I watched the movie Thor this week and I loved it, so out of curiosity I wanted to check the web site. I try to never check the web site before actually see the movie just in case there some spoiler.

While browsing the web site I came across game that ends up being interesting.

They actually have two games but the other one is more something to destroy your web pages like Kick-Ass.

The is Hammer of the gods and the concept is quite simple, you have to throws Thor’s hammer at frost giant to kill them.

Look like thos is going to kill some frost giant

While the game it’s not that bad for a game that you play 15 minutes then you’re done, the controls are somewhat difficult. You have to click on the mouse then move it back (toward Thor) to set the power of the throw. But most of the time you click and nothing happen.

For some reason throwing the hammer is a pain, luckly you can finish the game in about 15 minutes

When you complete a stage you unlock picture of the character of the movie if you complete the stage with only 2 throws or less.


Once you completed a stage you might get a reward if you throw well.

Hope you enjoyed this one, but I got to say that the movie is much better than the game …