The are many (no so many way to make credit) in SHL.

1- Confirm your account for a extra 1000 credits

2- Win games


Winning game is the most basic way to get credits, it not a lot (I think they should give more) but it’s a start.

Division Games
For a Win – 10 credits
For a Tie – 5 Credits
For an Overtime Loss (OTL) – 5 credits

3- Vote every days


Another great way to get fast credit is to vote every day, fast and easy way to get up to 60 credit per day.

4- Finish first of your division

Finishing first of your division will get you a lot of money, so fight to be the best.

For finishing first in the division at the end of the season:
a) in League 3: 500 credits
b) in League 2: 750 credits
c) in League 1: 1000 credits
NOTE: Game win credits only apply to division games and no credits are awarded for exhibition games won.

5- Win the playoff

Winning the playoff is another great way to make money, a good 1000 credit if you succeed.

6- Win champion shield or/and elite cup

Once you finish first or won the playoff, you get to enter automatically two other tournament, the Elite cup (1st of your division) and the champion shield (all server playoff winner)

Champions Shield
This tournament is for all of the servers playoff winners from the previous season (256 teams).
Winner – 5000 credits
Runner – Up – 2500 credits

Elite Cup
This tournament is for the top 64 managers according to Manager ratings from the previous season. (that what they say on the forum, but from what I see it seem that it’s all those who finish first of there division)

Winner – 5000 credits
Runner – Up – 2500 credits

7- register knock up tournament and exhibition game

If you have spare credit you can always enter other tournaments. There a nifty fee to enter but the reward might worth it. You can use you extra credit to do exhibition game too the top team in exhibition get a extra 5k credit.

Knockout Cups
a) Beer Cup (cost 500 credit)
Winner – 1500 credits
Runner – Up – 500 credits
b) Super Cup (cost 750 credit)
Winner – 4500 credits
Runner – Up – 1500 credits
c) World Cup (cost 1000 credit)
Winner – 12 000 credits
Runner – Up – 4000 credits

Exhibition Match Standings   (each game cost 100 credit)
Winner – 5000 credits
Runner – Up – 2500 credits

8- Be the best manager

The top manager manager get to have a lot of money, so if your the top manager you get a extra 5k credit.

Manager Standings
Winner – 5000 credits
Runner – Up – 2500 credits

9- credit promotion

Like other game they have credit promotion, they seem to only work in certain region though…


If you’re ready to spill some money you can get your self a decent amount of credit.