There will be an upgrade to v2.6 on most server on the 22th of march, I think S1, S47 and S48 already got that upgrade.

There many nice feature to keep the game interesting even though I was king of losing interest since nothing was happening on my server.
If you want a detail review you can check this post on the Koram forum.

There a lot of nice thing there my favs are probably going to be the hermit house, the super field and the capital outpost.

The Hermit house:

Finally a way to get epic without paying,  you can recruit them in the hermit house and you have to do quest before recruiting them.
Note : You could get epic heroes by fighting epic guardian too but I think you already knew that…

Super field
There will be new field spawned around the map, 18f (like the item we talked about here) 17f and 16f. They are heavily guarded (min of 50k of troop there).
The number is really limited, and I think that suck because you will have a whole server fighting for them and I think that stink for the gold player who paid a boat load of money from the previous event to get a 18 farm fields city.

Capital outpost

(more in this post : TKO update Preview III:Capital Outpost )
This upgrade was almost necessary since the number of city is capped and not everyone was able to get those capital city.  There a forum post that explains well how it work.

There other bunch of nice stuff in this upgrade: new unit, better unit management, league features,  etc …
What did you like and what do you hate about this upgrade ?