If you like all those collectable strategy game that seems to have appeared on mobile recently you are in luck, Atomic Brawl Deliver.

What the heck is Atomic Brawl ? It’s a free-to-play collectable strategy game (kind like MTG) where you use wit and skill to kick your friends ass and humiliate strangers online. Ok I’ve went a little to far here… But trust me, it’s a really cool game. It’s set on a hex-based board where you and your opponent take turns to deploy and move brawlers. You can use special items and squash enemies while ultimately try to destroy your opponent’s core.

The more you play, the more you earn point and unlock neat stuffs like cards, new core and beautiful girls. (all true except the girls…) With your new cards you can create custom deck and try to find synergy between cards and you core.

Still unconvinced ? check out the trailer :

Play it here : Atomic Brawl