Official Strategy: Werewolf’s Last Sprint

For better management of werewolf, Ancient Summoner official site offers the strategy of werewolf cards. As a bloodthirsty race, the instinct wildness and agility lead werewolf to the most horrible killer in the continent. Fenris the Butcher, the most powerful one of halfblood, needs a detailed description indeed.


Fenris the Butcher(Epic)has a relatively high initial attack value-5. His 13 HP is also outstanding, and with its 3 CD, it is surely a rare card. Sprint, the shared attribute of halfblood, endorsed it good mobility. And the attribute “Rage” makes it terrific when injured. But what fair is that it also has weakness—when you summoned it, the attribute “Blood Price” caused you 3 damages.

Add the attribute of “sanctuary” or those that can recover HP to Fenris the Butcher to ensure it won’t die when injured, thus it can become the nightmare of opponents. It’s fair to say that priest and Fenris the Butcher is the perfect pair.

When you’re facing Fenris the Butcher, the strategies for players is as following:

1. Kill it with units or skills of high attack as the activation of the attribute “rage” is counted by attack turns and it increases 1 attack every time after you attack it.

So if you use the card that has only 1 attack value, Fenris the Butcher will become very horrible.

2. Use a card that can fly over it to avoid frontal confrontation.

3. Use a wall to block it. The fourth is to use the Mage’s attribute of petrify.

4. Add the skill of “sanctuary” to his target and let him reap the consequences, when you are a priest.

The introduction of death knight entry into Ancient Summoner is about to come in the next stage. What’ll happen when death knights lands in the fantasy? Interested and expected? Let’s wait passionately until it is unveiled!

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