Pocket Train

On September 26th Nimble bit released their new Game Pocket Train. I’m a big fan of Tiny Tower and Pocket plain so I’ll we probably give this one a go too. It seems similar to pocket plain, hope I won’t put too much time in it because their other games were really addictive, I was always checking my phone for an update.

youtube trailer :


Pocket Gamer Review

Touch Arcade

Touch Arcade Guide to play without money

Ancient Summoner

Be a Cross-server Legend: Ancient Summoner New Sever “Vampire” Launched

Gamebox recently announced that with the launch of 5th server of Ancient Summoner “Vampire” (US EAST) on Sep 26, the new arena mode “cross-server” will be updated online. This new function has been highly anticipated by AS players that this function will diversify current arena battle mode.

AS - vampire

New features of the sever Vampire

Get tired of fighting against those same old rivals of the your sever? Or are you already the champion in your own sever and no one can ever beat you up? You should neither get bored nor smug about your accomplishment as a totally new competition mode comes with the Vampire sever—cross-sever fights!

Now you are able to attend the competition between sever 4 and sever 5, i.e. if you are in sever 4, you can challenge players in sever 5 and vice versa, which definitely guarantee unprecedented thrilling enjoyment. Whether be trashed or be the champion again and bask in glory, you’ll find it out right after you try it. Sink or swim, all depends on you! Come to test your skills now!

Gifts and events

In gratitude for players’ whole-heated favor and support, there are abundant gifts along with the launch of new sever, waiting for you to claim as always. Apart from that, many interesting and tempting events have been specially designed for you. All events, like Roses are Red, are going to reward you appealing items such as roses, silver and crystals.

AS - version 1.3

Updated Version 1.3 preview

With month-long effort, an updated and optimized version 1.3 is going to be released in the near future! What exciting news to all fans of Ancient Summoner in the whole world. It’s expected that the races of Goblin, Beast and Ogre will have some brand new creatures. An overhaul has made for them which are that they will have their own characteristics and their unique abilities also bring more fun to this game revealed by Gamebox.com, the operator. So will the order of the fantasy land shake or even change? Will the Ogres, Beasts and Goblins muddle the already chaotic world? We will wait and see!Ancient Summoner New Sever “Vampire” Launched