books these normal heroes can increase your production better than most epics, all without having to spend gold on Treasured/Purple Bolus. Any epics found while searching are nice, especially 2 and 3 star epics. I prefer to use the 10g search and find that if I have recruited my max number of normal heroes I have better luck finding Bolused normal heroes.