Some players seem to struggle how to grow there city and increase the level of their heroes. Here are way to help your city to grow everyday, you probably know them all but I list everything here so it can help you: If you have any other suggestion feel free to tell me.

Note : why the hero xp is there, it’s because your hero can have a huge impact on your resources output and your army depending on is stats, item and level.


So here what you can do once a day to increase your resources and your hero xp.

Noble’s Stipend

Each day in the daily quest you can claim your noble’s stipend, how much you get depend on your nobility rank and your resources output. For example, if your a baron your reward will give you around 50% of your hourly output

Rank Stipend Bonus Rank Stipend Bonus
Baron 50% Viscount 55%
Marquis 60% Count 65%
Duke 70% Infante 75%
Lord 80% Generalissimo 100%

Morning Excercise

Between 8:00 and 12:00 in the morning, click on the Faction Map on the left hand panel and select a Faction Camp. Then pick out a hero for a duel. It’s will give you around the same amount of the Noble’s Stipend. Note for those that are working during these hours (like me) if you can somehow send the hero to a duel during these hours, your can collect you reward anytime during the day.

Hero trial

When taking the Hero trial, your hero accomplish incridible feat that gaive him huge amount of xp. You have a free try everyday, you can always pay a extra 5 gold to send more heroes but I’ll rater keep my money in my pocket. The amount of xp receive depends on the level of the hero that undertake this mistic quest. Keep in mind that the hero will be out of town for 6 hour so finish your league quest and duel before sending him to this long journey.

Every hour

Here what can be done every hour to increase you resources and xp.

Meet your hero

In the gouvernor house you can meet your hero and they will receive xp from your advice. You can only meet a hero while he’s in the city, if he out (heroe trial, attack or quest) you can’t meet him.

Hourly quiz

In the quest window you can receive a random reward, the reward seem to depends on your resource output and the question (some question give more than other)

Book of hero

This one is kind of counter intuitive at first but here how it’s goes : First go to the gouvernor house and click face of the advisor. He will give you a hero name, take note of the name (on a paper or copy it to your clipboard). Go to the quest screen, then go to daily quest. In the book of heroe quest fill the blank with the name the advisor gave you. It will give you 100 of every resource or if you make more than 1000 it give 10% of your hourly output.


From the governor house again you can send a heroe to inspect your city, it sometime give you some resource. The reward seem random but higher if you have a high ressource output and some time you even have to give away ressource (this is rare though) Note that you can recieve ressource in every city you inspect so it might worth it to inspect them all.

Duel and scrimmage

(the number of time depend on your hero stamina): From the faction map you can send your hero fight the commander or footman of a faction camp or attack some troop in the camp. You won’t lose any soldier doing so and it will give your hero xp and you will reveive training point that you can use to recruite you unit faster.

Escort guardian
(the number of time depend on your hero stamina)

This will give extra xp and new item needed to have a powerful hero . Note that unlike doing a scrimmage, fighting the escort guardian will actually cost you troops

Other way to get ressources or xp each day

Impose tax

From the Governor house you can impose a tax, it doesn’t give a lot of ressource and reduce your loyalty and it available every 6hr after the first tax. It’s not really worth it, except when you really need that extra money now.

War mode

From the Governor house you can put your city in war mode. It’s double your your output for 5hr and the next 24 hour you don’t receive any food. That might be use full when your supported by many other player. Note that the Governor house must be upgraded to level 5 to execute that command.


Attack abandoned cities around you (less that 50 of pop usaly yield no soldier) the first time you might lose some troop but once you killed all the soldiers, heroes and removed the traps your soldier will bring back a good bounty every day. If you don’t know how much soldier to send and when to send them, you can use a simple rule for town with less than 10 of pop. Cities of this size usally have only 800 of warehouse capacity, it take around 54 militia or 80 pikeman to take all of them. Since a starting city start a output of 17/h for all ressource it take 2 days to refill the warehouse and you can reattack again.
Plundering is the fastest, easiest and best way to have cash, you can get in half a hour about 3 to 10 times the amount of resources that you normaly get with your standart resources output. You might hit city with nothing though, that probably mean somebody have already plunder that city today or that the city have a hidden warehouse max out (or even more than one). Later you might want to hit bigger player, the best way is to send a group of scout or just take note of the size of there city and check if it has grow a few days later.

Hope this help, if I forgot anything feel free to add it in your comment.