I wrote awhile ago about how Google incorporated Pac-Man with their logo (their Doodle) for the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man.

I’ve seen some interesting Pac-man version and project since then so I’ve decided to write a little something about it.

Twitch Play Pacman

A Twitch-based experience similar to PokemonPlaysTwitch was created recently only with a Pac-man game re-geared as a massive 2-player game.

Both channels allow viewers to input movement commands. One channel command Pac-man, the other Binky, the Pac-man team eat pills while staying away from blink  and the other channel control Binky to chase Pac-man down and eat him up…

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By the way, I’m now on twitch follow me to see my abysmal talent playing Faster than light, Starcraft2 and other game. Specially indies, I’ll try to see if I can screen grab the game I write about here and show them on my stream.

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Psychopath Pac-Man

Psychopath Pac-Man is made by the same developer who did Strip’em all. You have to arrange the panel to fit where will Pac-Man will go to meet and kiss ms Pac-Man.


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Play Psychopath Pac-Man

Pac-Man museum

Pac man museum is a collection of many remake Pac-Man had. 9 game total plus a free Ms. Pac-Man download until March 2014.

Here the game included :


Pac-Man Battle Royale (2011)It’s available on PS3, Xbox 360 & PC and coming soon on Wii U and 3DSCheck out old classic gamer video review for more information on Pac-ManRelated news: Pac-Man museum: review Ghosts of the past

The Pac-Man 

You can have this full-scale tribute to almost everyone’s favorite classic Pac-Man? Spanning over 70 stages and 10 varied worlds, The Pac-Man will have you taking on the familiar task of devouring as many suspicious, orb-like things as possible while avoiding the wrath of the wandering ghost.

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The Pac-Man tribute project

A Pac-Man where you can learn how the ghost behave, yes they actually have a A.I. and it’s actually pretty sophisticated.  That’s not all, there is a practice mode where you can see the ghost bait, theirs path and you can rewind. If you are tired of playing always the same level there is a mode to play procedurally generated maps. Pretty hot stuff, so check it out

Check out The Pac-Man Tribute http://pacman.shaunew.com/

FPS Pac-Man

Pac-Man FPS is actually really spooky, you walk through the maze and the ghost seem to just pop in front of you. Definitely a different game, give it a try.



Play FPS Pac-Mac

Pac-Man HTML 5 remake

If you just want to play the good old Pac-Man in your browser check this HTML5 Pac-Man Remake.

Play the HTML 5 Pac-Man Remake (free)

More Pac Man

If want we have here is not enough to satisfy your Pac-Man addiction check out these link to find out other Pac-Man games.